Stop Hoarding Film! The Best Time to Shoot Film Photography Is Now!

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Fact: You will seldom know when the perfect moment is happening. That’s the truth. If you’re like me, you’re a hybrid photographer: you shoot film and digital. You shoot any medium that gets the job done. But for a long time, I’ve been told that I should get as much film as I can, freeze it, and then just shoot it whenever I want. That’s a great idea, but I think the pandemic taught me that the best time to do something is now. Don’t put it off. You never know when you’ll have the time to shoot some film. So I’ve started to go through lots of films for the pure joy of shooting. That, and it’s a joy to not look at a screen on a camera.

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Silver Goes Up. Is Film Photography Safe from This Latest Reddit Stunt?

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Film photography is cool and all, but do you even know what’s in it? Do you know it’s not vegan? How many of you know there’s gelatin in there? And did you know there’s a layer in some film that caused Fujifilm to discontinue a film in America? Well, apparently, yet another ingredient is under fire: silver. This precious metal is an integral part of film. As a result, the price of silver can affect the price of film and development. Those of us who shoot film are often pretty loyal to specific labs. But we also tend to go shopping around when the price gets too high. And while companies tell us that their pricing is stable, I’m still a bit concerned.

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New to Film Photography? Here Are 3 Film Emulsions You Need to Try

Film photography never died: it only evolved into something much better.

Fact: some of us have never shot film before. Others amongst us are just getting into it. In 2021, film photography co-exists with digital and is in demand by lots of clients. There are lots of the mainstays like Portra, Tri-X, and Velvia. But there are also lots of options out there that aren’t traditional. And we’ve reviewed a bunch of them. So we dove into the old Reviews Index to look at our many years of film photography coverage. Here are some of our favorite emulsions.

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The Best Leica Lenses for Black and White Film Photography

Black and white film lovers rejoice!

Film has to be one of the most fun photography experiences we have! Some of us just want to create in a completely different way. Indeed, film does a lot of things that digital doesn’t. When used properly, it will ultimately make you think more about your photos before shooting. You’ll pay a lot of attention to the frame before you shoot. And eventually, you’ll become a master of the format. If you’re looking for the best Leica lenses for black and white film photography, check out our selects.

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Film Photography Needs to Do Something Digital Doesn’t

Film photography has undoubtedly made a comeback, but it needs differentiation from digital.

Some of you may think I’m nuts to say that film photography is back. But it really, truly is. In the pandemic, more people decided to take it up and start their own darkrooms. It’s fun and a completely different way of creating images that everyone should try–at least for a month! However, I only see the current film renaissance as a way for film to truly find its own place. And to do that, I think film needs to do something that digital doesn’t do. For that, it will come down to the final image.

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The Harman EZ35 Offers a Quick and Easy Way Into Film photography

If you want to get started with film photography, the Harman EZ35 kit will make the process totally painless.

Shooting with film is one of the best ways to experience photography. Still, for photographers who have only ever experienced photography in its digital form, film photography can be daunting. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. If you want something that will easily break you into film photography, you might be interested in the new Harman EZ35 reusable film camera kit. We’ve got all the details about Harmen’s latest release after the break for you.

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Color Film Photography Was Such a Big Headache for the CIA

Declassified is an original Phoblographer series that digs deep into historical documents to examine how the government used photography.

We previously reported on how aerial color film photography was a headache for the CIA. But the problem wasn’t just with aerial photography. One document in the late 1960s tells about all the checks and concerns there were about color film. Today, you’d easily think it was standard fare. The transition from black and white was a slow one, though. Color didn’t really become the norm until they started to move to digital. One would think that slide film would have done the trick, but that’s not the case. It seemed like everyone wanted it. But the labs, the treasury, and the higher-ups all thought it would make things too complicated. The CIA had many concerns. Let’s put this into perspective.

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Comparing Different Color Filters for Black and White Film Photography

If you’re new to using different color filters for black and white film photography, here’s a quick comparison.

