Review: Amber (A Personal Hybrid Cloud Device for Photographers)

LatticeWork enters the crowded hybrid cloud storage market with the introduction of their new Amber Personal Hybrid Cloud Storage Device

As photographers, the issue of where to store our images is an age-old challenge going back to the analog days of prints and negatives. While the shift to digital meant that most of our images now exist virtually, we live in an age where everyone has a camera in their pockets. The ever-increasing megapixel count has resulted in the continued growth of raw file sizes. Earlier this summer, we were introduced to a new NAS (network-attached storage) device called Amber from Silicon Valley-based startup LatticeWork. As the company’s cheeky marketing claims, Amber is not just “another pain in the NAS.” It aims to be a simple to set up and easy to manage hybrid cloud storage solution that leverages Artificial Intelligence to help keep everything organized and easily accessible. There are two versions of Amber available. Amber One comes equipped with a pair of 1 TB hard drives, while Amber Plus doubles the capacity of the included hard drives. For this review, we evaluated an Amber One, which was provided to us by LatticeWork. Storage capacity aside, Amber One and Amber Plus are functionally identical. Curious to know how it fared under real-world conditions?

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First Impressions: Amber Personal Hybrid Cloud Storage Device

Amber by LatticeWork sets itself apart from competing for hybrid cloud storage devices with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

We discovered the Amber One and Amber Plus AI-powered hybrid cloud storage devices from LatticeWork–which are designed as personal storage clouds that can be of huge use for photographers. As far as startups go in the increasingly crowded hybrid cloud storage market space, LatticeWork has one of the more celebrated pedigrees with its founder being a former director as well as one of the co-founders of Marvell Technology Group. For those not familiar with Marvell, their technologies are crucial in powering many of today’s leading-edge computers, networking equipment, and mobile devices. With ever-increasing amounts of images and videos being captured on a daily basis by photographers, videographers, and the layperson alike, Amber aims to provide a hybrid cloud storage solution that’s simple to set up and easy to manage, while leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence to help keep everything organized.

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Review: Cecilia Lambert Camera Messenger Bag

The Cecilia Lambert Camera Messenger Bag is pretty comfortable and has some low profile features that, if improved upon, can make it the ultimate messenger.

The Cecilia Lambert Camera Messenger Bag was announced a few weeks ago, and we got a moment to take a look at Photo Plus East and called one in for review. The bag is a fashionable messenger designed with a few key but differentiating design features that add to its overall unique nature. Being made of cotton canvas, the Cecilia Lambert Camera Messenger Bag has an exterior that is soft to the touch. There is also a bit of wax on the exterior to protect it from the elements and the drunk at the event you’re photographing. With lots of pockets, dividers, and a big strap, it is also designed with standards that lots of camera bag manufacturers have implemented over the years.

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This Gold-Plated and Amber-Covered Leica Standard is Yours for $3,500

This golden Leica Standard could be one of the most luxurious-looking vintage cameras you can add to your collection.

For today’s vintage gem from the depths of ebay, we spotted possibly one of the most luxurious-looking Leica cameras out there. Gold-plated and clad in Royal White Baltic Amber, this Leica Standard will definitely make any photographer or vintage collector feel like royalty. If you’re keen on making space in your collection for this camera, it’s yours for $3,500.

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Instant Film: Knowledge from Richard P Lambert

phoblographer (4)

 All images by Richard P Lambert. Used with permission. This post is a collaboration with the Sub-Reddit r/Analog.

“If art is risk made visible, then I think Polaroids are a gamble worth taking,” says Richard P Lambert, a photographer who reached out to us from Reddit. Richard isn’t just any photographer though, he’s a lover of everything analog. If that isn’t enough for you, it’s worth it to tap into his knowledge about instant film and just how fascinating it can be for people who aren’t in the know.

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Richard P Lambert’s Experimental Analog Photo Love Affair

phoblographer_rpjl (15)

 All images by Richard P Lambert. Used with permission. This post is a collaboration with the Sub-Reddit r/Analog.

“I’m interested in all kinds of analogue image making, from 35mm to wet-plate collodion to 6-month pinholes made from beer cans that the drunks leave in my hedge,” says photographer Richard P Lambert in his introductory email to us. Richard continued to grab our attention by speaking of some of his more experimental processes. “Using double exposures, soaking rolls of film in acid or burying frames in the park, I embrace the unpredictable and hopefully create something an honest yet weird way.”

For Richard, he’s all about doing whatever it takes to capture the moment exactly the way he sees it. “With the special effects being ‘in-camera’, these moments really did happen, but not quite like the way it has been recorded,” says Rich.

Indeed, Richard believes that you don’t need a whole lot of technical knowledge to create a beautiful photo.

