You Need the Patience of a Saint: Jollylook Instant Camera Review

Whether you’ve yet to receive your Jollylook Instant Camera — the first model — or are thinking of getting one, here are some of the things you can expect.

The new Jollylook Auto was recently released and already fully funded on Kickstarter. However, some of the backers of the first campaign yet to receive theirs must be wondering what the original Jollylook Instant Camera has in store for them. Those familiar with it already know it looks fancy but built simply, so this review will have more quick insights into the shooting experience instead of a rundown of features.

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The Jollylook Auto Instant Camera Gives Photographers Aperture Priority

If the first version of the Jollylook was too basic for your liking, its latest iteration, the Jollylook Auto, could be more interesting.

When the original version of the vintage-styled Jollylook instant camera came out three years ago, the camera only had simple controls and cardboard construction. Some were not too impressed with it, and the makers responded by putting together a bunch of substantial improvements — both in form and features. If you’ve been eyeing the Jollylook but haven’t been impressed, maybe the latest iteration now being funded on Kickstarter can be a more interesting option.

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Instant Camera Review: Canon IVY CLIQ+ Instant Camera Printer

The Canon IVY CLIQ+ Instant Camera Printer is fun for selfies at parties but hampered by the limitations of ZINK print technology.

The Canon IVY CLIQ+ is the company’s way of tackling the Instant camera market that has made a massive comeback in recent years. Printing photos has seen a resurgence in popularity. This is a welcomed trend considering pretty much everyone has a camera in their pockets at all times these days. While more photos are being taken than ever before, very few are printed. Most are never looked at again. Seeing a physical print from an instant camera never gets old. People instinctively gather for selfies whenever someone busts out an instant camera. Canon is hoping to tap into this market with the newest product in their IVY line: the Canon IVY CLIQ+. It uses Polaroid’s ZINK Zero Ink Technology to make prints that double as stickers. It’s both a pocketable instant camera and a mobile printer. In addition to taking photos and creating prints on the fly, you can even use the IVY CLIQ+ to print images from your phone. So, does the Canon IVY CLIQ+ live up to the hype?

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Instant Camera Review: Canon IVY CLIQ Instant Camera Printer

While instant cameras are great fun at parties, the Canon IVY CLIQ’s ZINK prints will leave you wanting more.

The popularity of instant cameras has seen a resurgence in recent years, and the IVY CLIQ is the Canon’s entry-level product targeted at this market. Fujifilm is currently dominating the instant camera market with their various Instax cameras and printers. Canon is hoping to compete by pricing the IVY CLIQ at just under US $100. Lacking some of the features of the more premium IVY CLIQ+, the IVY CLIQ is a no-thrills instant camera that creates photo prints using Polaroid’s ZINK Zero Ink Technology. The prints have a peel-apart back that turns them into stickers as well. The compact size of the IVY CLIQ allows it to fit into most pants and shirt pockets, making it easy to carry around. Is the Canon IVY CLIQ the right instant camera for you?

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More Stunning Astrophotography Shot Using Polaroid Instant Camera

Daniel Stein continues to take astrophotography to new heights with more examples of otherworldly snaps using a Polaroid instant camera.

Ever wanted to explore the possibilities of Polaroid photography? How about taking it to the stars? A couple of years ago, Daniel Stein showed us it’s possible to do some stunning instant photos of the Milky Way with a Polaroid camera. If you were amazed with those snaps, we’re glad to report that he’s back with more to wow and inspire us.

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The Escura Instant 60s Is a Retro-Looking, Hand-Powered Instant Camera

The Escura Instant 60s could be interesting for those who have a penchant for nostalgic designs and instant photography.

Heads up instant photography fans! Hong Kong-based brand CARBON has developed a new instant camera that may tickle your fancy for nostalgia and novelty. Called Escura Instant 60s, this latest creation is a fully manual and fully hand-powered camera with a noticeably retro-inspired design.

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Leica Instant M Concept Describes an Instant Camera With Leica M Lens

If you’ve ever wondered whether it’s possible to have an instant camera with the revered Leica M lens, the short answer is yes.

Leica may already have its own instant camera in the form of the Sofort, introduced in 2016. But, let’s face it: it feels more like a glorified Fuji Instax Mini than a truly premium instax camera with the Leica brand. Shanghai-based product designer Daniel Huang took up the noble challenge to make the first instant camera designed for the Leica M lens. The result is a minimalist masterpiece that will delight the Leica fans, and intrigue instant photography lovers.

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The Instant Magny 35 Turns Your SLR and Rangefinder into an Instant Camera

With the curious-looking Instant Magny 35, you won’t need an extra instant camera; your trusty 35mm film SLR or rangefinder camera will do!

