Tips for Shooting Black and White Street Photography at Night

Ever notice how street photography in black and white takes on a different mood at night? Here are some quick tips to help you make the most out of it.

If you’ve only been shooting black and white street photography during the day, there’s actually a lot of dramatic and compelling images you’re missing at night. In a brief video, Vladimir Pcholkin shares his insights on shooting black and white street photography at night, and shares a few simple tips for making the most out of it, should we decide to give it a go.

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How to Think in Black and White When Shooting Street Photography

In a world rich in colour and vibrancy, it’s time to think a little more black and white.

The modern world is spoiled for choice when it comes to cameras, gadgets, and editing tools that bring out the beautiful colours in your photographs. I just got the Fuji XT2 and I’m learning all about those famously addictive ‘Fuji Colours’. But even in modern times, there is still a demand for that classic black and white look.

If you’re thinking of taking the colour out of your work, here are some tips on how to think in black and white when shooting street photography.

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These are the World’s Top 10 Black and White Photographers for 2018

One Eyeland has recently revealed the winning images of their international black & white photography competition

Curious about what it takes to be declared the world’s best black and white photographer? One Eyeland, a curated online gallery and photo sharing website, wants to give you an idea through its recently announced selection of winning entries for its World’s Top 10 Black & White Photographers competition for 2018.

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Outstanding Documentary and Art Photographers You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Here’s a list of links you should bookmark if you’re looking for outstanding photographers to check out every now and then for inspiration.

Inspiration and ideas for creative projects sometimes don’t come easy, even for the most prolific photographers of today. This is most likely why many of us find it helpful to look at what the master photographers of past and present have done, not to copy their finest work, but to help realize our own talents, inclinations, and creative visions. We need all the resources we can get: photo books, zines, online publications, portrfolio sites, and blogs. Surely, all of us keep a running list of links of photographers who we find inspirational. Well, allow us to add over 350 more to your list.

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How Color Affects Leading Lines in Landscape Photography

On the Phoblographer, we tend to talk a whole lot about color, black and white, and how incredibly important it is to use them effectively in your photography. We typically apply them to portraiture, but it’s also not too terrible of an idea to apply it to landscape photography. You see, in landscape photography there are a few basic rules to creating better landscapes photos and for the most part they apply to creating better color images. But when it comes to making black and white or even just creating more striking color, there are a few other techniques you may not have tried yet.

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Film Review: Fujifilm Acros 100 (35mm and 120 Formats)

Fujifilm Acros 100 is the company’s last black and white film emulsion, and for many photographers it was an absolute favorite. Acros 100 is a very fine grain film considering how it’s also a fairly slow film. In fact, it’s so fine grain that when my scans came in, readers thought that the image was digital and not film. For this reason, it was always used for a variety of applications though mostly with portraits and landscapes. Depending on how you developed it and if you pushed it or not though, it isn’t very tough to get great results even when pushed to ISO 1600, though it is surely time consuming when it comes to the processing.

Today, the closest thing to any of the other previous Acros emulsions comes in the form of the image quality offerings from the Fujifilm X series. And despite the fact that it doesn’t totally look like the Acros film, it comes incredibly close.

Editor’s Note: This is a review of Fujifilm Acros 100. But next month, La Noir Image will be 100% dedicated to the film emulsion and the digital simulation from Fujifilm’s cameras. If you want to read more, I highly recommend subscribing for as little as $15/year.

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Could Phase One Be Coming Out with a 100MP Medium Format Black and White Digital Back?

Hey La Noir Image subscribers, it’s time to really start to drool over the possibilities because there are hints of a Phase One black and white back in the air! We got a tip off from reader that perhaps a medium format 100MP Black and White digital back could be on its way from Phase One. The company has previously made apochromatic camera backs, which are essentially black and white camera sensors and that many photographers absolutely dream over.

While yes, photographers can easily go ahead and turn the images into black and white in post-production, it’s simply still not the same experience. Some photographers only shoot in black and white for example.

