Troyce Hoffman Captures Stunning Black and White Landscapes Using a Holga

All images by Troyce Hoffman. Used with Creative Commons permission.

If you still have a Holga camera lying around, we spotted a set of stunning black and white photos that will make you want to pick that Holga up and take it on a road trip. Through his snaps of the American West, California-based documentary photographer Troyce Hoffman shows us exactly how the iconic toy camera works wonders in capable hands.

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James Lattanzio’s Black and White Landscapes Work in Layers

All images by James Lattanzio. Used with permission.

Photographer James Lattanzio is a photographer based here in NYC, and he grew up with a love of the outdoors via weekend getaways to upstate. As things would have it, he eventually discovered Ansel Adams and the rest is quite simple to fill in the blanks. For James, he’s all about consistency, so he approached landscapes, portraits and architecture all in the same way. This and the way James works in layers is something I haven’t seen in many photographers. So after seeing his work at a recent APA NY show, I needed to get in touch.

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Take a Trip With John Emery’s Astonishing Black and White Landscape Photography

All images and words by John Emery. Used with permission. Be sure to follow him on Instagram @jemeryphoto

My number one goal as a photographer is to capture a moment in time as I experienced it when I released the shutter button. I want people to look at a photograph that I took and to feel as if they were standing there with me at the moment I took it. My specialty is the natural landscape in black and white – I’ve always been attracted to the drama, texture, detail, and contrast of a well-done black and white photograph.

I had just turned 23 and had never left the eastern time zone. On a whim I flew to Las Vegas, rented a car, and visited the Grand Canyon. I was woefully unprepared for the trip – I hadn’t seen snow in 15 years and it made me realize that south Florida living had made me ill-prepared for northern Arizona in late November. Regardless, I was hooked. Since that first trip I have been all over the country, and with each successive trip more photographic equipment joined me.

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Jayanta Roy’s Himalayan Odyssey Is a Hypnotic Black and White Landscape Photo Series

All images by Jayanta Roy. Used with a Creative Commons License.

Jayanta Roy’s Himalayan Odyssey photo series surely reminds us that you don’t need the Golden Hour to create fantastic landscape photos. According to Jayanta, he developed the series over a year of travelling. Now just imagine that for a second: you’ve been travelling a whole lot and you’ve accumulated a load of images. What’s going to make you choose the final photos for your portfolio? Luckily, Jayanta did a fantastic job not only with shooting the photos, but also getting really inspiring black and white photos of the the mountain range.

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10 Under 10K: Fantastic Black and White Landscape Photographers on Instagram

This is a syndicated blog post from our Premium website: La Noir Image. Originally written by Alberto Lima. Subscribe for as little as $15/year to start.

For regular readers of La Noir Image, you’re already familiar with what’s becoming a regular column – our 10 under 10K Instagram feature. If you think  Instagram is just for the filter-happy shooter think again; our list includes truly amazing gems hidden among the hashtags. Though most IGers posting landscapes prefer shooting in color by a large margin, this made these Instagrammers that much easier to spot. So if you’ve been looking for a little inspiration to photograph amazing vistas in black & white this list will be sure to please.

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10 Under 10K: Fantastic Black and White Landscape Photographers on Instagram (Premium)

For regular readers of La Noir Image, you’re already familiar with what’s becoming a regular column – our 10 under 10K Instagram feature. If you think that Instagram is just for the filter-happy shooter think again; our list includes truly amazing gems hidden among the hashtags. Though most IGers posting landscapes prefer shooting in color by a large margin, this made these Instagrammers that much easier to spot. So if you’ve been looking for a little inspiration to photograph amazing vistas in Black & White this list will be sure to please.

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Yucel Basoglu’s Haunting Black And White Landscape Photos

All images by Yucel Basoglu. Used with permission. 

When the topic of landscape photography is brought up, typically breathtaking scenes of majestic cliffs by the deep blue ocean, lush green forest with snowy mountainous background or a beach with golden glow sunrise come in mind. In contrary to the stereotype, Yucel Basoglu decided to present his landscapes in purely black and white.

Based in Istanbul, Turkey, Yucel Basoglu strongly believes in black and white landscape photography especially when it comes to seascapes, or any scenery involving a large body of water. Yucel further argues that just like how black and white can more effectively reveal the emotion and soul behind a photo of a human smile in comparison to a full color photograph that boldly distracts the viewers with colors, this is also applicable to landscape photography. The true beauty and power of nature can be revealed in black and white landscape photography.  Continue reading…

Daniel Řeřicha’s Fine Art Black and White Landscapes


All images by Daniel Řeřicha. Used with permission.

