Review: Rokinon D900AFZ-OP Flash (Four Thirds/Micro Four Thirds)

The Rokinon D900AFZ-OP is a TTL flash designed for budget level users that don’t want the hassle of having to figure out calculations in terms of flash output, exposure, etc. The one I tested was designed for Four Thirds cameras, but the TTL algorithms translate right over the Micro Four Thirds language (and therefore, both Panasonic and Olympus.)

Read one to see why this flash was recently chosen in our best budget flash post.

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What’s in My Camera Bag?: Editor in Chief Chris Gampat

Yesterday, Technical Specialist Travis Lawton showed us what was in his camera bag. Inspired by him, I decided that it was time to put everything out on the bed for you guys. Over the years that I’ve been a photographer, tech journalist and the site’s Editor in Chief, I’ve both bought and had lots of gear donated. Admittedly, this isn’t everything either; I’ve given lots of it away to photographers in need. In this post, I’ll take you through everything here in the photo above.

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Review: Olympus 45mm f1.8 MSC

As the other MSC prime lens in the Olympus line up of Micro Four Thirds glass, the 45mm f1.8 is one that will help many prime users complete their entire lineup of fast prime lenses…or at least it promises to. Though many reviews have tested the lens in shooting many various and random things, we’ve felt that many of the reviewers have neglected to test it for what it was designed for. As a fast aperture focal length that equates to 90mm, this lens was designed to shoot portraits.

And that’s exactly what we did on both the EPM1 and EP2. Yesterday, we shot fashion with the lens. And soon we will feature a full portrait session with the lens and a ring light.

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Upgrading Your Micro Four Thirds Camera System

You’ve got a micro four thirds camera, and you want to move up to something better. Luckily, there are ways to move up in the system without having to completely switch to whole nother camera system. That saves you lots of money and time when it comes to selling and buying lenses. Like many of you reading this, I’m invested in the Micro four thirds camera system and so are many of my friends. We all started out with one camera and one lens and then moved on up depending on our own specific needs and wants.

This guide will assess the needs of those wanting to stay in a budget, shoot video, shoot stills, use the cameras as flair and for those that want to make the absolute best of the system.

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Review: The Urban Quiver Camera Bag

The Urban Quiver is a camera bag by the folks over at Blackstone, and is also perhaps one of the more unusual camera bags I’ve tested. Admittedly, I’m not a fan of backpacks because I feel that they slow me down when shooting. Because of this, I opt for bags like the Think Tank Retrospective 30 and Domke F2; both the Think Tank and Domke received positive reviews from us. When this bag was first announced, not only did my inner nerd cry out, but it piqued the interest of many across the internet.

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Review: Argus 50mm f3.5 Cintar Hacked for Canon EOS

One of the keys to developing your own photographic style is getting a look that nobody else has. Since cutting down my photography kit to three primes, I’ve thought about what else I could add to get a different look while mixing in my own knowledge of photography to the pot. Then one day, while looking at an old camera on my desk, I decided to hack the lens off of an old Argus C3. After hours of internet research, I found that nobody has created an adapter for the lens to Canon EOS mount. So I took it to a machinist and had the lens custom adapted to my 5D Mk II.

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Recommended CCTV Prime Lenses for Micro Four Thirds

Since the release of the Noktor 50mm F0.95 prime lens for Micro Four Thirds, users have been wanting more lenses like this one. The lens is essentially a CCTV lens remounted for the Micro Four Thirds system. In general, users of Micro Four Thirds cameras really appreciate small or pancake primes. That said, here is a list of great CCTV lenses that you may want to get your hands on.

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Panasonic Announces G2 with Touch-screen, G10 and New Lens

Today, Panasonic announced their newest addition to the Micro Four Thirds line. The G2 stands out quite a bit as it has a touch-screen. The Panasonic G10 and G2 are the cameras that have been rumored about for some time. Unfortunately, photographers everywhere were wondering what was going to replace the amazing GH-1, which can arguably said to be the flagship of the system, will have to wait a while longer. It would be very interesting to see these with the new Noktor lens. Steve Huff has found problems with Micro Four Thirds sensors not being able to keep up with lenses like this as well problems equally so with the lens; let’s hope that these new cameras can perform well. Details, specs, images, press releases, etc after the jump. Click the images for a larger view.

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