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First Impressions: Samsung NX300 and 45mm f1.8 3D

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Samsung NX300 and 45mm f1.8 3D first impressions (4 of 11)ISO 16001-550 sec at f - 5.6

Samsung introduced their new NX300 mirrorless interchangeable lens camera today; and we were able to get some quick hands on time with it. The new camera (that replaces the NX 210) features a redesigned 20.3MP sensor, the ability to shoot 3D and 2D stills and video with the also announced 45mm f1.8 3D, includes a new DRIMe 4 engine, has both contrast and phase detect focusing, and lots more. To boot, you’ll also receive the camera bundled with Adobe Lightroom 4.

Here’s our overview:

Editor’s Note: New price on the lens and new product photos

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Hands On: Sony NEX 7

“If you can’t afford a Leica, this is the one to get.” Those are the words of the Sony Rep that demoed the NEX-7 to me. The other day, I finally got my hands on the extremely coveted Sony NEX-7 (or NEX7 and NEX 7). Though the reviews have already started to come out, I’m still waiting for my units to give them a full run through. However, this camera seemed extremely impressive during the brief time I spent with it as did the 24mm f1.8 lens.

Note that these were pre-production models though.

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The Phoblographer Is Hiring New Positions: Join One of the Best Photography Blogs on the Web

Join a motivated, efficient, never overworked, and well paid team!

Hi folks,

In preparation for a number of changes we’re undergoing to make the site even better, we’re hiring new writers based around the world as well as in the US (where most of us are based). Think you’ve got the chops? Check out the application process below. Now, we’ve added new positions and changed a few requirements.

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Eleanor Macnair’s Renderings of Famous Magnum Photos in Play-Doh

All images used with permission from Eleanor Macnair.

Many readers are fans of the work produced by the photographers over at Magnum Photos, and these very cool photos from the agency rendered in Play Doh are also surely worth your time. Years ago, artist Eleanor Macnair got started with producing images rendered in Play-Doh. That gave way to a Tumblr she started called Photographs Renders in Play Doh which received a fair amount of fame. A book was published in October 2014 and the work was exhibited in a number of places.

Just in time for the Magnum Photos 70th anniversary, Eleanor has collaborated with Magnum Photos to create a series highlighting some of the photos shot by their photographers but rendered in Play Doh.

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The New Canon PIXMA All-In-One Printers Sport an Almost Apple-Like Design

Canon has updated their lineup of PIXMA printers, which aren’t anywhere as serious as the higher end models but instead make more sense as a home-office printer. Core to the new PIXMA series is a new design that honestly looks like Jony Ivy had some influence on. Some of the printers themselves are also pretty compact and include things like touch LCD screens, a paper tray that retracts when powered off, WiFi and creative Instagram-like filters built into them.

The press release is after the jump.

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How to Prepare to Photograph Burning Man–From a Veteran Attending for Years


Photo used with permission by Mark Probst

Burning Man has been gaining more and more press and attracting larger crowds in the past couple of years. The annual weeklong festival takes place in the deserts and is a place where artists and those brave enough venture out and test their own self-reliance. Many photographers also try to attend and document the happenings as they take place. Preparation isn’t simple though and to find out more we talked to photographer Mark Probst; who has been attending the festival for years. Be sure to follow him on Instagram when he attends this year, or feel free to check out his Flickr.


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Learn Why Mitch Dobrowner Sees Extreme Weather Better in Monochrome

We’re streaming daily on Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsStitcherPocket Casts, and Spotify! You can also listen to it right here on The Phoblographer.

“The storms and landscapes here on earth deserve our respect and admiration”, says California based landscape photographer Mitch Dobrowner. Having been gifted an Argus rangefinder in his late teens by his father, he was inspired by some of America’s legendary photographers. At 21, he quit his job to explore the Southwest of the USA with his camera. Since 2005, he’s been touring the country to capture some extreme weather phenomena.

