Tablets for Photographers: The Apple iPad

Finally we have come to the last tablet, and possibly the be all end all to this tablet war, the Apple iPad. The Apple iPad was deemed the savior to many media industries and was looked forward to by photographers as a way to edit, and view your photos on the go. So is it really just a better way of presenting your portfolio?

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Tablets for Photographers: The Archos 9

The Archos 9 PC Tablet is Archos’ latest touch screen tablet. It’s being advertised as the thinnest tablet on the market, while still being able to boast the high performance of a high-end netbook without risk of over heating. This will be the second tablet we’ll be taking a peak at that uses some form of Windows 7. Let’s see if the Archos can hold a candle to everything else we have looked at this week.  Continue reading…

Video Editing on Tablet PCs: Is it Possible?

Vincent talked about tablet PCs for photo editing, but we’ve received questions for them in regards to editing videos as well. With the prime options for the category being available and debatable right now, it’s time we take a look into the possibility of using them for video editing while at an event, covering a story abroad, etc. Some are better than others, but it all makes sense in the end.

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Tablets for Photographers: The Dell Mini 5

The next tablet I’m going to take a look at is The Dell Mini 5 (I’ve already looked at the JooJoo and the HP Slate). Not much is known about the Dell Mini 5 yet aside from that is has a 5 inch multi-touch screen, runs a customized version of the Android OS, and uses a 1 GHZ Snap Dragon Processor. The Dell Mini 5 also doubles as a phone and supports wifi and bluetooth. The plus side of this is that the Android OS supports a lot of apps that can only be rivaled with the iPhone/Pad/Touch OS. In fact, Chris wrote a posting on the best Android apps for photography. But does that do anything for us photographers?

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Tablets For Photographers: The HP Slate

The Tablet PC Market has seen quite a lot of news as of late, the release of the iPad getting the most of it. With five more tablets on the verge of launching, photographers who may want to invest in one may be wondering which tablet is the right tablet for them. Over the next 5 days I’m going to take a look at these tablets and try my hand at deciphering which tablet would be a good tablet for photographers. The first being the HP Slate.

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Would You Want to Edit Photos on the iTablet?

Lots of photographers edit their photos with a tablet device of some sort. There is so much on the interwebs about the rumored Apple iTablet. In addition, there are so many clues pointing towards it’s inevitable release. But the question for us photographers is this: would you want to edit your photos on one? There are lots of pros and cons to the issue. The newer guys may say, “I want it now!” while people with bad vision (like my fellow Blind Photographers) may say, “I want my big screens.” More after the jump.

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The Phoblographer’s Guide to Buying a Tripod: And Why You Should

If you think the world of buying cameras is daunting, just wait until you look at the world of purchasing a tripod.

Fact: you’re not as stable as you think, and a tripod will do a much better job than level ground most of the time. There are entire swaths of photographers out there who will tell you they don’t need a tripod. But truth be told, there are loads of times when tripods are handy. If you’re a landscape photographer or an astrophotographer, then you understand how fantastic a tripod can be. Image stabilization can’t do everything, but tripods do something that makes you more prone to creating a better photo. In this post, we’re going to explore the world and ideas behind buying a tripod.

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New HP DreamColor Displays Want To Improve Your Photo Editing Experience

The new DreamColor Displays, along with HP ZCentral and NVIDIA Omniverse, will make creating with teams easier.

The global pandemic has shown us that we need new solutions when it comes to working from home. Many of us creatives need to collaborate with team members daily, but that is now harder than ever. HP, however, has been trying to figure out solutions to help us stay in touch. Today, HP announced new DreamColor Displays that are Pantone validated and a new remote collaboration tool called ZCentral, which allows us to create and collaborate in real-time. We have all the details for you after the break.

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How Passionate Photographers Stay Sane During the Pandemic

It’s easy to see how difficult it’s been for many photographers.

Fact: tons of people are bored in the 2020 pandemic. Many took on a new hobby that they’ve meant to get into for a while. And amazingly, sales of photo equipment and services enjoyed a surprising increase. Photography is a great hobby. While stuck at home, lots of new, passionate photographers started cutting their teeth. The more experienced creatives embraced this new freedom and spread their wings. Some of us got new lenses. Others headed into the woods. But no matter what, most of us kept shooting. And here’s some of the gear that kept passionate photographers sane during the 2020 pandemic.

