I’ve Been off Instagram for Almost a Year and It’s Wonderful

I don’t think I’m ever going to go back to the toxicity that’s Instagram.

Back in March of 2020, I made a pledge to leave Instagram for a year. The platform can be incredibly toxic on many levels. It’s designed to do just that, in fact. Now, you could say that it’s all about the way you use it, but Instagram is a very invasive platform. The ads creep into your life and it can often make you way too anxious. So, inspired by many other photographers’ stories that continue to get work without Instagram, I did the same thing.

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You’d Never Guess What Cameras We’re Using for Fun

In Pro Camera Reviews, we recently discussed what cameras we use for fun.

We test cameras every month. But there are some that really, truly stand out to us more than others. These are the ones that we jive with. They’re our favorites. And specifically, we use them for fun. Being a professional camera tester isn’t easy, but we continue to love photography. So when we just want to have a bit of fun, we use a few key cameras. In this latest episode of Pro Camera Reviews, we show you what we’re smitten with right now.

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The Big Mistake Portrait Photographers Make That Could Cost Them

Light stands are essential for photographers, but so too are the support items.

Years ago, I had a roommate that asked me to shoot portraits for him. Typically, this is just fine. He’s a friend. He’s not a bad guy. It’s fine. “Hey Chris, I need a new photo right now,” he said. After I questioned why he explained that a ton of women was on the dating apps at the time. Mind you, it was a few days after Hurricane Sandy ended. It was very windy too. So my roommate and I walked across the street to take a specific photo of him. We chose a wardrobe beforehand, planned it out, and set to work. I didn’t think it would end up costing me a trip to the hospital. Photographers, don’t make the same mistake.

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Old But Gold: 4 Digital Cameras You Should Hunt Down and Lust Over

These digital cameras may have a few years on them now, but they still have enough about them to stand out in 2021 and beyond.

There are plenty of fantastic cameras on the market today. So many, in fact, it has become all too easy to forget about the great cameras that came before them. Cameras have been released at such a rapid pace that some cameras simply didn’t have time to establish themselves as greats. That doesn’t mean that you can’t hunt them down and but them today, though. In this roundup, we’re going to take a look at some digital cameras that simply didn’t get the face time they deserved. These four cameras are masterpieces that should be hunted down and snapped up at the first opportunity you get. Their image quality will stun you. Their ergonomics will delight, and their overall performance will make you ask yourself why you didn’t look more closely at them when they were released. Join us as we look at four of our favorite older digital cameras.

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Andrei Mihalache Drops Valuable Knowledge For The Budding Photographer

All images by Andrei Mihalache. Used with permission.

“I think it’s the best way I have of expressing myself, and it’s also one of the things that I feel most comfortable doing,” says Andrei Mihalache when asked why he chose photography. He adds, “taking photos helps me disconnect from daily life with all its ups and downs.” Mihalache sent us a very thoughtful submission. He happily shared his personal journey, his creative process, and useful tips for the budding photographer. There’s a lot to get through in this feature. But all of it will add value to your photographic journey, as Mihalache shares the wisdom he’s obtained during a career that’s lasted over a decade.

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Master Off-Camera Flash For Just $57, Great Photography Guides Just $9

Get your hands on some incredible photography guides from Joel Grimes and improve your images.

Joel Grimes is one of the most recognized names in photography, and for a short time, you can learn with him without breaking the bank. For a limited time, some of his best selling photography guides have massive discounts. You can even get access to a free FREE webinar as well that will help you get even better at photography. Joel Grime’s One Light Master Class is one of the best photography guides around for a good reason. Normally this class costs $197. However, you can get a copy for just $57! There are even more incredible deals after the break, including the Joel Grimes Beauty Brush Set. Take your portrait editing to new heights for just $27! There are even more savings, too, on world-class photography guides that cost just $9 each! Come and take a look.

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A Free Class on How to Develop Film At Home Using Dark Beer

All images by Juan Antonio Hoyos. Used with permission.

