3 Wonderful Lenses for Wildlife Photographers and Birding You’ll Worship

There are lenses for wildlife photographers that stand out from the others. Some have the perfect combination of features to meet wildlife photographers’ needs. What are those needs? Well, they have to have fast autofocus. Plus they need to be sharp. But most importantly, they need a very far zoom range. Ideally, you’ll have as few changes to the aperture as possible, but that’s not always the case. We dove into our reviews index to find some of the best lenses for wildlife photographers and birding. Take a look!

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The Cameras of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year People’s Choice Award 2020 Shortlist

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With the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards 2020 happening, we got a look at the wonderful photos that have been shortlisted. The photographers are of course, of the famous kind. What’s more, they use a variety of different gear. And we were just as surprised as many of you will be at what’s being used. Let’s take a look!

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Wildlife Photographer Ralf Schneider Talks About His Poignant Animal Encounters

Keen on getting into wildlife photography? We bring some inspiring insights from German wildlife photographer Ralf Schneider.

German wildlife photographer Ralf Schneider has been shooting the beauty of nature for 40 years. But, it was only during this year that he added a feather to his photographer hat when his adorable photo of a napping Weddell seal made it to the roster of Highly Commended black and white photos in the largest wildlife photography competition in the world, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year . We wanted to learn more about how the outstanding photo was shot, and fortunately Ralf also obliged to share more about his insights from years as a wildlife photographer, including a number of his poignant animal encounters. If you’re developing an interest in this genre, we think our quick chat will be inspiring.

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Watch This Wildlife Photographer Get Squished by Curious Baby Elephant Seals

Being a wildlife photographer comes with many dangers, so we suggest taking on the task only when you’ve watched this video!

So, you want to be a wildlife photographer? You’ll definitely have to be aware of the many dangers that come with the job. Surely, you’ve heard of what happens when you get too close to wild animals — like getting chased by angry lions and elephants, close encounters with creatures that get too curious, and polar bears trying to break into protective enclosures (to state a few). But perhaps there’s nothing quite like being mauled by the cuteness of baby elephant seals while out in the field.

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What Street Photographers Can Learn from Nature and Wildlife Photographers

julius motal the phoblographer dear person

In street photography, there’s a good deal of walking around and shooting as moments coalesce and disappear. Spend time with a street photographer, and you’ll see them bound off somewhere to get a shot and later return once they’ve gotten it. To wit, there’s a lot of movement, a good dealing of searching for the confluence of light, motion, and emotion.  In practice, it can feel very hurried because just as in photojournalistic situations you have to be ready at a moment’s notice, though the stakes are much lower. Constantly looking for the shot, however, can lead to not finding any shot at all. There are times when it’s good to stop completely and wait for a photograph to come together, in the way that nature and wildlife photographers wait for just the right moment.

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Wildlife Photographer Gets Turned into a Lookout Post by Wild Meerkats

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 8.04.19 AM

Who knew communing with nature can be so cute and cuddly?!

If you think that being a wildlife photographer means your life is in constant danger, think again. On a trip to the sandy Makgadikgadi region in northern Botswana to photograph Africa’s charming and endearing meerkats, UK wildlife photographer Will Burrard-Lucas found himself making some new furry little friends instead. And also, becoming a (not-so) reluctant lookout post and a source of entertainment for them.

Burrard-Lucas spent six days in the arid region photographing one particular meerkat family and the animals got so used to him, they decided to utilize him for greater purposes. While the little overly curious meerkat toddlers played with his camera, their resourceful parents used him as a makeshift watchtower to scan for predators and other dangers. Pretty ingenious!

We don’t know how Burrard-Lucas was able to focus on the job with all that ruckus around him but ever the professional, he managed to take home some amazing, even epic, shots. Better yet, he was able to mix business with pleasure.

Check out the wonderful shots he took during his cuddly adventure here. But first, watch this video after the jump.

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Wildlife Photographer Releases an Inspiring Aerial Footage of the Wild Plains of the Serengeti

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 8.26.43 AM

The plains of the Serengeti, which plays host to a great number of animal and plant species as well as the largest mammal migration on land in the world, is a place that not everyone gets to experience first hand. Let’s face it; while Africa is one of the most naturally beautiful places in the world, it’s still a harsh and untamed land that will test people’s limits.

