Groovy Vintage Camera Ad Reminds Us of the Kodak Instamatic Flashcubes

This flash from the past takes us back to the Swinging Sixties and Kodak’s foray into flash photography with the Kodak Instamatic flashcubes.

Built-in flash and flash attachments for cameras are so commonplace now that we don’t really give it much thought. But today’s featured vintage camera ad reminds us of a time when using flash meant slapping one of these little explosive contraptions called Flashcubes on a Kodak Instamatic camera. So, if you’re ready, let’s step back into the Swinging Sixties and see it in action!

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Vintage Camera Ads Feature Most Advanced Kodak Camera in the 1960s

Apart from iconic emulsions, Kodak also made some pretty interesting cameras, as today’s featured vintage camera ads from the 1960s remind us.

Been enjoying the walk down memory lane through the vintage camera ads we’ve been sharing? Today’s featured ad and commercial are the next to surprise and delight you. If you’ve been shooting with Kodak films, or are simply interested in the company’s history, we think you’ll be especially curious about the Kodak Motormatic 35 shown here!

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Vintage Ad Shows What Film Photographers Wish They Were Stocking Up Today

At a time of quarantine and panic buying, this vintage ad will surely make film photographers wish they were stocking up on this Kodak stuff instead.

With much of the world on panic buying mode due to lockdowns and quarantine, we’re sure there are now photography projects documenting grocery scenes at the time of COVID-19. A vintage ad we found, however, makes us both nostalgic about the time when Kodak reigned supreme and wishful that we were stocking up on their cool stuff instead. If you’re a film photographer, this will especially hit you harder!

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5 Weird Vintage Cameras: One of These Gave Photographers Headaches

Everyone lusts after a few specific vintage cameras, but it’s the weird vintage cameras that have really cool tales.

Amongst the oddest cameras you’ve seen and owned, ask yourself, “What did they think when they designed this?” It’s true today that no camera maker makes an odd or bad camera, but there are surely questionable decisions that were made over the years. Early cameras were odd. Russian fakes of various cameras were even odder. And some were just so weird to work with that they were bound to give a photographer a headache. Today, we’re looking at a few bizarre vintage cameras that some folks adore, and some are happy to have gotten rid of.

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This Vintage ORWO Film Commercial Is Dripping With Nostalgia

While we still see some ORWO films today, we can’t help but feel nostalgic about the slice of ORWO history in this vintage commercial. 

In many of the vintage camera ads and commercials we’ve seen so far, it’s easy to feel nostalgic with the household brands that became part of our personal histories. But for some film brands, like ORWO, today’s generation of film photographers have just begun to discover them. Today’s vintage camera commercial would make an interesting and unique introduction, dripping with nostalgia all the way from the 1960s.

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This Commercial Reminds Us of the Doomed Kodak Stab at Instant Film

We bet you didn’t know about the failed Kodak foray into instant photography, so let this vintage camera commercial give you an idea.

With the late 1970s and 1980s being a prime time for instant photography, it’s not surprising that camera companies thought about challenging the reign of Polaroid. Perhaps unknown to many today or forgotten by most, Kodak released their doomed attempt at instant cameras and film in 1977. Allow us to refresh your memory or give you an idea with today’s featured vintage camera commercial for the Kodak Handle.

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These 5 Vintage Hasselblad Cameras Are Great, and Here’s Why

Today, Hasselblad is known for its high-end, digital medium format offerings, but we can still grab some iconic vintage models for a premium medium format experience.

Swedish camera maker Hasselblad has a long and colorful contribution to the history of photography, making it one of the most popular brands for medium format photography for both film and digital. If the hefty price tags of the digital Hasselblad cameras have been keeping you from shooting with one, you might consider grabbing a vintage model instead. Now, more than ever, is a great time; film photography continues to thrive, with more and more film cameras getting a new lease on life.