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Amber: A Photo Studio Makes Honey Look Exciting

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

All images by Oddds Studio. Used with permission.

Oddds was established in 2013 by Reinold Lim (Penang) & Sarah Tan (Singapore). The duo believe in aesthetics and how it draws attention to people. “Often we impart our work with references of philosophical values and new thinking.” which makes complete sense in regards to their project entitled “Amber.”

Oddds tell us that the inspiration came from their fascination with fossil.

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Animal Visions: Tom Chambers’ Enthralling Portraits of Wild Animals and Children


All photographs taken by Tom Chambers. Used with permission.

Growing up on a farm in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, photographer and image manipulation artist Tom Chambers developed a fascination as well as a special connection with animals, both wild and domesticated, in his early years. This curious and almost mystical bond is one that he seems to naturally form with animals carried over into adulthood–and it has become inspiration to and a persistent theme in his fascinating work.

Kids co-existing and interacting in the same small but wildly fantastical space with animals, some of which are predatory and dangerous, seemingly dominate his work, his enigmatic images reminiscent of exotic British India or even glorious Renaissance Italy and subtly but effectively exploring the harmonious relationships between humans and animals.

Tom confronts and explores this theme even deeper in his series, Animal Visions, whose enthrallingly magical images are influenced by the magic realism style employed by early 20th century Latin American artists and feature birds, wolves, elephants, and even a beautiful white Bengal tiger. And while these animals are only composited into the images in actuality, his meticulous skill successfully help him create a sense of realness in the photographs, convincing his spectators on the authenticity of his fabled storytelling.

Magnificent and overall enchanting, Tom’s Animal Visions series will mesmerize even the most unyielding unbelievers. See the photos from it after the jump.

For more of Tom Chambers’ work, visit his website or follow him on Facebook.

Via Feature Shoot
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Michael Kamber and Louie Palu Talk About Photographing The War in Iraq and Afghanistan


Stories from photographers on the front lines are sometimes amongst the toughest to swallow. And this one from Photographers Michael Kamber and Louie Palu are no different. Kamber is an NYTimes photographer and has been featured in Leica marketing videos about how his Leica M has survived near hell. But the video below isn’t about the gear. Instead, it is about incredibly powerful and captivating storytelling through images and words. Kamber talks about some of the tough times, such as when Saddam came out of power and mass graves were dug up so that families could identify they bodies. While hearing this is quite intense, seeing it is even more so.

The story and video is partially to promote a new book called, “Photojournalists on War: The Untold Stories from Iraq.” And the words from Kamber hit home even more as he talks about certain things that the US Government needs to think about and consider the next time that we get into a military venture.

Louie agrees, and states that traditional American journalism wasn’t the way that he wanted to talk about the war. The video is after the jump, and we strongly recommend a look.

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Daisy Naidu Takes Unique Portraits in Homage to Legendary Artists

“It’s like I see something and an idea pops from nowhere,” says Indian photographer Daisy Naidu about the unexpected sources of ideas for her photography projects. Allowing these ideas to nurture and develop, she lets her imagination run free while executing them as concepts. She’s even done her own spins on portraits inspired by classical artists of yesteryear.

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The Love of My Life – Hasselblad 501cm

I remember the smell of the chemicals and the feeling of fixer as it dried on my hands. The darkroom was a form of sensory deprivation until your eyes adjusted to the soft, amber glow of the lights. My first darkroom was a humble space with two enlargers and a closet with a bottle opener for film retrieval. Starry Eyed Surprise was on repeat as I danced and watched the images from my yellow Hasselblad 501cm come to life on pearl paper. To this day, I can’t think of anything more therapeutic.

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The Cameras of the World Press Photo Winners for 2022

The 2022 World Press Photo Winners have been announced, and the images presented here reflect a whole lot of what happens in the world. As an American, the images are fascinating to stare at. It’s impossible for us to see all these stories from the various media agencies. But it’s also often not fed to us. The images are incredible, and cement the fact that photography isn’t going to be replaced by video. Instead, photographers just need to strive to be that much better. As these photos display, it means we need to really get out there and document the world as it happens.

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How to Shoot Better Portraits of Your Camera

I love opening up my vintage camera packages from eBay when they arrive. The feeling of holding a classic 35mm beauty is matched by only a few other experiences in the world of photography. Each of these cameras has a history behind them that makes them unique. Almost immediately after dusting and polishing them, I take photographs of these beauties. And when I go about taking these pictures, I consider the cameras as people that have stories behind them. Think of it as a camera’s portrait. They need to be placed and lit correctly to tell that story; a thing of beauty is something that needs to be appropriately shared with the world.

