Please Stop Passing Off Your Composite Images as Photography

Composite images have their time and place, and they can be cool, but it’s not photography.

Photoshop lets us do many wonderful things. From simple edits to complex transformations, the software has been the birth place of some spectacular work. But we have to start making a distinction between photography and Photo-shopped/composite images which really aren’t photographs at all. They are great works of art in their own right, but it’s always important to be upfront about your work, especially now in the world of ‘fake news’ and ‘fake media’. Continue reading…

50,000 Photos Created This Beautiful 81MP Composite of the Moon


Astrophotography allows us to see the beauty of space, and this amazing moon image is simply out of this world. Image used with permission from Andrew McCarthy. 

There have been some truly stunning captures of the moon that have been shared with us over the years. Whether they have been from astronauts in outer space, or astrophotographers from their backyards, the images always capture the imagination of many. Space and astrophotography lover, Andrew McCarthy recently set out to capture an insanely detailed picture of our moon, and the result of his work, and his patience is an image comprised of nearly 50,000 shots that has a resolution of 81 Megapixels. The capture is truly out of this world. Join us after the break to find out more about how he captured it. Continue reading…

Ash is a Creative Photo Series Involving Simple Composites


All images by Ars Thanea. Used with permission.

The folks over at Ars Thanea recently displayed one of their latest projects involving ashes and roses and creating an idea. “I really wanted to create something unreal. Something which is actually impossible to see in world we know.” says Peter from Ars Thanea. “It may sound weird, but the first thing which came to my mind was a scored archetype of beauty – a figure which still retains its shape – just before a total collapse.”

Peter tells us that he thought about making it into a photo series with stuff like flowers and jewelry and he chose roses.

“The Ash expands our portfolio, but also presents what we are capable to do. And at the time it was about an idea, not execution.”

To create the images, Peter tell us that everyone was done from scratch. The roses were moulded from various materials and covered with something looking like volcanic ash and real burning coal. The spots between the flowers were lit with a red light. “Then using the same angle, we took some photos of burning coal only. All photos were finally digitally composed.” says Peter.

More images from the shoot are after the jump, but if you want to see more of their work you should totally check out their powder portrait session.

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Alpha Whiskey Makes Photographs That Will Take Your Breath Away

We’ve featured a ton of incredible toy photographers over the years. Something we’ve noticed about a lot of them is their attention to set design. Photographer Alpha Whiskey is no different. In fact, they draw inspiration from old-school movies from the 80’s. “This was the pre-CGI era, where illusion had to be created by highly skilled craftsmen building miniatures and using practical effects, says Alpha Whiskey in an interview with us. “…They had a background in art so they understood good lighting and composition.” That’s just a small part of his Alpha makes their work.

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How to Shoot Great Astrophotography Without Photoshop


One of the most liberating things about modern cameras is just how far the technology in some of them has come. Lots of photographers love to shoot astrophotography, but end up spending a while in post-production layering and compositing photos. But what if you didn’t need to? That’s the focus of today’s short Useful Photography Tip. Here’s how to do astrophotography without needing Photoshop. In fact, you could even do this in-camera.

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5 Lightweight Lenses for Landscape Photography Every Photographer Will Love

If you’ve ever had to hike up a mountain, you probably really appreciated the challenge of climbing with a camera around you. Besides having the right shoes, having less weight also means a huge difference. But when you finally get to the top, you should have the right camera gear to document it. Most lenses for landscape photography tend to be a bit heavier. But we’ve tested the best lightweight lenses for landscape photography. Here’s a selection of lenses we really adore.

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The Best Cameras for Beginners in Love with Photography

If you’re a beginner, then you’re in luck. We remember what it was like to fall in love with the picture taking process. We also know it’s very useful to be able to shoot quick videos for social media. With that in mind, we’ve gone through our Reviews Index to find the best cameras for beginners. We encourage you to look at everything this list can offer and carefully make the right purchase for you.

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Photographer Brett Stanley Makes Beautiful Magic Happen Underwater

“Props like couches are weighted down to make them sink, but they can be a pain in the ass – with one mattress needing almost 100 pounds before it started to sink,” says photographer Brett Stanley to us in an interview. “Most of the time I’m gutting furniture to remove all the foam and float stuff to make it easier – but they also tend to leach loads of dirt and color into the water as well, so by the time the set is dressed the water can be pretty murky.” Brett’s work was featured on our site before with his friend Christina Ren. And where most others might sit and composite all day, Brett works to build the sets himself for his surreal photos.

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Why Photography Without Photoshop Is Brilliant, Exciting, and Important

Before you dive into this article, keep in mind that I’m not saying Photoshop is bad. I’m saying photo editors that I refuse to call photographers are using it in an incredibly misleading way. And further, if you’re sick of our ads, please download our app on iOS and Android, where you can subscribe to get our content ad-free. With that quick aside, I want to go further on Arts and Culture Editor Dan Ginn’s piece that we previously published. If you’ve read our site for a while, you know I’m a huge fan of No Photoshop. In fact, I’m even bigger on transparency and authenticity. Let me explain.