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This Kodak Brownie Commercial Doubled as a Pet Portrait Tutorial

Adorable portraits of our furry friends have long been part of the so-called Kodak Moment, as this 1950s commercial shows us! 

“Man’s best friend makes some of man’s best pictures,” goes the intro for today’s featured Kodak camera commercial from many decades past. As the trend with many of the company’s ads and commercials from the era, it came with some suggestions on how to get the best shots of the so-called Kodak Moment — pet portraits included!

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This Commercial Reminds Us of the Kodak Camera That Everyone Forgot

While it didn’t really fly, the Disc film format introduced by Kodak in the early 1980s was an interesting and novel idea for its time.

We can fault Kodak for not directing its innovations to adapt to the digital age, but we definitely can’t deny that the company made some pretty significant contributions and interesting ideas to photography during its heydays. Case in point is the Disc film format and cameras, which today’s featured commercial reminds us about. While mostly forgotten by most, some vintage camera collectors still find it an item of interest.

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This Vintage Camera Ad Shows Us How to Selfie in 1912

The ladies of 1912 were toying with the idea of selfies long before the smartphone era – or so this vintage camera ad seems to suggest.

The recent decade saw the world so enamored in selfies that it has gone from a seemingly innocent preoccupation to an obsession likened to a mental disorder. But, self-portraiture isn’t only a thing of recent times, and there are several things that prove it. One of them is a vintage camera ad showing how it was done way back in 1912 — or not.

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This 1959 Ad Will Make You Dream of a “Kodak Christmas”

The most wonderful time of the year is also one of the best times to get nostalgic about vintage camera ads! Here’s one that reminds us of a Merry Kodak Christmas.

We’ve been taking you all on a walk down photography memory lane for a while now, and we can’t keep at it without sharing a vintage ad most fitting for the holiday season. This Kodak ad from the six decades past will get you either wishing for a Merry “Kodak Christmas” or in the mood to tick something off a film photographer friend’s emulsional wishlist! (see what we did there?)

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This Compilation of Old Kodak Commercials Is a Trip Down Memory Lane

In the mood for some really retro photography stuff? It can’t get any more nostalgic than old ads like this compilation of Kodak camera and film commercials.

Part of the charm of vintage cameras is the nostalgia factor, and with how things are going with the continued film photography resurgence, it looks like it will stay that way for a while. Whether you see it more as a novelty or an interesting part of photography, this compilation of Kodak commercials from the 1950s – 1960s surely makes for a nice walk down memory lane.

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RNI All Films 5 Now Available for Adobe Lightroom, Classic, Camera RAW

Digital photographers who want to emulate the look of film can now turn to RNI All Films 5 when using Adobe software and apps. 

The nostalgic and dreamy mood of film remains popular even among digital photographers, so it’s not surprising that film presets are now a dime a dozen. Nearly every hybrid (film + digital) photographer now has their own film presets, but the All Films collection by Really Nice Images (RNI) remains one of the most popular. Now on its fifth iteration, RNI All Films, available on the Adobe platform, builds on the success of its previous version to bring more film-based looks carefully crafted after real emulsions.

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A $35,600 Kodak Camera and Others That Tell the Story of 9/11

cameras of 9/11

In the grand scheme of things, the cameras of 9/11 aren’t important. But without them, photographers would not have been able to document this horrific moment in world history.

The terrible events that unfolded in New York City on September 11th, 2001 sent shock waves around the globe. The unthinkable had happened, and terror was brought to our doorstep. New York City streets were filled with citizens fleeing the chaos unfolding around them. There were a few photographers who were in the area that made it their mission to document the scenes. The photographers and the cameras of 9/11 captured the terror, chaos, and heroism of New York City on that fateful morning. Without them, the pictorial history of 9/11 would not be as complete as it is today. The events in New York City on Septemeber 11th will never be forgotten thanks in part to the cameras of 9/11 and the scenes they recorded. The world became a much darker place that day and life as we knew it changed forever. The photographers, along with millions of other NYC residents, started out their day just like any other. Little did they know that their day would become one they would never forget.

