Sevil Alkan on her Award Winning Street Photography with a Smartphone

“It’s a great feeling really,” explains Sevil Alkan as she describes the emotions of her recent success at the LensCulture Street Photography Awards. Her eye-catching project, Stray Dog, came first place in this year’s 2019 series category. Sevil’s work is born through emotion and is created with the intention of challenging those that view it. Her images make for great single frames, however, they really come to life when observed as a collection, highlighting her ability to tell visual stories. Although it’s true that her recent success can be a career changer for many, Sevil wasn’t ready to get too carried away, “I was on summer vacation when the winner was announced, so I celebrated with my friends over a couple of drinks.” Rather, she continues focused on the task hand, ready to build on this stepping stone and continue to create amazing street photography for us all to enjoy.