Before the digital days, photographers made use of various filters to produce a big portion of their desired looks in-camera for black and white photography. As we learned in a previous video tutorial, filters allowed them to darken the skies, increase the contrast, or give flowers a more dramatic look against the rest of the foliage. Some may argue that we can simply use our go-to editing software to produce the same effects, since we’re in the digital age. But, if you’re shooting black and white film, filters will still be your best friends and produce the look you want straight from the negatives, potentially minimizing the work you’ll have to do in post. If you’ve yet to use filters for shooting black and white, we have just the video to show what to expect.

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These Film Photography Tips Are Super Helpful for Beginners

The reports of film photography’s death are greatly exaggerated. Check out these helpful tips to get started with film photography!

While much of the photography industry is dominated by work created with digital cameras, film photography has been making a steady resurgence into the zeitgeist. We’re regularly seeing new film emulsions being introduced, and instant films have never been more popular. There’s never been a more exciting time to get started with film photography. In our latest original infographic, we explore some useful tips and information that will help get you started with shooting film.

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Film Photography Tutorial: Creating Stunning Galaxy Double Exposures

Whether you’re looking for something experimental to do on film or simply want to give your snaps the stellar treatment, this galaxy double exposures trick is worth a try!

Film photography is especially known for encouraging all sorts of creative experimentation, which eventually popularized techniques like double exposures during the digital age. The often cool results and happy accidents are among the things that encourage today’s generation to shoot film. If you’re yet to try double exposures on film or want to do something different with it, we’re sure this quick galaxy double exposures tutorial by United Kingdom-based Kate Hook is right up your alley.

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No, Vegans, Film Photography Is Not Vegan Friendly

The stereotype of someone being a vegan and a film/analog photographer is very counterintuitive.

Unfortunately for many analog shooters, there is still a stigma against us who shoot film. Because we like old school things and we like the actual connection with our subject while not worrying about all the digital things, we are often also associated with vegans. Why? I’m not sure. Maybe they just think it’s part of the culture. But the truth is film photography isn’t vegan-friendly. In fact, it’s pretty far from it.

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See How Film Photography is Getting People Back in The Real World

photography gear

Today people seem to live for the photo rather than the experience. This one man is using film photography to try and change that.

In an article recently published on CNN Travel, Jonny Bealby, owner of tour operator Wild Frontiers, spoke about his exciting new tour concept. Customers will visit beautiful destinations such as Oman and Mongolia, but with one catch – they have to disconnect from their digital devices completely. That means no smartphones to snap all that they see. Instead, they will be given analog cameras, allowing them to capture the most important moments. It’s a move I welcome and one that I find incredibly exciting.

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Short Documentary Explores Why Film Photography Lives On

Film is not dead; we already know that. This short NBC Left Field documentary instead wanted to delve deeper into the mindset, and why now is a good time to get into film photography.

Film lives, and has been thriving alongside the digital age, much to the surprise of many. But for those who still #believeinfilm and choose to #staybrokeshootfilm (along many other mantras and hashtags), the love for this old-fashioned medium goes beyond gathering likes and attention on social media. It’s a way of life. Many short films and documentaries have explored the so-called analog resurgence, and it seems we’ll keep seeing more of it. The latest to tackle the topic is NBC Left Field, which sought to find out why the younger generation are embracing the slower process of film.

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Film Photography Tip: How to Meter for Best Exposures

Been wondering how to properly meter for film photography? This quick video has the answers. 

One of the aspects you’ll encounter as you get further into film photography is metering. It can be intimidating or confusing, but it pays to learn how to meter different scenes and work with either your camera’s built-in meter or a handheld light meter. In today’s featured video by Ohio-based Matt Day, he has partnered with The Darkroom Photo Lab to provide the important information we need to achieve well exposed film photos.

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Film Photography Is a Form of Creative Rebellion and I Love It

Film photography probably doesn’t mean much to most people, but to some it’s an exciting and much-needed creative rebellion from the digital grind. 

