Katia Repina on Using Yoga and Photography for Balance

All images by Katia Repina. Used with permission.

“Anytime I want to investigate a new topic I use photography to do so…”. Katia Repina is a photographer who is a wonderful example of the inquisitive mind. From weddings to documentary, portraits and now yoga, her thirst to understand is quenched through the practice of photography. Arguably better known for her projects that look at people on the fringes, her yoga series shows us a more light-hearted perspective of her creative viewpoint. Less intense, yes. Without lessons, no. Katia’s take on yoga teaches us about balance, self-worth, inner peace and challenge.

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From Russia With Love: The Best Russian Photographers We’ve Featured

Russia is home to around 115 million people. The country is full of mountainous zones and exquisitely designed buildings, making it perfect for locals to learn the craft. Many Russian photographers have left their nest and gone elsewhere, but they’re still flying the flag for their home nation, showing the rest of the world that Russia means business in the world of photography.

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Self Care for Photographers: Why You Need to Do More Core Work

For years, I had a lot of significant back pain. It was only in my 30s that I realized how crucial exercise is. Couple that with the fact that we’ve reviewed the most camera bags of any publication on the web, and you genuinely need exercise. Thankfully, the back pain has gone away with exercise. But more importantly, what we found is that it’s all about exercising your core. If you’ve been curious about self-care for photographers, we invite you to dive in with us.

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20 Women Photographers to Inspire You Through 2020

We’re very excited for the year these 20 women photographers have ahead of them.

There are many reasons to highlight the work of women photographers. Our reason is simple; we love to share greatness. As one of the photo industry’s leading publications, we’re fortunate to be exposed to talented women photographers. Street photography, documentary, portrait, product, and more: the female presence is on the rise across the board and it’s incredibly exciting! In fact, it was difficult cutting our list down to just 20! But we got there, and this is the best of best.

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