The Phoblographer’s Guide to Rembrandt Lighting

Named after the 17th-century Dutch master painter, Rembrandt lighting is a popular portrait lighting technique that can create very pleasing results.

When it comes to portrait lighting techniques, there are a ton of variations to choose from. For many portrait photographers, Rembrandt lighting is among one of the most popular. The technique is named after Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, the prodigious 17th-century Dutch master painter whose portraiture subjects frequently showcased this telltale lighting pattern. In our latest original infographic, we will be exploring what Rembrandt lightning is and how you can utilize it in your next portrait shoot.

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7 YouTube Videos Highlighting the Role of Photography on 9/11

Photography has played a crucial role in helping people remember and learn about 9/11.

Another year has passed us by, but memories and feelings remain the same. The September 11 attacks are still the most impactful, talked about, and polarizing event in modern history. The role of photography on that day allowed people to see the pain felt by millions of people in New York and around the world. Some images have, unfortunately, become iconic. And they serve to help us remember, while teaching younger generations of the heartbreak felt by the western world. In this piece, we’re going to combine photography with video, as we turn to YouTube to remind ourselves of the importance of photography almost 20 years ago.

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Cheap Photo: Big Deals On Lighting, Bags, Accessories and More

If you need some cheap lighting gear or some new photography accessories, we’ve got you covered.

Are you ready to add off-camera flash into your workflow? If so, check out these deals. You can get the GODOX V1 with gels for Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, M4/3, and Sony cameras for just $238.30! The 600ws Flashpoint XPLOR is only $559.20. Want a new camera bag? The Portage Supply Kenora has a clearance price of just $69. There are great deals on tripods and storage too. Victiv’s travel tripod with ball head is just $79.99! That’s a $90 discount! You can also pick up a 64GB UHS-II SD card for only $24.99! Check out all the photography accessories on sale after the break.

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These Softbox Tips Will Take Your Photography Lighting to the Next Level

Master how best to utilize softboxes to take your photography to the next level.

Softboxes are one of the most popular light modifiers used by photographers. They are very versatile and can be found in a variety of different shapes and sizes. A softbox gives you a great deal of control over lighting, regardless if you’re photographing in a studio or outdoors. Since our previous infographic on how to use a softbox for portrait photography proved to be quite popular, we’re bringing you more softbox tips today.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: A Super Easy Guide to Rembrandt Lighting

Rembrandt Lighting is a popular technique for portrait photography.

Chances are that if you’re really into portraiture, that you’ve studied work that includes Rembrandt lighting. This method is popular partially because it’s such a flattering lighting option. It’s known for the signature triangle that you see on the face because of the angle. And like all photography these days, it’s pretty much just about the angles. Luckily for you, it can be done with both natural light and off-camera lighting. We always prefer to control the lighting that we put in the scene. Today, we’ve got our own original cheat sheet for you, along with supplementary info.

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5 Street Photographers Highlighting the Power of The Fujifilm X100V

The Fujifilm X100V is a fantastic street shooter, and these photographers prove it.

The X100 series has long been a popular choice amongst the street photography community. The sleek design, fixed lens, and rangefinder-style are perfect ingredients for a reliable, well-performing camera for street photography. But, of course, a good camera is only part of the battle: it has to find the right hands to really fulfill its potential. Thankfully, there are some super dope street photographers that have been able to do the X100V the justice it deserves.

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Photographer Zen Sekizawa Relies on ARRI Lighting for “The Dance”

In “The Dance” Sekizawa explores the breaking down of traditional ideals of Japanese refinement through the avant-garde dance form known as Butoh. This project compiles slow motion, still photography, and stop-motion to create one seamless 10-second looping film.

Veteran commercial photographer/director Zen Sekizawa just finished a multimedia project that explores the role of Japanese women through the avant-garde Butoh dance. In “The Dance,” Sekizawa captured film, photography and stop-motion separately and compiled the elements into one seamless 10-second looping film and two photographs. She relied on ARRI SkyPanels for the entire production. “I used light intensity, light movement, and light color to explore the inseparable relationship between motion and time,” she explains. “I really love the amount of intensity and saturation the SkyPanels are capable of!”

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Portrait Guide: Making the Most of a Room’s Corner and Studio Lighting

studio lighting

Make the most of the space you have by following this studio lighting guide from Gavin Hoey.

Do you ever wish you had just a little bit more room in your studio or rented studio space to create more images? If you answered yes, you might want to check out this studio lighting guide from Gavin Hoey that shows you how to make the often unused corners of your studio an effective workspace with just one light source. Jump past the break to see how Gavin does it.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Mastering Lighting for Macro Shots

Light up your macro photography like a pro with some tips from today’s featured photography cheat sheet!

