Why Shooting Celebrities Sucks: A Reflection Photographing Julia Roberts on the Set of Eat, Pray, Love.

Julia Roberts: close up side shot

If you’re a reader of this blog, or if you’ve followed my work for a while, you’ll probably know of the dark secret in my time as a photographer. When I was right out of college, I had an extremely brief tenure with an agency as a celebrity photographer. One of my gigs was shooting Julia Roberts on the set of Eat, Pray Love which is now in theaters. The photos in this story were shot a year ago in Carrol Gardens in Brooklyn, New York where part of the movie was filmed. Though not my worst gig, it was a huge learning experience and began to solidify my exit from celebrity photography.

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Keeping My Distance: Shooting Justin Long On a Movie Set

Justin Long on the Streets of NYC

So I’ve blogged before about Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker, and even Gerard Butler. With Going The Distance coming into theaters later on this week, it is time that Justin Long and my encounter with him be shared. In general, my experience has been that male celebrities couldn’t care less about being photographed. As you’ll read, Justin doesn’t exactly like having a 5D Mk IIpointed at him.

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The Six Best Places for Street Photography Beginners to Shoot in London

If you’re new to street photography and in London, then you’re in a great spot to start developing your skills.

Forget Paris, New York, and Tokyo for street photography, they’re overrated. (Ignore me. I’m just jealous I don’t live there.) But as a British street photographer who cut his teeth in London, I’m going to fly the flag and say it’s the best spot in the world for making street photographs. Be mindful; London is huge and there are many areas that all have their own story to tell. To help (because I’m kind like that), I’m going to break them down. Here are the six best places for street photography beginners to shoot in London…

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Teenage Paparazzo Austin Visschedyk’s Website Shows More Than Just The Celebrity Photographer

Austin Visschedyk, the protagonist in Teenage Paparazzo, has a website that shows off not only his celebrity work, but also some personal art that he’s been working on. Austin has been receiving lots of flak on internet forums and Youtube videos for getting into the business at such a young age, having expensive gear and really just doing the job of a paparazzi/celebrity photographer. The movie premiered last night on HBO and was created Adrian Grenier, one of the cast members of the show Entourage. Photoinduced has a great story on the movie as well as Austin in addition to a video on the gear used by a professional paparazzo.

In case you’re wondering if it does get that rough at time, yes it does. I’ve written postings on shooting Justin Long, Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Gerard Butler. While I wouldn’t go back into the business, I take my hat off to Austin for being so successful at a young age and in an economy where many talented photographers are struggling.