At least, we can rely on wildlife photographers and shows like BBC’s Planet Earth to give us glimpses of this majestic place and its amazing wildlife.

Recently, UK-based professional wildlife photographer Will Burrard-Lucas released some inspiring aerial footage of the Serengeti and its wild “residents” going about their daily business–from a lone hyena dragging a carcass to a herd of migrating wild goats to a pod of hippos bathing in a muddy river.

Burrard-Lucas’ work aims to move people to preserving and protecting the planet’s fast-declining wildlife and natural wonders. He has spent years documenting animals in the wild using advanced equipment, including contraptions that he created himself like the terrestrial BeetleCam and the airborne BeetleCopter. In fact, this video of the Serengeti is his first footage using the BeetleCopter, which he controlled via the live video feed from the GoPro Hero 3+ mounted on it.

Thanks to this video, we are reminded yet again of how glorious, beautiful, and stirring the African continent is. See it after the jump.
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Sony Photographers: Get This Great Lens for Wildlife

Want a lens with weather-sealing and good autofocus? If there is anything we’re sure of, it’s that the Tamron 150-500mm f5-6.7 Di III VC VXD is one of the best birding lenses for the Sony FE camera system. What’s even better is that it’s experiencing instant savings right now. In our review, we found it’s a great lens for wildlife. “Want a nice photo of a butterfly?” says Reviews Editor Hillary Grigonis. “This is the combo you’ll want.” She’s referring to the Sony a7 series cameras with the Tamron 150-500mm f5-6.7 Di III VC VXD. Besides good image quality, it’s fairly lightweight and boasts some incredible weather sealing. It’s available with savings over at Adorama and AmazonThese $100 savings on the Tamron 150-500mm f5-6.7 Di III VC VXD end on February 27th, 2022.

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The Best Lenses for Wildlife Photography for Fujifilm Cameras

I think it’s fair to say that wildlife photography is about patience, experience, and luck. But it won’t happen if you’re not out there to begin with. Though they don’t have animal autofocus detection as of publishing this article, Fujifilm cameras do a great job with photographing wildlife. So we dove into the Reviews Index to find some of the best lenses for wildlife photography if you’re a Fuji shooter. And we think you’ll love these.

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Under $700: 3 Budget Macro Lenses for the Frugal Photographer

The best thing ever for a passionate photographer is finding a deal. And luckily, that’s possible in the macro photography world now. Macro lenses used to be specialized. But these days you can get those capabilities pretty cheaply. What’s more, you can go a lot with lenses like these. They’ve become wider and more versatile over the years. We dove into our Reviews Index to find exactly what you’re looking for. Take a look at some of the best budget macro lenses we’ve reviewed!

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7 Photographers Show the World Some Terrifying and Dangerous Stories

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Photography is an attractive job for most people. But for some photographers, the process of making images comes with certain dangers – some perceived and some legitimate. Think photojournalism, street, and travel photography: all of them all have their perks, but all of them can come with consequences. In this article, we reflect on some of the photographers we’ve featured that have put their safety on the line.

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Justin Sullivan is One of South Africa’s Most Daring Photographers

SA photographer gives thought to his dangerous wildfire and wildlife photography, with images that are equal parts harrowing and compelling.

All images by Justin Sullivan. Used with permission.

“I always wanted to photograph impactful content,” says Justin Sullivan, one of South Africa’s most daring photographers. “I started chasing fires around the Cape, running up mountains in my shorts and flip flops (sandals)…Looking back now, it was extremely dangerous and irresponsible.” In only six years, Justin’s determination has taken him from the front lines of devastating wildfires, to the epicenter of the war on wildlife poaching.

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Steve Stockhall Opens New Pathways for Photographers in Africa

Steven Stockhall - the Phoblographer - Elephants cross the Okavango.

All images by Steve Stockhall. Used with permission.

“It was a combination of studying the great contributors to National Geographic and spending time in the wilderness that led me to wanting to be both a guide and a photographer,” says Steve Stockhall, photographer and founder of Earth Ark Travel. Steve has quite the portfolio. He documented Prince Harry’s anti-poaching work protecting some of the destination’s last black rhinos. Plus, he’s photographed chimpanzees in Uganda and gorillas in Rwanda. It’s evident that Steve is passionate about trips that matter. Here, he offers advice for planning the ultimate African photographic safari. That includes what gear to pack and clever field tips that can be practiced at home.