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What to Know About the Exciting New Kodak Gold 200 120 Format

Yes, it’s real! Today, Kodak is announcing their new Kodak Gold 200 in 120 Format. And there’s a lot of good news that’s supposed to come along with that! For starters, this is the first time in a while that Kodak has announced a 120 film. The previous one was Ektachrome after it made a revival. But in today’s world, film has become a lot more expensive because of demand. With that said, Kodak Gold 200 120 Format is bound to be very welcome. We’re breaking down a few things you should know about the new product.

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Look at the Gear Used by Sony World Photography Awards 2022 Winners

The National Award winners of the 2022 Sony World Photography Awards were recently announced. While we don’t classify the success of a winning image based on what gear was used, it’s nevertheless a fun stat to read about. Here’s a breakdown of the cameras and lenses used (where the information is available) to produce the winning image for each country’s top photographers.

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Three Great Cameras in One. Leica M11 Review

I didn’t read the rumors of the Leica M11 purposely before I went into the meeting with Leica. To that end, I was genuinely surprised as to what I saw and experienced. For one week, I had personal play-time with the Leica M11. And overall, this has to be the best Leica M digital camera yet. The company gave us a ton of versatility while also giving us the Leica M9’s colors back. It’s almost the perfect M-camera. But even better, you’ll be delighted staring at the colors.

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SLAC in California Made the World’s Highest Resolution Camera Sensor

“The idea is you’re looking deep into the heavens,” says Professor Aaron Roodman of the Dept. of Particle Physics & Astrophysics at the SLAC about the aim of the Rubin Observatory project. It began over two decades ago as an idea and is now nearing completion with the collective efforts of multiple teams and countries. I had a very fruitful interview with Professor Roodman the other day. He detailed the story behind the project and the benefits for astronomy that it intends to provide. During the course of the project, his team was responsible for the central optics system behind the telescope. An effort that culminated in the Rubin Observatory project being awarded the Guinness Record for the highest resolution sensor ever created for a camera. It’s also the largest digital camera ever built in terms of size, housing the largest lens ever made.

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This Bag Is Unique. Morally Toxic Valkyrie 20L Review

From the shed (as they like to call it) of UK-based camera bag and tripod brand 3LeggedThing comes an all-new backpack series – the Morally Toxic Valkyrie. 3LeggedThing is well known in the industry for its bold colors and innovative designs, and the new Morally Toxic brand is no deviation from this. Say hello to some shiny exteriors with not-so-subtle patterns. There are some fabulous functional additions in their first series of backpacks (called Valkyrie). Available in three colors and two sizes, the Morally Toxic Valkyrie bags aim to challenge conventional camera bag design by weaving in premium quality and extraordinary style. I spent a few days testing the 20L Blue Valkyrie, and I was pleasantly impressed with what it has to offer.

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You’ll Love the Experience and IQ: Nikon Zfc First Impressions

It looks really eye-catching, is surprisingly lightweight, and packs really good photo and video quality. The Zfc does feel like an APS-C all-rounder now.

If you read our article back in May about the need for a mirrorless retro body from Nikon, you would have noticed how badly I was hoping for one with a full-frame sensor. It didn’t get that, nor did it come close to the 30-megapixel resolution I was hoping for. But, I was pleasantly surprised when I got the Nikon Zfc in my hands to try out. Almost a carbon copy of my FM2, but seemingly a lot lighter, the Zfc more than delighted me when I used it. It might have the Nikon Z50 sensor in there, but it feels like the Zfc has dethroned it as Nikon’s best-ever APS-C camera. They’ve definitely put some emphasis on style, too: it’s available in six colors besides the classic silver-black you’ll see below. Plus, it’s got a pretty competitive price.

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Is The New Razer Blade the Most Powerful Laptop for Photographers?

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It isn’t often that I get hyped about PCs for photographers, but Razer is one of those brands that’s slowly winning me over. When going through this press deck, I audibly exclaimed, “What!” out loud. That’s because the new Razer Blade 17 is packing in a whole lot of formidable power into a laptop. Many of us photographers have been looking for a good replacement for our laptops and are really sick of the dongle life. I was driving myself crazy for an hour just yesterday, looking for the right cable for my iMac. And the Razer Blade 17 is doing a whole lot to help me and potentially other photographers.

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Is the new Nikon Zfc the Perfect Step Forward for the Company Now?

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The closer it got to the release date, the more apparent it became that the Nikon Zfc would be a crop sensor body. This was a feature that I was desperately hoping against, having made the decisive and firm jump to Full-Frame sensors nearly a decade ago. If the similarly styled Nikon Df could have been released with a Full-Frame sensor, why did the Zfc have to fall short in this department? With a crop sensor in an 80s-looking body, can the company bring back some much-needed camera sales in 2021 and beyond?

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