Look Out! Is This A Speedlight Killer? Flashpoint Xplor 100 Pro Review

This tiny strobe slides in a camera bag even easier than a hot shoe flash does.

As an on-site photographer, I’m an off-camera hot shoe flash kind of girl. I work without an assistant, so the ability to pull the flash off my camera after a wedding ceremony and onto a light stand for portraits has always appealed to me. But, at times — like when fumbling with four AA batteries — I’ve wondered if I was missing out by not lugging around a studio strobe. Enter the Flashpoint Xplor 100 Pro TTL pocket flash.

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7 Reasons Why Photographers Still Need a Speedlight Today

If you’re still missing a speedlight in your camera bag, this quick video gives a rundown of reasons why you should go ahead and grab one soonest.

Adequate lighting is crucial to achieving properly exposed shots, and sometimes, you’ll need the help of additional light sources if the scene isn’t bright enough. The speedlight or “flash gun” makes a portable and useful option for this. It can be fired either on the hotshoe of your camera or wirelessly on a cold shoe. If you’re wondering why a speedlight deserves a space in your camera bag given the increasingly improving low-light capabilities of cameras today, this quick video has seven reasons for you.

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The PiXLIGHT Speedlight Works With Any Camera, iOS and Android Too

If you have been looking for a Speedlight that can work with your smartphone and your regular camera, take a closer look at the PiXLIGHT.

There are has been a fair amount of innovation in the Speedlight and strobe markets recently, especially around lights that can be used with our trusty smartphones. PiXLIGHT has been working hard to bring their vision of a rechargeable, works with any camera or phone, off-camera flash to life as well, and so far, their Kickstarter campaign has far exceeded their expectations. Join us after the break for all the details.

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How to Create Stunning Lighting on Location Using Speedlights

Planning to shoot on location anytime soon? Get an idea on how to make those speedlights work for you with these lighting tips.

One of the things you’ll learn as a portrait photographer is that lighting definitely still has its place when shooting on location. If you want to give it a try soon, Trevor Dayley has put together a quick video with lighting equipment maker MagMod to help you get an idea on how you can use speedlights to achieve stunning outdoor portraits.

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This Pocket Speedlight Bracket Is Small but Strong

Wishing for a speedlight bracket that’s small and light but will hold your gear securely? Look no further.

For today’s Kickstarter find, we stumbled upon this promising speedlight bracket being developed by John Kasko, a professional full-time photographer who had previously created and successfully funded two other projects that cater to the needs of photographers.

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Yongnuo Updates It’s YN568 EX Speedlight Lineup and Introduces YN968N

Yongnuo, the Chinese lighting and accessory manufacturer known for their affordable speedlights, has announced the latest in their YN568EX series of mid-range, budget speedlights – the YN568 EX III. In addition to that, the company has also announced the long awaited Nikon version of their [amazon_textlink asin=’B01MQTDAD8′ text=’YN968EX-RT’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’thephobl-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’6058c33e-89c2-11e7-a882-331850712370′], the YN968N. Continue reading…

These Are The Speedlights We Recommend For Lighting Up Your Party Photography

As you have noticed lately, we have been exploring the arena of party and event photography, specifically the gear and tools needed to get great results in that genre. So far we have covered cameras and lenses, the two most critical aspects of a party or event photography kit.

Today we change our focus from the image capturing gear to another incredibly important piece to a party and event photography kit – the lighting. Specifically, we will be looking at our top speedlight recommendations, a list that will cover high-end (expensive) options as well as more budget-friendly options that also get the job done.

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Using a Single Speedlight to Make a Stick of Old Spice Look Interesting

Screenshot taken from the video.

For every photographer who has ever been afraid of flash photography, we’ve got a special treat for you. Photographer Dustin Dolby created a fantastic video on how he used a single speedlight to create a magazine quality photo of Old Spice. In the video, he takes viewers through his mistakes just to see what the light does to each scene. Dustin moves the light from one place to another, uses a softbox, adds reflectors, etc. He successfully shows off what lighting in the right place can do for a photo.

