Our Favorite Street Photographers with Under 10k Instagram Followers

Starting with street photography, we’re reviving our Instagram 10 under 10k series.

If you’re serious about street photography, then you will already know that a photographer’s number of Instagram followers is often no reflection of their ability to create stunning images. What is true, however, is that those with artistic skills and quality deserve all the online love they can get. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 10 street photographers under 10k followers, in the hope we can help get that number up!

1. Polly Rusyn – @pollyrusyn

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Walking on Water [The tide was out, the sun was low and the photographer was chilled out…! I rarely shoot symmetrical images but I could not resist the reflection in the wet sand. The figures in the background were perfectly spaced out which adds to the balance in the image.] #womeninstreet #streetsgrammer #apfmagazine #burnmyeye #magnumphotos #life_is_street #womenstreetphotographers #eyeshotmag #observecollective #streetphotopoland #lacalleesnuestracolectivo #ourstreets_ #bcncollective #lensonstreets #repostmyfujifilm #spicollective #hscs_street #streets_unseen #sweet_street_beat #the_photo_weekender #streetphotographerscommunity #streetphoto #human_in_geometry #lensculturestreets #bylanesofyourcity #finearteveryday #NGTUK #fujifilm

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Based in the UK, Polly is an extremely talented street photographer. Her followers can often look forward to her photographic memories as she continues to travel as far and wide as possible. Her work has one key component – variety. Multiple compositions, an incredible understanding of light and colors that make you want to touch the ‘motherf*cking rainbow’.

2. Gisele Duprez – @gisele.duprez

Gisele is a straight-talking, street walking, candid frame photographer. Even with a busted knee, she remained committed to the craft and got out on the streets of New York as quickly as possible. Her work is an authentic reflection of one of the world’s most happening cities. To the point and full of interest, her portfolio makes her a very well respected street photographer amongst the community.

3. Cam Crosland – @cjcroslandstreet

Over the past few years, Cam has really found their flow. They’re a thoughtful, empathetic street photographer – words not often associated with those using flash. In their series Fishing With Dynamite, Cam created a body of work that illuminated the people of London, while also being a narrative of their personal path of self-discovery.

4. Fred Eriksson – @freds_sp

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Stockholm, 2019

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Fred is a quiet street photographer. He isn’t one to shout loudly on social media. It could be because he has a modest nature, or maybe he lacks self-belief. