Quarantine Conversations: Magnum Photographers Discussing Their Work

Check this out if you’re curious about what Magnum photographers are tackling during lockdown and quarantine.

We’re used to Magnum photographers going on assignments to tackle the world’s most pressing issues head on, but with the COVID-19 pandemic, they’re staying home like the rest of us. However, that hasn’t stopped them from making the most of their time with a new video series titled Quarantine Conversations. Here’s something to watch whether you could use more inspiration or are simply curious about how Magnum photographers are responding to issues brought about by this time of lockdown and quarantine.

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Magnum Photographer Jim Goldberg Shot “Migrant Caravan” Short Film on Super 8

Luna Llena, a short film shot by Magnum photographer Jim Goldberg in November 2018, is an intimate documentation of the Central American “Migrant Caravan.”

To document the Central American “Migrant Caravan” in November 2018, Magnum photographer Jim Goldberg traveled to Mexico and put together a potent mix of Super 8 footage, video, recorded audio, and songs. The result is a short film titled Luna Llena, which shows intimate snippets of life for the 10,000 migrants who fled from the violence and persecution in their countries of origin to seek asylum in the United States. If you’re looking for something to inspire your interest in eye-opening documentary photography, this short film is certainly one to check out.

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Magnum and Aperture Explore the Hidden in Latest Square Print Sale

Magnum Photos and Aperture invite us once more to add some timeless work to our print collection in their latest run of the Square Print Sale.

If you’ve been waiting for the next Magnum Square Print Sale, the wait is now over. Beginning today, the Autumn 2019 run of the anticipated sale will feature a selection of over 100 images by renowned international photographic artists, all exploring the theme Hidden. Photography greats from both Magnum Photos and Aperture have come together to bring their own unique interpretations to yet another interesting theme, so we’re sure you’ll find some prized prints to add to your collection.

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The Magnum Square Print Sale is Back With “Obsessions”

The Magnum Square Print Sale is back, this time exploring the “Obsessions” of esteemed Magnum photographers.

If you’ve missed the previous legs of the much awaited Magnum Square Print Sale, we’re glad to report that it’s now back. This time, Magnum greats such as Eliott Erwitt Bruce Gilden, David Alan Harvey, Steve McCurry, Martin Parr, Philippe Halsman, Thomas Hoepker, and Alessandra Sanguinetti.

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Book Review: HOME by Magnum Photos (Collaboration with FUJIFILM)

HOME, a collaboration between Fujifilm and Magnum Photos includes images that will tug at your heart and photos that will make you ponder the meaning of documentary photography.

Photographers who pick up HOME will take pride in knowing that this massive tom contains images from arguably some of the best documentary photographers in the world. To curry the pot even more, they’ll further reinforce their love of Fujifilm, a brand that they surely relate to as many folks will probably own their cameras or shoot the company’s film. And for the most part, HOME does justice to the work of many of these photographers. You’ll have a number of emotions hit you while reading the text from the photographers and looking at the images.

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Review: Magnum – The Art of Street Photography (Online Course)

The highly anticipated first online course from Magnum – The Art of Street Photography – has arrived.  

Magnum, arguably the worlds’ number one photography collective, has put on workshops all around the globe. Over the years, their A-list photographers have taught their skills to new and experienced students.

Now, for the first time, Magnum have delved into the world of online teaching –  focusing first on street photography. The course has almost 3 hours of content which is split into 10 lessons. Inside you’ll see appearances from the likes of Bruce Gilden, Martin Parr and Susan Meiselas – as well as a host of other industry-leading experts.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the highlights…

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The Magnum Square Print Sale with Aperture Is Back with “Crossings” Run

If you missed it last time, the Magnum Square Print Sale is back with more museum-quality prints by esteemed Magnum and Aperture photographers.

Looking for a new photography masterpiece to adorn your home or work space? Now’s your chance to get some museum-quality prints from the world’s most renowned photographers. Magnum and Aperture are once again having a Square Print Sale, featuring works from photography greats such as Robert Capa, Bruce Davidson, Alec Soth, Joel Meyerowitz, and Martin Parr. As with the previous Square Print Sales, this sale with the theme “Crossings” will only run for five days, so you have to be quick!