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The Phoblographer’s List of Great Women Photographers in 2020

As each year goes by, we’re happy to see more and more women photographers get the recognition they deserve. The Phoblographer has long been committed to highlighting female photographers’ skills, and in 2020 we’ve been lucky to feature some inspirational work. It’s hard to put a list together of the best, especially when the standard is so high! But we spent our time separating the very best from the rest to show you the great women photographers of 2020.

Also be sure to enter our contest on Women Who Inspire You with Leica. You can win a Leica Q2.

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Wildlife Photographer Ralf Schneider Talks About His Poignant Animal Encounters

Keen on getting into wildlife photography? We bring some inspiring insights from German wildlife photographer Ralf Schneider.

German wildlife photographer Ralf Schneider has been shooting the beauty of nature for 40 years. But, it was only during this year that he added a feather to his photographer hat when his adorable photo of a napping Weddell seal made it to the roster of Highly Commended black and white photos in the largest wildlife photography competition in the world, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year . We wanted to learn more about how the outstanding photo was shot, and fortunately Ralf also obliged to share more about his insights from years as a wildlife photographer, including a number of his poignant animal encounters. If you’re developing an interest in this genre, we think our quick chat will be inspiring.

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Cheap Photo: These Low Prices May Help Ease Your Fear of Flash

Whether you’re just getting into flash photography, or you’re ready for some new gear, you need to check out these deals on strobes, monolights, and modifiers.

We at The Phoblographer are huge fans of flash photography, and we encourage everyone to give it a shot at some point. There’s no better time to get your flash photography gear: right now there are some deep discounts to be had. You can save $235 on the Rotolight AEOS Ultra-Portable Bi-Color LED Light, and you can save $349 on the Profoto D1 Air Studio Kit. The fantastic Flashpoint XPLOR 400 Pro TTL that comes with a Westcott Octabox is a steal at $649.99 Want something a little smaller? The Flashpoint Zoom Li-Ion (Godox V1) is only $259, and it’s available for all major platforms, and the Flashpoint Li-Ion Mini (Godox TT350) is just $79 for Fujifilm cameras. There are excellent deals on Glow and Westcott modifiers too. See what we found after the break. Continue reading…

Cheap Photo: D750 $800 Off, $200 Off X-Pro 2, Save on Camera Bundles

Back to school season is here and it brings along some huge discounts on camera bundles and more.

Back to school season means significant savings, and trust us when we say you can save big on camera bundles and more right now. The Nikon D750 with a 24-120mm and a huge accessory kit has a deep discount of $800! The Fujifilm X-Pro 2 bundle is a steal at $1,499, and the a7r III with a tripod bundle has been slashed by $500. Need a new strobe? The incredible Flashpoint XPLOR 600 with a C-Stand and a 36-inch Octabox is only $563.95, and the MeFoto Globetrotter Tripod is down to $199 (a $167 discount). We have found deals on camera bags and SD cards too! Come in and take a look at all the deals. Continue reading…

Cheap Photo: Stock up on Fujifilm Emulsions Before The Huge Price Jump

Come April 15th, the price on some of your favorite Fujifilm emulsions will go up by as much as 30%.

If you love using Fujifilm emulsions such as Provia, Velvia, and Superior you might want to grab some of the film at its current prices. Come April 15th, the price of these films will go up by as much as 30%.  Fujfilm announced the price increases earlier on this year, so it should come as no surprise, but if for some reason you missed the memo, now’s the time to act.  Continue reading…

Review: Sony a6400 (The Sony a9 with an APS-C Sensor)

The Sony A6400 packs near-A9 level AF tech into a compact Crop Sensor package.

Up until recently, Sony’s focus seemed to rest with their Full Frame mirrorless cameras, but the Japanese consumer electronics giant reaffirmed their commitment towards APS-C cameras when they announced the A6400 back in January of this year. Featuring the company’s latest advancements in autofocus technologies, the Sony A6400 is positioned interestingly between the existing A6300 and crop sensor flagship A6500. It’s not quite the halo product some were hoping for, but it is certainly no slouch by any measure.

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