With the popularity of the Fujifilm Instax Mini and Instax Square photos, everyone seems to be going after Instax cameras these days. They are definitely loads of fun to use and make swapping photos easy, but they don’t really give you much control over your photos. The analog answer to this has always been instant backs for film SLR cameras. The latest of these is the curious-looking Instant Magny 35 currently being funded on Kickstarter. Continue reading…

MiNT SLR670-S Instant Camera Prices to Go Up in January 2018

The MiNT SLR670 is arguably one of the best cameras around to use Polaroid Originals’ film…

Don’t have a MiNT SLR670-S instant camera yet but have been planning to get your hands on one? Now would be the best time (not only in time for the holidays) as MiNT Camera has recently announced a price hike for early 2018.

MiNT’s SLR670 cameras are still among the best Polaroid cameras you can use with Impossible Project/Polaroid Originals films. If you’ve been putting off getting one, you have to be quick, as the price tag for these instant beauties is set to go up effective on January 15, 2018. From $699 for the SLR670-S, the price will go up to $726, and from $649 for the SLR670-S Classic, it will go up to $675.

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Kodak Adds New KODAK Mini Shot Instant Camera to its Instant Print Product Line

The new KODAK Mini Shot Instant Camera doesn’t spit out Polaroids…

Expanding its lineup of instant photography products, Kodak recently introduced its new KODAK Mini Shot Instant Print Camera, a point-and-shoot camera that merges digital conveniences with instant color printing. The camera joins the exciting roster of products that have made this year a colorful one for the instant photography industry.

The New KODAK Mini Shot Camera boasts digital functionalities such as color controls, filter effects, card templates, and Bluetooth connectivity combined with high-quality image processing and printing. It makes use of 4Pass printing or dye-sublimation technology in the smallest 4Pass all-in-one cartridge to create vibrant and handy instant prints.

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Eight Reasons Why Every Photographer Should Have Instant Cameras

Instant cameras: are they the future?

Instant cameras have been a big part of the recent analog resurgence, and it’s easy to see why. There’s nothing like seeing an instant print develop right before your eyes. With this medium, you also get to own a bit of photography history in the camera itself. However, if you still need some convincing, New York City-based photographer Josh Katz has eight reasons why every photographer should actually have an instant camera.

Josh, who has always shot with a DSLR and played around with film cameras, has recently bought two instant cameras: a Polaroid 600 and an Instax Mini 90. He refers to both cameras and the medium itself as “polaroids”, which is understandable since the magic of instant photography actually began with Polaroid cameras. In the video below, he gives a rundown of what photographers can learn with instant cameras.

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LEICA Unveils the SOFORT Instant Camera

Leica proudly announced today, the newest member of its family, the Leica SOFORT instant camera. The SOFORT boasts a unique Leica design with special features, offering quick and easy access to photography that will have users seeing and sharing real photographs within seconds. With the SOFORT, Leica brings its photographic expertise, commitment to creativity, and ease of use to the world of Instax instant photography.

In automatic mode, the SOFORT utilizes available light as much as possible before triggering the flash, creating pictures with a more authentic, natural look that are one-of-a-kind. In addition there are preset modes including Automatic, Party & People, Sports & Action, Macro and even multiple exposure and time exposure modes.

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Lomography Announces Their New Diana F+ Instant Camera


The Diana F+ used to need an instax camera back if you wanted to shoot instant photo with it. But today, Lomography is announcing that that is no more. Introducing the Lomography Diana F+ Instant. The primary back is an instax camera back that uses Fujifilm Instax, but it comes with a secondary medium format film back if you want to shoot with regular 120 film again. The cool thing about this is all the creativity that you get: bulb mode, pinhole lenses, a couple of focal lengths to experiment with, etc.

Now, does this all sound familiar to you? It should; the camera seems to essentially be what’s called a Holgaroid–which are Holga cameras with instant film backs.

No official word on price yet or when it will hit the US, but let’s hope that it’s within the reach and justification of mere mortals.

The NONS SL42 is the First Instant/Instax M42 Mount SLR Camera


The Nons SL42 takes Instax cameras to a whole new level, and it’s bargain-priced too.

We all know and love Instax cameras. The ability to be able to capture and print candid moments with our friends is quite honestly, priceless. Instax cameras are great, but have you ever wished for an affordable interchangeable lens Instax camera that could use some classic vintage lenses? If so, you need to check out this Kickstarter campaign for the NONS SL42, the world’s first M42 mount interchangeable lens camera that uses Instax film. Click past the break for all of the details.