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Kodak Pro Image 100 and Color Plus 200 Films Now Available in the US

The Film Photography Project is happy to report that two popular and affordable Kodak color negative films are now available to photographers in the US.

If you’ve been stocking up on some films from ebay and sellers abroad, it’s most likely because there’s a bunch of films that are hard to come by in the US. Well, we come bringing some good news. Two of these films from Kodak, Pro Image 100 and Color Plus 200, are now within your reach, as the Film Photography Project (FPP) now carries them in their online store!

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The Phoblographer’s Guide to Kodak Film for Professional Photographers

Kodak film is some of the best that you’re going to find on the market; and for good reason too!

The world of analog film photography is one currently experiencing a Renaissance; and at the forefront of it is Kodak film. Kodak is the last big company producing film that hasn’t cut emulsions but instead is bringing out new ones. Professional photographers used to use Kodak film for years and today the new breed of analog photographers does just that. There are a number of options for photographers to get into–with some of the tried and true emulsions being both Kodak Tri-X and Kodak Portra. Look around the web, and you’ll see tutorials and presets for digital photographers to get the look of these films. But no matter how hard they try, they just don’t recapture the magic of film.

We’ve reviewed every professional film emulsion that Kodak offers, and so we’re rounding up our reviews for you in one spot.

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Anyone Still Have These Cool, Vintage Girl Scout Cameras?

These vintage Girl Scout cameras will make you want to dig in your grandparents’ basement or attic.  

The Girl Scouts of yester-decades sure had some cool stuff back in the day, including some commemorative or special edition Girl Scout cameras. We spotted a few of them in a post by Redditor MrRabinowitz during our customary Reddit rounds, and we’ve been wondering where have these been all our lives?

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Cool, Vintage Vending Machine Produced Kodak Roll Film

Today on awesome analog finds, we present to you this snapshot of a vintage vending machine that dispensed 620, 120, and 127 Kodak film rolls!

Once upon a time, film was the only way to go when one wanted to delve into photography. Equipment from cameras down to the films and chemicals used to develop them were widely available, so much so that there even used to be coin-operated vending machines that dispensed roll films!

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This Full Set of Gorgeous Art Deco Kodak Beau Brownie Cameras is Yours for $3,600

These Art Deco Kodak Beau Brownie cameras make lovely additions to a photographer’s vintage camera collection

Ready to grab another vintage beauty and grow your camera collection? How about a complete collection of beautifully designed Kodak Brownie cameras? That’s exactly what we have today for our latest ebay find: a full set of Kodak Art Deco Beau Brownie cameras from the 1930s. If you love both the legendary Kodak Brownie and all things Art Deco, this collection will definitely catch your attention!

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Drool Over David Silver’s Impressive Vintage Camera Collection

How does your vintage camera collection stack up to this collection?

Everyone, meet your new photography hero. In a recent episode of Gizmodo’s Show Me Your Nerd, California-based vintage camera collector historian David Silver showcased his beautiful collection of mid-century cameras — all of them beautifully displayed on their dedicated shelves and screaming the vintage aesthetic that has been popular in the last few years. If you’re looking for inspiration to grow your camera collection, he’s definitely someone who fits the bill!

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Kodak Alaris Launches a New Daylight Single Use Camera in Europe

Attention film photographers and disposable camera fans in Europe! You guys might want to check out your film dealers for a new daylight single use camera recently announced by Kodak Alaris.

Believe it or not, the good old disposable camera lives on. Kodak Alaris has released a treat for the growing number of film photographers and creatives celebrating its simplicity and vintage aesthetic. The company recently released a new single use camera for daylight outdoor use, loaded with 800 ISO film. Whether you’ve been shooting with disposable cameras for a while or have been wanting to pick up one again for your next trip or special occasion, this is definitely good news.

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