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Their Most Gorgeous Bag Yet! Billingham Hadley One Review

The Billingham Hadley One now comes in navy and brown–and it’s beautiful.

It’s hard to not be a fan of navy and brown leather. They work so well together. And the Billingham Hadley One is getting just that color scheme today. I haven’t seen it done this well in years, and this one is exceptional. The Billingham Hadley One isn’t a new bag. But it has given so many photographers high reliability, so you’ve got a winner. Billingham has long created bags for journalists and photographers. But they’ve fallen out of favor in the past few years. You can blame Kickstarters and more flash marketing tactics for that. The Billingham Hadley One is one of those classics that you don’t really need to improve on, though. In a world where mirrorless cameras and lenses are dominating the market, the Billingham Hadley One is a welcome option. Besides being very functional, it’s durable. This bag is also surprisingly comfortable when packed to the brim with cameras and lenses. If I haven’t said it enough, it’s also incredibly alluring.

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The HP ZBook Fury 17 Has Something Every Photographer Wants

The new HP ZBook Fury 17 should be taken seriously by photographers.

Most working photographers prefer desktops with larger screens. But you can’t always have that. And the HP ZBook Fury 17 seems to have most of what a photographer will need. It’s gargantuan, and there aren’t many camera bags that can even support a 17.3-inch laptop. You can customize the HP ZBook Fury 17 to be more potent than your iMac. It can boast up to 128GB of RAM, 2TB of Hard Drive space, and can use a 10th generation Intel i5, i7, i9, or Xeon processor. Depending on the display you choose, you can also cover 100% of the DCI-P3 spectrum. HP is also providing a choice between AMD Radeon or NVIDIA graphics. All these sound great, but the HP ZBook Fury 17 still has an even better feature for photographers.

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Toy Story: How This Photographer Brings His Toys to Life

This is some of the best toy photography we’ve seen.

“I confess to having an offbeat sense of humor, and that will often come out in my work,” says photographer Mitchel Wu. If you had never met Mitchel but had only seen his work, you would know immediately that he’s a funny man. And the amount of humor in his toy photography is equaled by an insane amount of skill and talent. His client list is strong enough to make the most well-rounded photographer envious. And his job as a whole, although complex, looks like a hell of a lot of fun – we had just as much fun learning all about it!

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Matteo Verre’s Self Portraits May Raise More Questions Than Answers

All selfportraits by Matteo Verre. Used with permission.

“How do we develop our identity?” asks Matteo Verre. He adds, “how much of what we are is unique and original and how much is the result of our experiences, our education, sensitivity, culture?” Verre is a photographer that uses art to shed light on human behavior. He is keen to understand, not only who we are as humans, but who we are as individuals. Over the past three years, Verre has created a series of selfportraits to help understand his own identity. He says the series is on-going, yet he already has a body of work that is eye-catching and sparks curiosity.

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Who Knew Tripods Could Be Cool? The 3 Legged Thing Ray Tripod Is

Essentials is a series featuring products we’re currently lusting over in quick, easy to digest posts.

Tripods are perhaps one accessory we rely on a lot but give little credit to. I mean, they’re just tripods, right? You plant it on the ground, attach your camera, and it just sits there doing its job. But did you know that tripods can be cool as well as functional? We had a chance to test out the new 3 Legged Thing Ray tripod and the new Airhed VU ball head, which are a part of the 3 Legged Thing’s new Legend range of tripods and accessories. The Ray is an ultra-compact carbon fiber tripod that not only looks great but also functions well too, while the Airhed VU is a precision-engineered ball head with a cool viewing panel. Let’s take a quick, closer look after the break.

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Get Low. Lower. Even Lower. The Gitzo Mini Traveler Tripod Review

When you need to get your camera really low to the ground, the Gitzo Mini Traveler Tripod is a sturdy but pricey option.