As with all kinds of photography, lighting is a crucial part of a beautiful, well-exposed macro photo. Not only will it ensure your shots are sharp, but will also give them extra punch. With a handful of quick tips from today’s photography cheat sheet, you’ll be able to use effective lighting for macro photography in time for your next shoot!

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Cyber Week: There’s Still Time to Get Great Camera, Lens, and Lighting Deals

camera deals

The clock is ticking, but there’s still time to save a ton of money during Cyber Week.

If you’ve been waiting to score excellent deals before the holidays, the clock is ticking. Some of the best deals of the year will come to an end during Cyber Week. Now’s the time to pounce on that new camera, new lens, new lighting gear, or the presets and tutorials you’ve been wanting. The Canon EOS R is still just $1,799, the Nikon D610 with grip and Wi-Fi adapter is still only $896.95, and the Fujifilm X-T3 is a serious bargain at just $1,299. You can also still get the Sony A7 II with a lens for $998, and the 42 Megapixel A7R II for $1,498 with a lens. The Flashpoint eVOLV two flash kit is a steal at $449 too. There are great lens deals too, like the Canon 85mm f1.8 for $269, the Canon RF 35mm f1.8 for $449, the Tamron 45mm f1.8 for just $399, the Sigma 35mm f1.4 for only $649, and the Sigma MC-11 Canon EF to Sony E adapter at just $149. You can get your hands on over 2,500 Photoshop overlays for just $29 as well. See all of the Cyber Week deals you can still get in on after the break. Continue reading…

The Best Cyber Monday Camera, Lens, and Lighting Deals

Camera deals - Sony a7 III

All the best Cyber Monday camera, lens, and lighting deals any photographer could ever need are right here!

We have worked hard to find all the Cyber Monday deals that can save you a ton of money. The Canon M6 II with a lens and the optional EVF is just $999, and the Canon 6D Mk II with grip and accessories is only $1,199. The Nikon Z6 is just $1,696.95, and the workhorse D750 is only $996.95. The Fujifilm X-T20 can be yours for $499, and one of the most versatile cameras around, the Fujifilm X-T3, is only $1,299! If you’re looking for Cyber Monday sales on lenses like the Sigma 35mm f1.4 for $649, the Canon 85mm f1.8 for $289, and the Tamron 45mm f1.8 for $399, we’ve got you covered. There are Cyber Monday lens deals for all platforms here. There are Cyber Monday lighting deals, too, like the Flashpoint eVOLV 200 for $229, the eVOLV 200 dual head kit for $499, the XPLOR 400 Pro TTL for $419, and the XPLOR 600 (non-TTL) for $349. Make a cup of tea or coffee, sit in your favorite chair, and browse through the incredible Cyber Monday deals after the break.

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Maybe It’s Time for Camera Manufacturers to Stop Making Lighting Gear

Companies like Godox circle like vultures, and swoop down to take what they want. So should Canon, Nikon, and others still make their own lighting gear?

There was a time not too long ago where flashes and speedlights from the same manufacturers as your cameras were considered must-haves. Still, because of companies like Godox, the need to spend exorbitant amounts of money on first-party lighting gear has dissipated. Some recent news about a new flash patent Canon has filed has us asking whether or not it’s worth it for Canon and other first-party manufacturers to continue pouring money into lighting gear. Let’s talk about this after the break. Continue reading…

Eric Van Nynatten Makes the Best of Havana’s Natural Lighting

All photos by Eric Van Nynatten. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Havana remains one of the most popular cities for travelers with an affinity to old-world charms, especially intrepid photographers and visual artists. We’ve featured a lot of projects that support this, and we’re more than happy to include another to the list. While some of the scenes and locations may be familiar, we think there’s a unique mood to the perspective captured by New York City-based Eric Van Nynatten. But, if you have yet to visit Havana and still dream of prowling its charming streets, we think this series will entice you.

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9 Photography Lighting Hacks to Level Up Your Portraits

Feeling the need to get creative with your portraits? Try these quick lighting hacks to level up your portrait game!

Last time we shared some tips from JT of Run N Gun, he showed us how to get pro-looking dramatic portraits using one light source. In a recent video, he shares a bunch of quick and easy lighting hacks for shooting portraits, using everyday items you can find in your home or office, or in grocery stores and craft supply shops!

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Adaptalux Expands with Xenon Flash Lighting Arms for Macro Photography

Macro photographers looking for next-level lighting solutions may want to check out the adaptable and modular Xenon Flash Lighting Arms by Adaptalux.

