Second Take: Olympus EPL-1

The Olympus EPL-1 is not a camera that many readers of ThePhoblographer would flock towards, however, I decided to give it a second look as I have been told that my previous posting was very harsh on the camera. This time, I not only tried my friend’s camera but also one at a local camera dealer. Let’s get right into this with another analysis then.

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Hands on and Hands Off: Olympus EPL-1

I recently had the pleasure of testing the Olympus EPL-1 that is being so highly raved about while on an excursion in Chinatown. While this is a camera that people stepping up to interchangable lens cameras might appreciate, I don’t think I ever want to touch one again. There are flaws with the camera that I really wasn’t satisfied with in addition to huge problems that are totally unacceptable. My conclusions are after the jump.

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Which One: Olympus EP-3, EPL-3 or Pen Mini?

EP-3 in white, silver and black


With today’s announcement of the Olympus EP-3, EPL-3 and Pen Mini, many of you may be trying to figure out which one is right for you. Also, you may not even totally understand what’s new about these cameras and what the differences are from the predecessors. Here’s your guide to getting through all the data.

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Field Review: Olympus EPL-2 (Day 1)

With the Olympus E-5 review finished, the Olympus EPL-2 suddenly appeared at my doorstep. Now, do note that I raved about this camera during the announcement despite my total dislike (more than once) of the EPL-1. We’ve reviewed a number of Micro Four Thirds cameras here as well like the EP-2, GF-1, and the G2. This field review though will be a special one geared towards the professional and semi-professional looking for a carry around camera so that they don’t have to lug their DSLRs around. So is the latest addition to the bunch really worth purchasing for this segment of the market?

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4 Reasons Why the Olympus EPL-2 and XZ-1 Will Dominate in Sales

Admittedly, I haven’t touched either the Olympus EPL-2 or XZ-1 at the time of writing this posting. However, they are two very exciting cameras that are bound to be hot on everyone’s list. Those of you that have been reading the site for a while know that I hated the EPL-1 (more than once) to the point of even refusing to link to it through Amazon and B&H because I wouldn’t tell anyone to buy it. It seems like Olympus has listened to what I clamored for originally, and threw in some amazing accessories as well. If not, it at least will make the decision between the two top dogs in this category a bit more difficult.

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The Most Popular Postings For 2010

One year ago on December 28th 2009, I sat on my bed and said to myself, “I’m tired of being unemployed and unproductive. And so I started, and it has taken off in ways that I haven’t even thought were possible for a site started on a Macbook, on my bed, while in my pajamas. It’s been a crazy year and the staff and site have evolved. There are even more changes to come (like us moving to a faster server and a slight redesign and better search bar.) I’m straying off the topic though: here are the top 20 postings of the past year according to WordPress (though our other analytics have different numbers.)

Which One Should I Buy: Canon 60D? T2i? or 7D? More stats 75,771
Which One Should I Get?: Canon S95 vs Panasonic LX-5K More stats 49,050
The Best Budget Lenses More stats 32,752
Hands On: Nikon D3100, D7000 and the SB-700 Speedlight More stats 25,019
The Canon 7D vs Nikon D300s In Shooting Concerts More stats 24,955
Hands on and Hands Off: Olympus EPL-1 More stats 22,710
Hands-On: Canon S95 More stats 20,117
The Ultimate Wedding Photography Checklist More stats 17,774
What Would You Do With a Lens This Long? More stats 17,022
Leica V-LUX 20 Review Based on The Panasonic ZS-7 More stats 15,545
Long Term Test: Canon 7D Vs Nikon D300s More stats 14,608
Hands On: Sony A55, A560 and 24mm F2 ZA SSM More stats 14,473
The Complete Canon PowerShot S95 Review More stats 14,162
Field Test: Apple iPhone 4 Camera More stats 12,919
4 Reasons Why You Should Get the Leica D-LUX 5 vs Panasonic LX-5 More stats 12,815
Pentax K-5 Beats Out Canon 5D Mk II, 7D, Nikon D700, D300s More stats 12,227
Canon Announces 60D and Lens Updates More stats 11,702
Hands On Review: Panasonic ZS-7 More stats 10,923
Lens Sharpness Test: Sony 16mm F2.8 vs Panasonic 20mm F1.7 More stats 10,726
The Worst Excuses I’ve Ever Heard For Not Wanting to Pay a Photographer Appropriately More stats 10,165

7 Reasons Why I’m Not Buying the Panasonic GF-2

The Panasonic GF-2 made its rounds recently in the news after rumors kept circulating. Now that it’s gone official, I admittedly haven’t had any time with it but it seems like a step in the wrong direction for me. We reviewed the GF-1 (after other journalists took their sweet time returning it to the PR reps) and we also had the G2 for a while. Now, we liked the G2. Sadly, we didn’t totally dig the GF-1 for a couple of reasons though it seemed like it needed just a bit of improvement to make it a solid choice enough for me to want to make the purchase. The GF-2 is instead something more of a higher grade LX-5 (though the Leica version is more my style.) Here are seven reasons why I won’t be buying the GF-2.

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Battle of the Compacts: Sigma DP2s vs Canon G11

The reviews of the Sigma DP2s and Canon G11 are now complete, and the cameras can go head to head in ThePhoblographer’s first battle of the compacts. Please note that the Leica D-LUX 4/Panasonic LX-3 have been counted out of the battle as the successor has already been announced. But while you’re at it, you may want to check out this posting on small cameras for professionals. So let’s get to it!

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Field Review: Sigma DP2s (Day 1)

Large sensor compact cameras like the Panasonic GF-1, Olympus EPL-1, and the Canon G11 (full review here) tend to take all the spotlight. But what about the other cameras? Enter the Sigma DP2s—a wonderful little large sensor compact camera that is highly customizable and that utilizes the Foveon sensor to capture photos with positively breathtaking color that surpasses film. But is it any good? I was recently sent a review copy for field review.

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Field Review: Canon T2i (Night 2)

The Canon T2i was used recently as part of the field review doing something that many Rebel users do: shoot parties and get-togethers. Go to nearly any restaurant or party in NYC and you will see people using their Canon Rebel cameras as they steadily are replacing point-and-shoots as the cameras of choice. A complete gallery, as well as full analysis after the jump.

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