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Take a Peek at the Contact Sheets of Magnum Photographer Martin Parr

Curious about what’s on the colorful contact sheets of documentary photographer Martin Parr? We’ve got just the stuff for you!

Previously, we took a peek at the contact sheets of American-born French photographer William Klein, and learned the fascinating stories behind some of his most interesting photos. Today, it’s time for us to dive into the contact sheets of renowned British documentary photographer and Magnum member Martin Parr. If you’ve been interested in his work, you’ll surely enjoy him tell stories about his photos and colorful style.

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Psst…The Magnum Photos Square Print Sale is Back

‘Freedom’ Magnum’s Square Print Sale runs from 1PM UK Time (8AM EST ) Monday 4 June until 11PM UK Time (6PM EST) Friday 8 June 2018. Signed and estate stamped, museum quality, 6×6” prints from over 70 artists will exceptionally be available for $100, for 5 days only, from shop.magnumphotos.com.

There’s some good news folks, the Magnum Square Print Sale is back on for a limited amount of time. This sale happened not too long ago for a few days and Magnum has decided to do it again. Photographers from all across the Magnum Archives are being featured; but primarily the year 1968 is being showcased. It was a very big one with things like MLK being assassinated, the Vietnam war, and much more. Magnum’s press release is after the jump.

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Magnum Photographer David Alan Harvey Talks About the Meaning of HOME

USA. Nags Head, NC. 2017 Fishing off the Nags Head Pier at the height of summer.

We got to pick David Alan Harvey’s brain about what HOME means to him as a photographer

Recently, both Fujifilm and Magnum Photos collaborated on a project surrounding the idea of HOME. The resulting images are present in an international gallery exhibit that is taking place throughout early March in accordance with a number of events. One of the photographers who has work showcased in this series is photographer David Alan Harvey. David, who has been a Fujifilm camera user for a while, got a moment to sit down and tell us about what his idea of home is. And for David, the idea of home has been pretty consistent over the years.

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FUJIFILM and Magnum Photos Collaborate to Bring Images of HOME

The collaboration brings together 16 Magnum photographers to explore the subject of HOME.

FUJIFILM Corporation and Magnum Photos have partnered for a major collaborative project titled HOME. This venture brings together 16 photographers and will culminate in a ten-city exhibition, a photobook, and series of events. The project is set to come to life through the images of some of the biggest names in photography: Olivia Arthur, Antoine d’Agata, Jonas Bendiksen, Chien-Chi Chang, Thomas Dworzak, Elliott Erwitt, David Alan Harvey, Hiroji Kubota, Alex Majoli, Trent Parke, Gueorgui Pinkhassov, Mark Power, Moises Saman, Alessandra Sanguinetti, Alec Soth, and Alex Webb.

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The Magnum Photos and Aperture “Great Journeys” Square Print Sale Ends Tomorrow!

Photos by Alex Webb and Mary Ellen Mark courtesy of “Great Journeys” Magnum Photos Square Print Sale with Aperture Foundation

If you’ve been wanting to get your hands on some prints by the world’s most celebrated photographers, now is your chance. Magnum Photos has recently partnered with Aperture Foundation for a “Great Journeys” Square Print Sale, which has over 100 signed prints by the likes of Martin Parr, Alex Webb, and Joel Meyerowitz up for grabs for $100.  But you have to hurry, as they will only be available until tomorrow, November 3rd.
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Documentary Film to Tell the Story of Magnum’s Peek into Cinema

Screenshot image from the video by FilmStruck’s Cinema Through the Eye of Magnum

While elite photo agency Magnum is recognized as the forerunner of modern documentary photography and photojournalism, its legendary photographers have also taken some of the most enduring pictures of cinema. A documentary film exploring Magnum’s surprising snaps of the movie world will premiere exclusively on film streaming service FilmStruck.

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Magnum Photographer Susan Meiselas Talks About the Importance of Photo Books

All images by Susan Meiselas and Magnum Photos. All images are used with permission.