With both continuous light and flash being useful for stunning macro shots, the latest addition to the Adaptalux Studio promises to bring powerful features and adaptability to macro photographers. UK-based Adaptalux, which specializes in LED macro lighting solutions, has just introduced the Xenon Flash Lighting Arms via Kickstarter. This new contraption is designed to work in conjunction with their existing system, so if you’re an Adaptalux Studio user considering upgrading your current macro lighting setup, this is most likely the best time to do so.

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Cheap Photo: Save $600 on the Nikon Z7, Save on Lighting and More

Nikon cameras - Z7

These trade-in camera deals from Nikon and Olympus won’t be around for long so make the most of them and save some mega money.

Nows the time to trade in that old camera of yours and can get something shiny and new. You can get a $600 instant rebate on the Nikon Z7 with a free FTZ adapter, which brings the price of it down to just $2,796.95, and you’ll get up to $200 extra in trade value. The Olympus OM-D E M1 MK II has come down in price to only $1,499, and you can also score an additional $300 in trade-in bonuses too! The Fujifilm X-H1 with grip is still just $999, and the Sony A7 II with kit lens and accessories is only $998. There are fantastic deals on lights like the Flashpoint eVOLV 200 with an accessory kit which you can nab for $329.95, and you can save $387 on a full Elinchrom to-go lighting kit too. Don’t miss out on 14,500 Photoshop actions for just $39 and over 2,500 overlays for only $29 either. Come on in to see all of the camera deals and a whole ton more. Continue reading…

Lighting Review: Fositan FL-1×2 Rollable LED Panel

Fositan’s FL-1×2 Rollable LED Panel is an affordable yet flawed alternative to Westcott’s premium Flex series of LED Panels.

A huge variety of LED lighting has been making its way onto the market in recent years. A lot of photographers have begun utilizing LED lighting as a part of their constant lighting kit thanks to LEDs having power efficiency, increased light output, and generating little to no heat compared to legacy constant lighting options like incandescent or CFL bulbs. Westcott was arguably the first to introduce flexible LED panels to the photography market and, shortly after the Flex series of LED panels were released, a number of knockoffs began flooding the market at lower price points promising similar performance. Fositan’s FL-1×2 Rollable LED panel is one of them.

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5 Quick Tips on Shooting Better Night Portraits with Ambient Lighting

For the photographers who come alive when the sun goes down, shooting better portraits at night is a great skill to have.

We get it: you want to photograph a moment just the way you see it! Many photographers who shoot portraits at night eventually begin to understand how lighting works once they get enough experience. During the nighttime, most of the light we know and see is absent, except for the little bit that is provided artificially. So, until you know how to work with strobes, we recommend that you learn how to make the most of available light at night.

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Cheap Photo: Save up to $1,100 on These Profoto Lighting Bundles

These Profoto lighting deals will be gone in a flash, so hurry if you want to pick up some new gear on the cheap.

If you have been thinking about upgrading your current lights, or have been wanting to buy your first set of lights, this post is for you. Right now there are some deep discounts available on Profoto lights that you do not want to miss out on. You can pick up the excellent Profoto A1 for Canon or Nikon for only $755!  The Profoto B10 will give you pro studio quality light in a package that’s no bigger than a 70-200mm lens, and it’s just $1,595! You can save a whopping $1,105.01 on the outstanding Profoto B2 as well. A huge B2 lighting bundle is only $989.99. Check out all of the Profoto lighting deals after the break. Continue reading…

Photography Cheat Sheet: 24 Essential Pro Lighting Setups

Want to level up your lighting setup for studio portraits? This photography cheat sheet is your handy guide to a bunch of essential pro lighting setups to master.

Lighting is one of the most important elements to master for studio portrait work, but it’s also quite challenging. Apart from setting the mood, feel, and emphasis of a portrait, it also opens photographers up to various creative techniques. If you’re serious about being a well-rounded portrait photographer, you’ll have to learn how to light at some point in your practice. It may seem daunting at first, but with resources like today’s photography cheat sheet, you’ll be working with essential pro lighting setups in no time!

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Exposure Guide for Tricky Lighting Conditions

Let this photography cheat sheet help you get the exposure right even in the most challenging lighting situations.

Once in a while, you’ll come across shooting situations that give you inaccurate colors, blown-out highlights, and unbalanced exposures. You can correct these in post-process later, but it always pays to get the best results possible in-camera. With the tips in today’s photography cheat sheet, you’ll be ready to make the necessary adjustments when shooting in some of the most tricky lighting conditions.

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