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7 Instant Film Polaroid-Style Cameras for Your New Year’s Eve Party Fun!

Leave your expensive camera in the safety of your home this New Year’s Eve and take one of these instant cameras with you instead.

Instant cameras are fun to use, and because of this, they’re the perfect companion for photographers who don’t want to take their expensive cameras with them out on the town or to parties. Instant cameras are easy to use, and they can help you capture candid moments with your friends and family. Seeing as they are so affordable, you won’t mind passing it around your group so that everyone can capture fun moments. In this roundup, we will take a quick look at seven incredibly fun, easy to use instant cameras that will help you remember your New Year’s Eve party.

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These Six Instant Film Cameras Got Glowing Reviews from Us

Instant print cameras are the perfect way to make memories when you don’t want to carry all your gear around with you.

Instant print cameras have always been, and will always be, super fun to use. They are the perfect companion for photographers who don’t want to take their main camera with them to capture the fun of a party, or a night on the town. They are durable and easy to use, which means they can be passed around your group so that everyone can get in on the photo taking action. The best part is that you’ll get instant mementos of your shenanigans with friends and family. In this round up we are going to take a look at six seriously cool and incredibly fun instant print cameras that will help you remember the events of the night before should you wake up with a sore head. Continue reading…

Instant Print Cameras are Dead! Long Live Instant Print Cameras!

As we begin to tire of the digital age, retro is becoming cool again, with instant print cameras becoming the victors.

Before Smartphones lived in our pockets and gave us access to cameras 24/7, instant print cameras from the likes of Polaroid were all the rage. As the digital revolution took over, the instant print camera business and many others started their sharp decline. Before we knew it, these fun cameras that gave use immediate prints were all but dead. Times are starting to change though as these retro, easy to use, colorful cameras are making a comeback in a huge way. Read on after the break to learn about how these analog gems are coming back in a big way. Continue reading…

Travel Centric Instant Film Cameras You’ll Want on Your Next Trip

Instant cameras will bring a new dimension to your travel work through a deeper connection to the craft of photography.

At first glance, looking at a print from an instant camera will stir judgements about the crummy colors, lack of sharpness, and the fact that the print is a one-off. But that would be far off base when thinking about instant photography. Creating with instant cameras is far deeper when you look below the surface. When creating with instant cameras you’ll experience a closer human connection, a genuine photographic print and way to connect with another human being that’s not social media. Creating with an instant camera is less an ego play and more an act of pure photography. Free yourself from the distractions of social media, the desire to spend hours in post, and practice your craft. You’ll become a better photographer by shooting with an instant. Here’s some solid choices when looking for instant cameras.

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The Lomography Diana Instant Square Camera is Their Most Perplexing Camera Yet

I got to play with the new Lomography Diana Instant Square Camera prototype before launch not too long ago

Today, Lomography is lifting the veil in something they should have done a long time ago (sort of) with the Lomography Diana Instant Square Camera. In my mind, it makes sense, but the implementation also is just a tad perplexing. The Lomography Diana Instant Square Camera of course incorporates the use of square film and gives you aperture control and focusing control over the lens with the Diana camera’s 1/60th shutter speed. Mixed with the ISO 800 film, that’s generally all that you need in some situations. However, this negates Lomo’s claim of it being fully manual; it isn’t. But I really wonder why Lomo just didn’t stick with Mini film in this case.

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The Mint InstantKon RF70 All Manual Instax Camera Gets Official Details; Pre-Order in June

The Mint InstantKon RF70 is real, and now the official details are coming out

Perhaps one of the most anticipated cameras for many photographers could be the new Mint InstantKon RF70. I’ve personally wanted a camera that could shoot Fujifilm Instax Wide emulsions and give me full manual controls for many years. That’s here now; and I genuinely hope it prompts both Lomography and Fujifilm to get with it. I’ve been personally playing with the Mint InstantKon RF70 for around two weeks now and we’ve known about it for many months. Today, MiNT is releasing all the details.

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This Modified Instax Wide Camera is Perfect for Instant Portraits

This modified Instax Wide camera proves that manual controls and outstanding lenses makes a big difference

With Instax film packs being the most readily available and affordable instant films today, it’s not surprising to find instant photography fans keeping their eyes peeled for the best camera options out there. If it takes the bigger Instax Wide films and offers more manual controls than the usual Instax cameras, all the better — hence the keen interest on the MiNT InstantKon RF70. San Diego-based event and cosplay photographer Mike Rollerson has gotten his hands on a sweet deal with a custom modified Instax Wide camera.

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