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Godox BT5800 High Capacity Battery Pack Keeps Your Speedlights Going

The Godox BT5800, a high capacity replacement battery module compatible with the Godox PB960 high-voltage power pack system for speedlites is now available for less than $100. The Godox PB960 is designed to power Canon, Nikon, Sony and Godox external flash units directly.

The most notable feature of the Godox BT5800 is the improved extra large 5800 mAh capacity over the original battery from the Godox PB960 having only 4500 mAh capacity. The Lithium-ion battery module is interchangeable, hence multiple batteries can ensure pro-longed, continuous shooting. Based on the product descriptions, the battery module includes LED power level indicator with three levels showing remaining charge, instant secure locking system, and a USB port for charging smart devices directly from the battery module itself. The battery charging time for each module is rated at 4.5 hours.  Continue reading…

Cheap Photo: Killer Savings On Budget Speedlights from Godox and Yongnuo

Budget speedlights are a great way to ease yourself into the world of advanced lighting, they are affordable and many come with advanced features not found until you get into the $500+ range. Today’s highlights are some great budget speedlight options from Godox and Yongnuo, probably two of the biggest and most popular budget lighting brands.

  1. Godox TT685 – Save $80 – Get It
  2. Godox V860II – Save $100 – Get It
  3. Yongnuo YN600EX RT – Save $13 – Get It
  4. Yongnuo YN560IV – Save $9 – Get It
  5. Yongnuo YN-467 II – Save $27 – Get It

Pre-Order Links

Whenever there are new or notable products coming up for pre-order we will have them here.

Top Brand Deal Quick Links: CanonNikonSonyFujifilmTamronSigma 

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Cheap Accessories: Savings on Canon, Nikon and Sony Compatible Speedlights

Every photographer needs to augment their camera and lenses with a series of accessories to make their jobs easier. The same goes for education and tech, to keep you learning and producing your art smoothly. Today’s post is all about those accessories, educational workshops and tech necessities; yep, welcome to Cheap Accessories!

Today we are highlighting 30+ deals including some great savings on Canon, Nikon and Sony compatible speedlights!
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How to Make the Best of a Single Speedlight With No Light Modifier

Model: Bec Fordyce

Model: Bec Fordyce

When you’re first getting started in lighting, you’ll probably have the very basics, which could be a single speedlight or single monolight with no umbrella, softbox, or anything else like that. There are many, many ways to make the best of a very minimal situation as long as you’re in the right environment or you’re in the right shooting situation. And even then, you can always make things work for you if you can just think a bit differently and creatively.

This is how you make the best of a single speedlight–and this guide is designed for beginners.

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Fun with a Speedlight: Use Flash to Create Spooky Shadow Puppets

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Halloween Fun with Shadow Puppets and a Flash (1 of 1)ISO 1251-40 sec at f - 9.0

Regardless of whether you celebrate it or not, Halloween is coming up. If you’re looking to have some creative fun with your speedlights, try your hand at working with shadow puppets. Of course, it requires a bit of work with paper or cardboard (in my case, very poorly). By placing a speedlight with a radio trigger fairly close to my paper ghost, I was able to create the pretty fun shadow puppet on the wall. In order to get this look, the shutter speed was kept relatively high, the ISO low, and the zoom head on the flash matched accordingly with my focal length. The light was also set manually.

The truth is that you can do with this any flashlight, but the reason why we used the speedlight has to do with zoom head control and more power output per image. Be sure to also place your flash fairly close to your shadow puppets and to experiment with the angles.

Obviously the more complicated your cutout is, the cooler the shadow will be.

So what could you do with these? Off the top of my head, the idea to set it as your Facebook page’s cover image will give your fans a better idea of your creativity and the fact that you can sometimes do something more fun.

Again though, this is all about fun. Don’t be so serious all the time. Be lighthearted. Embracing your creativity and your inner child will make you a better photographer.