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Four Great Lenses That Make Wildlife and Birding Photography Affordable

Wildlife and birding photography don’t need to be expensive.

The pandemic has seen the popularity of both birding photography and wildlife photography skyrocket in recent months. With social distancing in place, we have begun training our lenses on other creatures. However, you need a lens long enough to capture the great action. Fortunately, there are lenses out there that can get the job done well at an affordable price. Do you want to improve your wildlife and birding photography without breaking the bank? If so, you owe it to yourself to check out the affordable zoom lenses we have rounded up after the break.

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4 Great Sony E Mount APS-C Lenses For Every Photographer

There are great APS-C lenses for all types of photography for Sony APS-C cameras.

It has taken quite some time for dedicated APS-C lenses for Sony E Mount cameras to emerge. Fortunately, the wait has been worth it for those who shoot with the capable crop sensor cameras. No matter what genres of photography you shoot, you can get lenses that will suit your style. The APS-C lenses we’ve featured here are affordable, reliable, well built, and all produce stunningly sharp images. If you want to expand your library of E Mount APS-C lenses, check out four of our favorites after the break.

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The 5 Best Mirrorless Cameras for Enthusiastic Photographers

If you’re passionate about photography and ready to take things up a notch, you need to see these cameras for enthusiastic photographers.

Now is a great time to buy a dedicated camera. Over the last year or so, entry-level cameras for enthusiastic photographers have been flooding the market. Now, just because we say ‘entry-level,’ don’t for one second think you’ll be giving anything up. The Mirrorless cameras we’ve listed after the break are bursting at the seams with technology. They’re perfect for anyone who wants to take their photography to the next level. The best part is that these cameras are incredibly affordable. If you’re an enthusiastic photographer and want a camera that will wow you, check out these five options.

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How Portrait Photographer Paul Howard Makes Magic In-Camera

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My name is Paul Howard. I’m a portrait and headshot photographer in Red Deer, Alberta, in Canada. Like many, I find I’m happiest behind the camera. I revel in images of people, particularly faces. The when and where is any time, any place. My “how” is pretty basic, at least I think it is: find or make the light I’m looking for and capture it. The why is a little more difficult to explain.

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Is YouTube Holding Back the Best Black Photographers?

I wanted to show you the best black photographers on YouTube, but it wasn’t as easy I thought it would be.

I’ve had the privilege of showcasing the best black photographers during my three-plus years writing for The Phoblographer. Whether it’s in round-ups or interviews, I’ve enjoyed every minute of working with those I’ve featured. And I don’t do this at a certain time of year; it’s a constant. But in line with Black History Month, I pitched to my editor the idea of doing a round up of the best black photographers on YouTube. Once approved, I set out to begin my research. My findings were both saddening and frustrating.

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4 Great Mirrorless Cameras Perfect for Bird and Wildlife Photography

weather-sealed cameras

These Mirrorless cameras are built tough and have tracking capabilities that make them ideal for wildlife photography.

Birding and wildlife photography have both increased in popularity over the last year. The pandemic can be thanked for that. With so many photographers stuck at home, looking outside and capturing wildlife has become a nice way to pass the time and scratch our creative itches. However, birding and wildlife photography is not as easy as you may think. Thankfully, there are now cameras on the market with incredibly sophisticated autofocus systems that can track animals with ease. The best part is that there are cameras available for every budget. After the break, we have rounded up four of our favorite Mirrorless cameras for wildlife photography that will fit into every budget.

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These Super Telephoto Zooms Make Capturing Winter Wildlife Easy

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Lots of photographers shut things down when the colder winter weather starts hitting. However, things are just getting started for wildlife photographers. Those who brave the winter winds and snow often get rewarded with spectacular shots of the wildlife around them. If you want to get in on the winter wildlife photography scene, you’ll need a lens that will help deliver the goods. After the break, we’ve rounded up five super telephoto zooms across multiple platforms that will get you closer to the action than ever before.

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