Claire Droppert Depicts the Dramatic”Frozen Silence” of Sweden

All photos by Claire Droppert. Used with Creative Commons permission.

When it comes to visual themes and concepts like silence and tranquility, minimalist scenes are often the most effective. This makes winter wonderlands among the perfect places to shoot. In the latest installment of her Silence series, Rotterdam-based photographer and designer Claire Droppert takes us to Hemavan-Tarnaby in Sweden, where she captured dramatic snowy scenes as visual representations of piercing silence. If you’re thinking of doing more landscape shoots this winter, we’re sure you’ll find this an inspiring collection.

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Claire Droppert: What Silence in Dutch Landscapes Looks Like

All photos by Claire Droppert. Used with Creative Commons permission.

The power of stunning landscape photography lies not only in inspiring awe and sometimes wanderlust but also in its ability to emulate certain ideas and emotions. We’ve seen it in a lot of surreal landscapes previously featured, and we’re adding another fitting addition to the roster. In her beautiful collection titled Dutch Silence, Rotterdam-based photographer and designer Claire Droppert take us to some of the most tranquil vistas in the country, showing us how these sights and scenes emulate a relaxing silence.

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Claire Droppert’s Emotions Series is Straight Out of A Fantasy Novel

All Images By Claire Droppert. Used Under Creative Commons License

Traditionally when one thinks of Portraits almost always people are the subject, but today we have a special series to share with you. Claire Droppert’s Emotions series featuring horse portraits looks like something out of a fantasy novel.

“I’m always fascinated by the contours of horses, the emotions and expressions they exude and their elegant, noble appearance.” Droppert says regarding her inspiration, “In this series, I intend to focus primarily on the character, elegance, power and nobleness of the horse. Working with tones, colours and contrasts, I wanted to create a feeling that will appeal to your emotions.”

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Claire Droppert’s Gravity Sand Creatures Were Created In Camera

Sand comes alive and creatures are born in frozen moments of weightlessness...

Sand comes alive and creatures are born in frozen moments of weightlessness…

All images by Claire Droppert. Used with permission.

Photographer Claire Droppert was born in 1977, in the Hook Of Holland, The Netherlands. She currently lives and works in Rotterdam as a freelance designer/photographer, making conceptual artwork for clients, as well as personal projects. “In my work, I’m inspired by the combination of simplicity, exceptional visions and new techniques, with a subtle minimalistic approach.” says Claire.

So when we stumbled upon her project “Gravity Sand Creatures” on Behance, we instantly fell in love with it.

What’s even more amazing about Gravity Sand Creatures is that the images were all created in camera after Claire developed a system that worked for her. The inspiration came from her daughter playing in the sand. Claire did the same and started to see creatures appear when she threw the sand in specific ways. So by using a remote control with her camera, she was able to create these awesome

We talked to Claire more about the project.

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20 Women Photographers to Inspire You Through 2020

We’re very excited for the year these 20 women photographers have ahead of them.

There are many reasons to highlight the work of women photographers. Our reason is simple; we love to share greatness. As one of the photo industry’s leading publications, we’re fortunate to be exposed to talented women photographers. Street photography, documentary, portrait, product, and more: the female presence is on the rise across the board and it’s incredibly exciting! In fact, it was difficult cutting our list down to just 20! But we got there, and this is the best of best.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Shooting Snowy Scenes

Shooting somewhere snowy soon? Make sure to bring with you today’s quick photography cheat sheet!

Snowy landscapes are among the most beautiful places to photograph, as we’ve seen in a lot of our previous landscape photography features. However, they also come with major challenges, from getting there, keeping those precious gear safe, and shooting. Whether you’re planning your first ever snowy scene shoot or want to do it better for next time, we’re sure this quick photography cheat sheet will be of great help to you.

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List: 30 of Our Favorite Inspiring Women Photographers

All images used with permission in our interviews.

Over the years, we’ve interviewed quite a number of photographers. While the industry is very much male dominated, there are a lot of fantastic women photographers who deserve special recognition for the work they do. These strong women put a major emphasis on creating and capturing fantastic images that will inspire many out there.

Here’s our roundup of some of the best women we’ve interviewed over the years.

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Gravity | Flower Power is a Curious Study of Color

All images by Claire Droppert. Used with permission

Photographer Claire Droppert has continued her work in the Gravity series. First, she debuted on Behance her awesome Sand Creatures, which were all created in-camera. Most recently though, she debuted Flower Power. This project is a lot more about the use of color–which many photographers believe needs to be used very carefully in the creation of images. In fact, Claire says that she was very careful about the use by contrasting specific colors against the blue sky.

But most of all, Claire found a way to make the ordinary flower photo look fun!

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