Tripods are a particularly useful tool when taking long-exposure photographs or working with extreme angles, and Gitzo’s Mini Traveler is no exception. Its compact design is its most significant selling point. The lighter and smaller a piece of gear is, the more likely it is that you will bring it with you. Another thing to consider is that many public places now require permits to use a tripod. Some locations have even banned them outright. The small form factor of the Gitzo Mini Traveler tripod helps you remain inconspicuous, allowing you to capture the image you envision. We’ve been testing one out for the last few months: find out how it fared in real-world use after the jump.

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Stylish and Compact: The Gorgeous Billingham Hadley Small Pro

Essentials is a series featuring products we’re currently lusting over in quick, bite-sized posts. Today, we’re looking at the Billingham Hadley Small Pro Camera Bag.

Photographers tend to disagree about a lot of things. This is especially true when it comes to camera bags. The perfect camera bag simply doesn’t exist. A camera bag that may suit the needs of one photographer may be woefully inadequate for others. If you’re the type of photographer who likes to keep a low profile and travel with a compact kit, however, the Billingham Hadley Small Pro comes pretty darn close to perfection. At the time of writing, the COVID-19 pandemic is sweeping across the world. For photographers that need to get around, the ability to travel light has become more critical than ever. For the last couple of months, I’ve been using the Billingham Hadley Small Pro whenever I needed to test photo gear out in the wild (with a mask on while maintaining social distancing, of course). It’s allowed me to carry just enough gear while maintaining a small footprint. The fact that the Grey Canvas & Black Leather version of the Hadley Small Pro looks absolutely gorgeous is undoubtedly a bonus. You can’t really go wrong with the other colorways available, though.

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Windows PCs: 3 Great iMac and Macbook Alternatives for Photographers

There are a few Windows PCs on the market geared towards photographers and creatives that give the Macbook and iMac a run for their money.

For quite some time, Macbooks and iMacs have been favored by photographers and creatives due to their ease of use and excellent product support, but times are changing. Many PC manufacturers are now creating Windows PCs aimed directly at a market Apple has been cultivating for years. We have to say there are now some fantastic Windows laptops and desktops on the market that give iMacs and Macbooks a great run for their money. We have rounded up all of the Windows PCs we have reviewed so that you can see if the time has come for you to make the switch, or if you need to replace your older computer.

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An Imperfect MacBook Pro Alternative: Asus ProArt StudioBook 15 Review

The Asus ProArt StudioBook 15 laptop is a decent MacBook Pro alternative for photographers and creatives with some questionable omissions.

For a long time, MacBook Pros were the go-to option for photographers and creatives in need of a mobile computing solution. That’s no longer the case with the recent influx of competitively priced and highly capable Windows mobile workstations. The Asus ProArt StudioBook 15 is one such example, packing a lot of firepower under the hood at a reasonable price. For US $1,999, you’re getting an Intel i7-9750H Hexa-core processor, an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 discrete GPU, 32 GB of RAM, and 1 TB of solid-state storage. To top it off, it’s got a stunning Pantone validated 4K display that covers 100% of the AdobeRGB color space. The spec sheet certainly looks impressive, but how well does it perform in the real world? Find out in our Asus ProArt StudioBook 15 full review.

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Cheap Photo: Godox V1 $199, Canvas Camera Bags From $59, More

Snap up these photography accessories while they’re on sale!

We have found some fantastic deals on photography accessories, including deals on lighting, storage, camera bags, and more. Right now, you can pick up the excellent Godox V1 round head flash with a set of colored gels for just $199! There are versions of this flash available for all major platforms, including CanonFujifilmNikonOlympus/PanasonicPentax, and Sony. Need a new camera bag? The gorgeous Mariner messenger bag from Portage Supply is just $59, and the Kenora backpack from Portage supply is only $69! If you want to up your editing and print game, we highly recommend you calibrate your monitor, and for a limited time, you can get the Datacolor SpyderX Pro for only $159.97. There are also deals on UHS-II SD cards from Lexar like this 64GB UHS-II card for $24.99, and if you need extra storage for your RAW files and finished photos, check out the 500GB Western Digital SSD, which is just $76.87! Jump past the break to see all the incredible deals on photography accessories.

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