Useful Photography Tip #114: How to Conquer Mixed Lighting With Speedlights

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Conquering Mixed Lighting (2 of 3)ISO 4001-60 sec at f - 2.0

Want more useful photography tips? Click here.

“I’m about to do something that I really hate to do for the sake of art.” I said to Amanda as we had our first shoot the other night. Of course, what I was talking about was how to conquer mixed lighting–and as an actress and theatre tech she totally understood. When working with flash lighting (daylight) and ambient street lighting in Brooklyn (more orangish in color) it can be a bit of a pain to create a beautiful image.

My initial idea was to light her with an Octabank and set my exposure so that the output from the flash is the key and ambient orange lights would provide a sort of interesting fill that would complement her skin tones. After fumbling with my Octabank (which was misbehaving) I decided on another approach: putting the flash almost right next to the orange light source (which is coming from a wall), setting the flash head zoom to the widest to make it cover the largest area, and having Amanda sit on the floor.

Then the exposure was set accordingly to drown out much of the ambient lighting and make the flash output the key light. In English, what this means is that I worked with a wide aperture and a fast shutter speed. In fact, this image was shot at 1/60th, f2 and ISO 400. At 7L45PM, 1/60th at ISO 400 isn’t going to do much for you.

The result was a light output that blended very well with the orange light and that later on just required me to push the white balance slider either to the blue or the orange to give the image dominance in one color or the other. Indeed, this is the most common mixed lighting situation that I’ve encountered, and it’s finally been conquered with minimal post-production.

So to recap: place the speedlight right by the other light source, make it larger, an overpower the ambient light using your exposures.

Give it a try for yourself, and check out two other photos after the jump.

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RoundFlash Creates a Beauty Dish for Speedlights


A very long time ago, I hacked a beauty dish to work with a speedlight by stuffing a Gary Fong Lightsphere into the back of it. It worked well enough–and now it seems like the idea has caught on. RoundFlash recently announced their new RoundFlash Dish–a flash modifier that connects to your speedlight and gives off light almost like a beauty dish. It seems loosely based off of their very excellent RoundFlash Ring Flash Version 2.

Inside of this unit is a mirror that bounces the light backward and into a reflective area that then spreads the light out and evenly. Plus, it has a built in diffusion dome for even softer light.

It attaches to the head of your flash via a belt system and only costs around 69 Euro. If it’s anything like what the RoundFlash Ring Flash is, we’re super excited for it.


Why You Should Upgrade from a Built-In Flash to an External Speedlight

4808_SB-700-AF-Speedlight-front Many think of flash as a tool you use only when there isn’t enough available light to shoot with. If it’s dark, simply pop up the built-in flash and make the photograph. Never mind that the photographs don’t look especially good. The direct, hard lighting a speedlight delivers may not produce fine-art, but at least it ensures that we got something usable. However, flash can be an incredible creative tool especially when you have the flexibility of an external flash to work with. It’s an investment that provides more than just power, but choices that can improve the look of a photograph. Continue reading…

Adorama’s New Flashpoint StreakLight Combines a Monolight and a Speedlight in One

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 10.33.17 AM

While speedlight/monolight combinations aren’t a new concept and have been around via CheetahStand and Quantum for a while now, Adorama has decided to enter the game. Today, the company is announcing their new StreakLight designed for on or off camera use. In addition to the bare bulb and umbrella reflector design, the light is available in two power options: 180 watt seconds or 360 watt seconds.

Amongst the features are an LED panel for control, 1/3 adjustable stops from full power to 1/128th, optical slave capabilities, AF assist bulb, and come come with a remote/receiver. Even more interesting is the fact the company claims that high speed sync is possible as well. There aren’t many details on that though. To power it, you can use battery power and even extend it with a battery pack.

The Flashpoint StreakLight 360Ws is available now for $549 USD or bundled with the Blast Pack battery for $749.95 USD. The Flashpoint StreakLight 180Ws is available now for $405.95 USD or bundled with the Blast Pack battery for $599.95 USD.

Check out the product overview video after the jump.

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