Having Fun With Bokeh For the Holidays

If you are waiting for the Christmahanakwanzika holidays and in shutterbug frenzy, or even if you are not, you can appreciate the opportunity for bokeh photography. When the clustered strings of multi colored lights appear in the night, shaping the light into varied shapes becomes irresistible. With trees and houses decorated, here are some things to think about when creating bokeh images during the holiday season. Break off from the normalcy and have some fun with bokeh.

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Photography at Pop Culture Conventions and What I’ve Learned

Exposure 0.02 sec (1/50) Aperture f/5.6 Focal Length 50 mm ISO Speed 400

Photography at pop culture can be fun, interesting, and precarious times. These events not only present the opportunity to make contacts and meet many possible new clientele, but also lead to great opportunities to add some fresh images to your portfolio. Pop culture events are great places to boost experience levels while having a whole lot of fun. I recently shot the New York Comic Con for the first time with a DSLR and I left the convention with some new knowledge from this cultural experience.

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Review: Canon SD4500 IS


Here’s the thing: we here at ThePhoblographer.com don’t usually ever do reviews on standard point-and-shoots (or at least we stopped from our early days). The other night though, Canon gave me a Canon PowerShot SD4500ISas a gift. Our policy is that if it doesn’t shoot RAW, we won’t review it. At the time of writing this posting, the CHDK for this camera has not been released yet. Though it’s not worthy of a full field review, I’m compelled to give this camera a short test and remind you all that it is being given away in a contest.

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Photography for the Third Season, Autumn

Exposure 0.002 sec (1/500) Aperture f/1.4 Focal Length 24 mm ISO Speed 500 Exposure Bias -1/3 EV

Here we are, in the fall—the interlude between summer and winter. It is a thrilling time for photography because now we have fall colors, leaves changing from green to red and yellow. Fall foliage is going to be and full swing soon and there is no time to waste.

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Field Review: Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 24mm f/1.4 G ED N (Day 3)

Exposure 0.017 sec (1/60) Aperture f/2.0 Focal Length 24 mm ISO Speed 200 Exposure Bias +1/3 EV Flash On, Return detected

The Nikon 24mm f/1.4G ED AF-S RF SWM lenswent through some testing with up close shooting and performed admirably. The great thing about primes is that it forces a person to take their time and focus on the composure of their shot. A photographer can take some delight in the fact that the lens gives more visible space to play with because it is also such a wide lens. This is my opinion mind you. I have found close up photography to be fun with this lens.

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Hands on and Hands Off: Olympus EPL-1

I recently had the pleasure of testing the Olympus EPL-1 that is being so highly raved about while on an excursion in Chinatown. While this is a camera that people stepping up to interchangable lens cameras might appreciate, I don’t think I ever want to touch one again. There are flaws with the camera that I really wasn’t satisfied with in addition to huge problems that are totally unacceptable. My conclusions are after the jump.

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The Beginner's Guide to Photography Terminology

So you want to get into photography? Great! There are a couple of terms that everyone really needs to learn first before they get into this and beforehand. They are the most basic of terminology that is essential to photography. I will be using these terms throughout my pieces and this is a good reference guide for students that are taking a photography class as well.

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