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Astrophotographers: You’ll Want to Get This Camera for Sure

The Panasonic S5 has to be one of the most innovative cameras to come out in the past few years. When we reviewed it a while back, we were genuinely surprised. We didn’t think Panasonic knew how to make a smaller full-frame camera. But in truth, they did it. In fact, they made it smaller than the Panasonic GH5. And now, it’s enjoying a solid rebate of $300. This rebate lasts only until December 4th, so you’ll have to act soon. The Panasonic S5 is incredibly well weather-sealed and also the only full-frame camera with Live Composite built-in. That means it’s also legitimately one of the best full-frame cameras for astrophotography. Dive into our review to see for yourself.

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Aditya Kinjawadekar Photographed a 360° Image of the Milky Way

“Shrinking of dark locations is a valid concern,” says young Aditya Kinjawadekar of India about the alarming rate at which night skies are being taken over by light pollution due. He took some time out of his busy university schedule to connect with us about his amazing 360° Milky Way image for this interview. This shot scored a lot of reactions on Reddit a few months ago among the astrophotography community.

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David Osborn Uses a Rare Method to Make His Painterly Photos

My name is David Osborn. I always I wanted to do ‘something’ artistic after school, so I spent my first year at art college studying fine art, however, combined with an inability to draw, fine art as a career seemed a bit optimistic and risky. The starving artist image never appealed. Studying graphic design was my compromise but spending weeks working on one project behind a desk was too slow. I’m an impatient personality. As result, I spent my time shooting photo-stories. Photography provided a more instant result, while being out and about in life with real people. This evolved into wanting to do news photography as a career.

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Peter Cavanagh Chose 100 of His Best Bird Photos for His Latest Book

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“The best part of producing a book is that it’s like a long train journey with a group of interesting people,” opines wildlife photographer Peter Cavanagh. He’s traveled to every continent to capture airborne birds for his latest book, ‘100 Flying Birds – Photographing the Mechanics of Flight’. Cavanagh previously served as the Principal Investigator for experiments on the Space Shuttle and International Space Station. He was awarded NASA’s highest civilian honor, the Distinguished Public Service Medal, in 2015. A highly qualified professor and academician, Cavanagh’s book is a stunning scientific compilation of images of some of his favorite birds in the air.

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Cath Simard Creates Majestic Photographs in Beautiful Destinations

On this week’s episode of Inside The Photographer’s Mind, we speak to Candian photographer Cath Simard. Her clients and collaborations include DJI and Lowepro, and she’s also an official Sony Ambassador. Her rapid rise through the photography ranks is nothing short of spectacular. Having taken up photography in 2016, she’s already an established name in her field. We’ll cover all that and more in this week’s podcast.

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Do Millennial Photographers Really Enjoy Editing Their Photographs

You’re about 40 if you’re on your way out soon from this demographic, and 25 if you’ve just made your entry into this select age group. We’re the generation that grew up with the internet in our teens, and contributed to making it the over-utilized, super-connected global network that it is today. As millennial photographers, we’re also probably the youngest generation to have made a foray into digital photography. Before that, we’d pop a roll into an autofocus compact or an SLR and head over to a studio to develop after 36 clicks. But when it came to developing them, we were at the mercy of two significant factors: the film stock we used, and the developer at the lab we went to.

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5 Photographers Show Hong Kong in all its Mesmerizing Glory

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Hong Kong is a special place, especially for photography. Whether you shoot street or architecture, it’s is the perfect hub for making compelling photographs. We’ve had the pleasure of receiving many submissions from photographers shooting in Hong Kong; we’ve published many of them. So when we decided to do a round-up of our favorites, we were almost spoilt for choice. But we got to our final selection in the end, and now it’s time to share it with you.

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Trevor Dobson Takes Amazing Astro Photos With Entry Level Gear

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“…I found it really hard to even get out of bed; I’d just turn off my alarm and go back to sleep”, says Trevor Dobson when talking about his initial nights doing astrophotography. A self-confessed hobbyist photographer, he meticulously plans his astro trips, as he’s often on the road for many hours. Combine that with the time spent doing post-production, and you begin to realize how much effort Dobson puts in to create his stunning photographs.

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Dirk Wustenhagen Photographs Moments of Solitude in a Blur

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“Maybe I am emotionally too close to the moment of shooting them to appreciate their value,” says Dirk Wustenhagen of his blurry captures of lonesome scenes. He adds, “I appreciate these images more over time.” Wustenhagen is a photographer who transitioned from analog snapshots to digital photography and art in the 2000s. He often appreciates his images more when revisiting them after a significant period of time has passed since their capture.

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Psst…Photographers Can Stop Being a Slave to Their Computers

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I’ve thankfully seen more YouTubers talk about how they’re so sick of staring at screens. This is what I’ve been saying for a while now. I’ve just wanted to move more and more away from editing my photos for a few years. But all of these tutorials out there show you how to shoot an image and then edit it for the rest of your life. That, to me, isn’t photography. Photography is you actually going out there to shoot. And specifically, one video has really struck me. I feel it’s well worthy of praise. It speaks to photographers in a way that slaps what the industry has told us for years.

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9 Pieces of Gear That Make Travel Photography Even Better!

street photography

If you’re a nomadic soul, these pieces of gear are perfect for travel photography.

We know how it is. You spend time on the internet looking at glorious travel photography from around the world. You ask yourself, “How can I make photos like that?” You’re going to need the skills and the tools that allow you to utilize them. Tripods, lightweight cameras, and the right lenses are essential for the perfect travel trip. Here’s what we recommend.

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