When I first joined film photography communities some 10 years ago, I honestly did not expect that it would grow very much. Most of the world seemed to have moved on from film stocks, and the cameras were no more than vintage keepsakes of photography history. I would get strange looks whenever people figured out I was shooting with a film camera. We were seen as a bunch of misfits, or hipsters, as the wretched label came to be. But, the deeper I got into it, I more clearly saw what shooting film meant for those who did: it’s a form of creative rebellion in a world that puts a premium on perfection.

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The Essential Film Photography Checklist: What You Need to Get Started

Want to dip your toes into film photography but don’t know where to begin? Here’s a quick checklist for you.

Film is not dead, and you’re living proof of it for wanting to try it out. Maybe you were curious after seeing some film photos in your Instagram feed. Or, you came across film photographers whose work you really liked. Perhaps you found your grandparents’ old film cameras and have been wondering if they’re still working. Whatever your reason, this simple checklist should help you get started.

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How Reciprocity Failure Affects Long Exposures in Film Photography

If you’re just getting into film photography, reciprocity failure is an important technicality to be aware of, especially when shooting long exposures. 

Long exposures are among the most exciting creative techniques at every film photographer’s disposal. However, they don’t come as easy in film as they do in digital due to the law of reciprocity failure. Jason Robert Jones covers this in one of his YouTube videos and accompanying cheat sheets for two of his go-to films. If you’ve never heard of this technicality before, we suggest you pay close attention as it has a hand in the outcome of your shots, especially if long exposures.

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Julija Felajn Evokes Nostalgia with Timeless Film Photography

All photos by Julija Felajn. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Film photography may now be in vogue among those looking for something different from the digital experience. The moody aesthetic, experimentation, and “happy accidents” also continue to be some of the reasons why film photographers continue to be hooked on the medium. But among all of these is the fact that film photos are timeless, as we can see in the nostalgic work of Belgrade-based Julija Felajn.

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Exploring the Bigger Creative Roles of Film Photography and Print (NSFW)

For Nick Sabatalo, film photography is less about the cool factor and more about its role as a bastion of fine art alongside the print.

With film photography still having a place in our creative arsenal, we’re always curious about how fellow film photographers are going against the grain and making the most out of the unique medium. So, when (currently) Los Angeles-based fashion photographer and casting director Nick Sabatalo got in touch with us to share the latest in his film photography forays, we were curious. Five years after picking up a film camera, he’s now venturing into a major component of the medium that most of today’s film photographers are skipping: making fine art prints of their images. In our chat with Nick, we asked him to tell us more about his insights on print (specifically darkroom printing), the plans for his all-film photography magazine, and what roles film is meant to fill in the realm of fine art photography.

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Film Photography Lovers Need to Follow These 10 Togs!

We’re back with a selection of photographers who need more love on Instagram. This time we focus on film photography!

The satisfying feeling of shooting film photography still lives strong. With the digital world in full force, we’re pleased to see there are plenty of photographers keeping it old school. Whilst plenty of presets try, there’s nothing that can match the aesthetic of a good roll of film. Many well-established photographers are still choosing this format, so it’s no surprise that this style filters down. Focusing on the work of great film photographers who need a little extra love, below are 10 film photographers with under 10k followers on Instagram.

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The Color Film Photography Blind Taste Test: Can You Figure This Out?

The purpose of this article is to help you decide which of nine C-41 color film stocks, of those currently available in the US, is right for you. If you’d rather digest this content in video form rather than article, that’s an option as well.

To make this blind comparison, I took, and will compare three identical shots, each taken on the nine emulsions discussed in this video. You’ll be able to compare these photos “blind”, meaning you won’t know which stock is which ahead of time. I’ll also talk through some of the differences from my perspective. This will be especially interesting to you newer film shooters looking to find a color film that fits best with your style of shooting, developing, and/or budget. But even if you’re a long-time film shooter, you may find it interesting.

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