The Photobook–it’s at a place within the digital world where sometimes it can be tough to wrap your head around it depending on what generation you’re in. But like zines, they’re a great way to market yourself and get the story out about the work you’re doing. Just ask Susan Meiselas of Magnum Photos. A decorated and veteran photographer, Susan has been photographing social conflicts for years now, and in a few days from the publication of this piece, she’ll be on a panel hosted by Magnum. Specifically, her panel in the one day symposium will cover Photobooks on Social and Political Conflict.

Before the event starts, I had the opportunity to ask Susan a few questions about her thoughts on the role of the photobook today.

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Magnum Photos Gets its Very First Outside Investors

Magnum Photos is today getting some outside help via investors according to a press release made public today. It’s the first time in the company’s history that they’re getting outside investor help. To do this, a new subsidiary was formed called Magnum Global Ventures with a majority of its ownings by the cooperative. Along with the cooperative, investors Nicole Junkermann and Jörg Mohaupt are joining the board.

Interesting, right? Sometimes when investors come on board, things can get scary. But in a situation like this, more money is needed as photojournalism, news and photography is in a place where we’re all looking for more funding. Considering that the majority of the holdings are by the cooperative, we can surely believe that things probably will stay true to the Magnum roots as they go through an evolutionary process. The rest of the press release is after the jump.

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For Five Days, You Can Get a Signed 6×6 Museum Quality Magnum Photo Print for $100

All images used with the expressed permission of Magnum Photos.

For only a few days, Magnum Photos is having a special 70th anniversary photo sale. It’s called the Square Print sale, and for a period of five days, folks can purchase a signed 6×6 museum quality Magnum Photo print for only $100. If you’ve had a chance to visit the ICP exhibit, you’ll have seen some of the prints up close and personal.

To get a chance to snag your own print, you can visit the Magnum Photos Print Shop. More details are in the press release below.

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Gallery Review: Magnum Manifesto at International Center of Photography

“Magnum is…?” That’s the big question behind the Magnum Manifesto exhibit set up at the International Center of Photography (ICP) in NYC. The exhibit commemorates the 70th anniversary of the collective started by some of the most famous names in photography history including Robert Capa and Henri-Cartier Bresson. Magnum Manifesto is also a book–a pretty thick one at that–which delves deeper into the psychology behind some of the photographers but also finds ways to unite them all under the single voice of Magnum. For example, there are handwritten notes from the photographers inside the book that the photographers often wrote to one another. These and much more are in the archives, and it surely a sign of the times when you consider that we may need to get screenshots of the texts the photographers have back and forth today.

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Eleanor Macnair’s Renderings of Famous Magnum Photos in Play-Doh

All images used with permission from Eleanor Macnair.

Many readers are fans of the work produced by the photographers over at Magnum Photos, and these very cool photos from the agency rendered in Play Doh are also surely worth your time. Years ago, artist Eleanor Macnair got started with producing images rendered in Play-Doh. That gave way to a Tumblr she started called Photographs Renders in Play Doh which received a fair amount of fame. A book was published in October 2014 and the work was exhibited in a number of places.

Just in time for the Magnum Photos 70th anniversary, Eleanor has collaborated with Magnum Photos to create a series highlighting some of the photos shot by their photographers but rendered in Play Doh.

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Magnum Manifesto Will Celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Collective

All images in this article are used with permission from ICP.

Next month, the International Center of Photography is teaming up with Magnum Photos for a special exhibition called the Magnum Manifesto. This year, the famed agency has been focusing a whole lot on social change. With this being the agency’s 70th year, they upcoming exhibition at the International Center of Photography is going to feature work from photographers such as Christopher Anderson, Jonas Bendiksen, Henri Cartier- Bresson, Cornell and Robert Capa, Chim, Raymond Depardon, Bieke Depoorter, Elliott Erwitt, Martine Franck, Leonard Freed, Paul Fusco, Cristina Garcia Rodero, Burt Glinn, Jim Goldberg, Joseph Koudelka, Sergio Larrain, Susan Meiselas, Wayne Miller, Martin Parr, Marc Riboud, Alessandra Sanguinetti, Eugene W. Smith, Alec Soth, Chris Steele-Perkins, Dennis Stock, Mikhael Subotzky, and Alex Webb.

More details about the upcoming exhibition are after the jump.

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