“At least here in Germany beer is cheaper than coffee and orange juice, so even if you go with a normal process not using chemicals, beer can be cheaper,” explains photographer Juan Antonio Hoyos to us in an interview. To that end, it’s one of the reasons why he’s been developing his black and white film with beer. Juan is a long time veteran of the analog photography community. And now, he’s teaching you how to develop black and white film at home using beer.

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Guy Carpenter Documents the Beautiful Life of Sheep With No Photoshop

All images by Guy Carpenter. Used with permission.

“Of course, the vast majority of my professional life came to a crashing halt in 2020,” relates professional photographer Guy Carpenter to us in an interview. “I spent a few weeks in March and April 2020 at home, reading a lot of books. I barely touched a camera.” Guy’s words resonate with us as it speaks volumes to the general mental state of photographers. Like many other passionate photographers though, Guy also shoots for fun. So when his godmother asked him to come help with their upland sheep farm in Yorkshire Dales, he brought the camera along.

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The Idea of the Apple Macbook Pro Classic Excites Me

There’s a chance Apple might bring back the SD Card Port.

All that I’ve wanted as a photographer is an SD card port. More specifically, I’ve wanted one that doesn’t suck. The one on the iMac 2019 doesn’t play well with new SD cards. In fact, having an SD card port is mandatory for me to buy a computer. That’s why I still use the early 2015 MacBook Pro. Couple that with a great keyboard and good specs, of course! And the word on the street is that there’s a glimmer of hope for us photographers in a concept I’d like to call the Apple MacBook Pro Classic.

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5 Photography Accessories That Will Bring Your Images To Life

photography accessories

These photography accessories will help you elevate your images to a whole new level of wow.

We talk about cameras and lenses a lot. Still, there’s so much more that goes on behind the scenes when it comes to creating great images. To get the most out of the RAW files that your camera produces, you need to have the right tools in your office or studio to make them come to life. If you really want to make your pictures stand out from the crowd, this roundup is for you. After the break, we’ll share five photography accessories with you that will help bring your creations to life.

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Three Methods You Can Use to Create Photos Instead of Capture Them

Stop simply capturing images and start creating them; this is how you’ll put your unique stamp on your photos.

Everyone always talks about capturing images, but not about creating them. We can create in Photoshop, but so too can anyone else. It’s my firm belief that creating in camera is the best way as it means the photographer took all the methods and steps to create a photo organically rather than by compositing, layering, etc. in post-production which makes a photographer a better photo editor than a photographer. Though this idea could be controversial, these methods aren’t in use much because everyone is afraid of them. So, why not try them?

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It’s For Art. Not Pixel Peeping. Lensbaby Spark 2.0 Review

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Lensbaby launched when founder Craig Strong literally took part of a shop vac hose to mount a vintage lens on his DSLR. The company’s first lens took on a similar look, with a plastic bumpy black tube creating a tiltable lens. The new Lensbaby Spark 2.0 mixes that heritage with a few modern updates, including mirrorless compatibility.

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8 Photography Goals to Work Towards in 2021 (And how to Achieve them)

Setting photographs goals is a great way of ensuring growth.

There are several benefits to setting yourself new photography goals at the start of a new year. Most obviously, it allows you to improve your skillset and get better at your craft. But it also encourages emotional growth, as you work towards targets and take satisfaction when you reach them. Having photography goals can also help you if you find yourself stagnated. And they’re useful for those struggling with their mental health, looking for a focus to help them get out of any darkness they may find themselves in. No matter the motive, goals are essential, and in this piece, we share some ideas for things you can work on throughout 2021.

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These High-Resolution Cameras Easily Capture All of Life’s Small Details

Capturing immense detail in your landscapes or picking up small details in product and fashion photography is easy with high-resolution cameras.

High-resolution cameras have come into their own over the last couple of years. Cameras with high megapixel sensors used to be hard to come by. Now, they’re everywhere. The great thing about this is that these high-resolution cameras can be relatively affordable due to the sheer number of options out there. If you need a camera that can capture an immense amount of detail in your landscape shots, or if you need to capture intricate details in product, portrait, or fashion photography, these are the cameras for you. After the break, we’ll take a quick look at five high-resolution cameras that will make capturing small detail as easy as 1,2,3.