Photographer Daniel Řeřicha was born in 1972 in Krupka, Czech Republic and has been living there all his life. In the year 2000, he got his first SLR and since then has been searching for inspiration online as well as advice from other photographers. At the same time, he’s been trying to improve his post-production skills.

We found his work on Behance and were thoroughly taken with his quiet, ethereal and jaw-droppingly beautiful compositions. Daniel believes that good gear matters a bit, but it’s more about your creative vision. He also believes that color landscapes (at least in his work) are inferior to what black and white can do for a scene.
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Shooting and Converting Color Landscape Photos Into Stunning Black and White

Thanks to the so-called digital darkroom, it’s now easy to shoot in color to convert the images to black and white later. But you have to do it the right way to get the best results.

Shooting black and white goes more than just taking away the colors or shooting in your camera’s monochrome mode. There’s a lot of things to check and keep in mind before you can get a good black and white image, especially when you’re shooting landscapes. To help us with this, Doug McKinlay shares some of his useful tips when shooting and editing black and white landscape photos in a video by Adorama.

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Noel Bodle Creates Masterful Black and White Photos of the British Landscape

All images by Noel Bodle. Used with permission.

The British landscape will leave people in awe when they view it. For all the grey clouds and wet weather, the beautiful sites of the British landscape make it a hot spot for tourists and landscape photographers. Whilst many try to recreate the amazing scenery through their lens, few achieve it. Noel Bodle, however, is a photographer who has been able to transfer the majestic wonderment of Britain to his photographs. Borrowing from the natural elements, Noel is creating some truly stunning landscape photography – the kind that belongs on your wall.

We asked if he would take us on a journey, he was more than happy to oblige.

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Maciej Kalkosinski on Photographing Iceland’s Landscapes in Black and White

Editor’s Note: this is a guest blog post from Maciej Kalkosinski.

If you ever got into landscape photography, you know that there are places that act as a magnet for shooters. I always felt that uncontrollable force gravitating me towards vast empty spaces. That was the reason I moved from central Europe to Scandinavia, and that was the reason I always wanted to visit Iceland. Making my dream come true was not that easy though.

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Letter from the Editor: Landscapes in Black and White

Lead image by Nathan Wirth. Featured later on in our coverage.

If you’re in certain climate zones, you’re most likely experiencing one of the most magical moments of the year: autumn. Go outside, get up high, and you’ll be struck with beautiful landscapes covered in various colors that the trees take on. It’s beautiful, heart warming, and of course photogenic. Color has become one of the biggest and most important aspects of modern landscape photography. But what happens when you take that color away? What happens when the image that you’re looking at suddenly becomes black and white? Does it lose its beauty? How do you adapt and take a strong image made so partially by color and make it work in the world of monochromatic?

That’s what we’re exploring this month. The world of black and white landscape photography is vast, hypnotic, and incredible. It’s what Ansel Adams and many other photographers had to work with. Of course, photography has evolved quite a bit since the days of the zone system’s inception. But there is no doubt that landscapes can still captivate audiences everywhere. Since the earliest days of photography, the tools have changed too.

We’ve prepared a large amount of content that is bound to make your jaw drop this month. So please, enjoy!

  • Sincerely,

Chris Gampat

Editor in Chief/Publisher.

Yucel Basoglu Captures “Men Alone” in Black And White Long Exposure Landscapes

All images by Yucel Basoglu. Used under a creative commons license. 

Photographer Yucel Basoglu is obsessed with creating sweeping, breathtaking, scenic, black and white photography using long exposure, and he breaks the better known stereotypes in his “Men Alone” series by including a human subject in his frame.

Yucel Basoglu believes that black and white photography is the best technique to demonstrate the purity in human and also nature. He further illustrates with an example: a color photograph of a smile is only showing you the person smiling, but on a black  and white photograph you can see the reality behind that smile. This is similar in nature as well, the power and beauty of nature can be better explored in black and white.

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Slices of Silence: Quiet Black and White Infrared Landscapes


All photos by Nathan Wirth. Used with permission.

“I also don’t work on photography unless the weather is shitty.” says photographer Nathan Wirth, who was born and raised in San Francisco. He is a self-learned photographer that uses a variety of techniques— including long exposure and infrared— to express his unending wonder of the fundamental fact of existence by attempting to focus on the silence that we can sometimes perceive in between the incessant waves of sound that often dominate our perceptions of the world. This is partially the foundation for his project: Slices of Silence.