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9 Photographers Highlight the Crucial Causes from Around the World

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Over the past 12 months, The Phoblographer has worked closely with photographers that are doing extremely important work. From climate change to terrible injustice, we’ve shared the stories of nine photographers from across the world. The name of the series is Visual Momentum. Designed by Fujifilm and brought to life by yours truly, we’re proud of the work we’ve highlighted, and of the hard-working photographers who strive to show you important causes. In case you missed them, let’s reflect on what has been one of our most important series to date.

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How Street Photographer Ishay Lindenberg Looks for Surprising Moments

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My name is Ishay “Jesse” Lindenberg. I was born in Israel. My father is a psychologist, and my mom is a consultant. When I was a child, my dad had an old Zorki camera and a darkroom. My sister Yaara (r.i.p.) and I constantly asked him to develop with us. I loved the process; it was magical to me. Later on, I was accepted to a personal program in the Faculty of Art, where I studied and experimented with photography and arts more deeply. In the last few years, I live and work in Berlin.

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Matthew Jordan Smith Didn’t Need Photoshop for His Fantastic Series

“There is no better feeling in the world than having that happen,” explains Matthew Jordan Smith when talking about how impressed a client was with his work. He adds, “when my client received the images, he liked them so much he told me he couldn’t decide which image was his favorite!” Smith found himself in a very privileged position. Because after a client saw one of his personal projects, they asked him to create the same aesthetic for their brand. Smith’s Still…Motion series caught our attention too. Not just because of how well-executed the images are, but because we wanted to know exactly how he created them. In this interview, he gladly agreed to share his creative secrets, providing a valuable education for photographers wanting to improve their skillset.

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5 Affordable E Mount Primes That Punch Above Their Price Tags

Whether you like wide or telephoto lenses, there are E mount primes that will satisfy your needs and your wallet.

Photographers who shoot with Sony cameras are certainly spoiled for choice when it comes to lenses. There are tons of E mount primes that range from ultra-wide to telephoto. These lenses vary in price from incredibly affordable to I think I need to sit down. Here, we’re going to focus on five E mount primes that will make your wallet and your eyes happy. The lenses we have picked here are all fantastic, they’re under $600, and they scored very well in our reviews. Whether you’re looking for a wide-angle lens for landscapes. A standard focal length for everyday photography, a prime for portraits, or even macro, this roundup has you covered.

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The Climate Change Crisis of the Photo Industry is Nigh

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If you’ve read this site for a long time, you know my feelings about the photo industry. I love cameras. I adore what’s creatively possible with them. And I believe that while the lower end has risen up, the higher end has too. But cameras and the photo industry is in a tough state. Manufacturers have blamed smartphones for their decline since 2013. They’ve adapted to work with smartphones but have also fought them in many ways. The technology world of the photo industry will undergo massive changes in the next decade out of necessity.

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A Helpful Guide to Using a Graduated ND Filter with Mirrorless Cameras

The graduated ND filter is one of the best things for landscape photographers to use.

A graduate ND filter is one of the most challenging types of filters to use. Slotting it into just the right spot can mean a big difference to the landscape photographs you make. Keeping them clean is also crucial to better final images. Landscape and seascape photographers often find these filters very useful. And with the transition from DSLRs to Mirrorless cameras in recent years, there have been significant changes. The addition of the exposure preview feature has changed the way we shoot, and having a graduated ND filter in front of the lens also affects things.

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Be Amazed by Benoit Lapray’s Spectacular New Series

All images by Benoit Lapray. Used with permission.

“I think my Monuments series is the most successful and impactful project I have done so far,” says Benoit Lapray. He adds, “It’s the one that gives me the greatest sense of pride.” Lapray’s unique series is a large scale project. Not working alone, he built a team of creatives to help execute his concept. Shot in Paris, Monuments adds a splash of character to the well-known monuments around the French capital. It’s a concept that first came to his mind five years ago, however, it’s only recently he has been able to bring it to life. We caught up with Lapray to find out what it was like working with a team and how he feels about the series so far.

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