It also has a bit to do with Nathan’s recent studies involving Japanese traditions of Zen, rock gardens, and calligraphy– as well as the transience, impermanence, and imperfections of wabi-sabi. Nathan’s studies of calligraphy and Zen writings have led him to the practice of trying to achieve, while working on his photography, a mind of no-mind (mu-shin no shin), a mind not preoccupied with emotions and thought, one that can, as freely as possible, simply create.

This project features infrared landscape shot with a Sony camera–and while we think they’re quite dark and foreboding, Nathan personally does not.

We chatted with Nathan about his work for Slices of Silence and about how he almost didn’t become a photographer.

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Print Your Landscapes: Red River Palo Duro Baryta Fiber Paper Review

With Red River Palo Duro Baryta Fiber Paper, the details in your photos will pop.

I’ve always admired how Red River created good paper at an affordable price point, but the Red River Palo Duro Baryta Fiber paper had me scratching my head despite the great details it rendered. The best way to describe it involves thinking a bit like watching an old school movie or even a more recent one shot on film. When you watch a beautiful movie shot on 70mm these days, you see specks and grain. That’s how Red River Palo Duro renders despite having a whole lot of detail. Why does it do this? To be honest, it beats the hell out of me. And even now I’m not sure I like it. But I respect the fact that it’s so different than anything else out there. The paper is said to mimic the look and feel of one of Ansel Adams’ favorites.

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These Sony Cameras Helped Create a Cult, and They’re Still Great Today

These Sony cameras may have a few years on them, but in the right hands they can still produce magic.

Sony has been blazing a trail, marching to the beat of their own drum since they purchased Minolta in 2006. Since then, Sony has released some cameras that started a movement, or some might even say a revolution, in the camera world. Sony’s technology made their cameras leapfrog offerings from Canon and Nikon, and those two are still playing catch up today. After the break, we will take a quick look at some older Sony cameras that packed features some manufacturers have only just started adopting in 2020.

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Deal of the Day: 20% off Across all of PhotoWhoa’s Tutorials and Presets

The New PhotoWhoa Plus gets you 20% off all their products.

You folks have spent lots of time and money over at PhotoWhoa before, so today’s news is great for all of you! Today, PhotoWhoa is creating PhotoWhoa Plus–a brand new membership program that gets you 20% off the entire store overall. So you’ll save on Lightroom Presets, Black and White tutorials, Boudoir shooting necessities, street photography software enhancements, portraiture needs, landscape editing tools, etc. But in addition to that, you also get up to 6 exclusive deals for free! If you don’t want free stuff and steeper discounts though, we’ve got some essentials for you below.

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Video Tutorial: A Guide to Creating Beautiful Black and White Photos

When I mention notable photographers like Edward Weston, Dorothea Lange, Ansel Adams, and Michael Kenna, what pops into your mind’s eye? If you thought “masterfully orchestrated fine art black and white photography,” you’d be correct.

The work of Ansel Adams and Michael Kenna, along with that of Herb Ritts, influenced my approach to black and white imaging when I took photography in high school. Nearly failing every class in high school, I was not the best student. I found school dull and uninspiring, excelling only in the photography courses available. We learned exposure basics while using cameras like the Canon AE1 and Pentax K1000. I loved every minute of learning how to process film and prints in the darkroom, secretly wishing that I could quit school and focus my time and energy on pursuing photography.

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Learn from Joel Grimes, Chris Orwig, August Dering and More for FREE!

We have found some of the best FREE photography tutorials, eBooks, and presets on the web for you.

Now is the perfect time for us to be learning new skills, and if you’re worried about spending money on tutorials, this roundup will put you at ease: all of the items listed here are free! That’s right, you can learn from Joel GrimesThorsten Von OvergaardChris OrwigAugust Dering, and Nucly without spending a cent! There are free photography tutorials that cover composite photos and Photoshop. You’ll find free Capture One styles, free Lightroom brushes, and free eBooks too. Jump past the break to see all the freebies we rounded up. 

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Inspiring Images from ZEISS Photography Award 2020 Winner and Shortlist

We could all use some inspiration right now, and this is exactly what the winner and shortlist of the ZEISS Photography Award 2020 brings.

Since most of us are currently plowing through days of downtime, we might as well take the extra time to get our fill of photography inspiration. The World Photography Organisation recently announced the winner and the nine shortlisted entries of this year’s ZEISS Photography Award. For its latest run, the competition featured the brief Seeing Beyond: Discoveries, which called photographers to submit a series of works that represent the “discoveries that transform our everyday lives.”

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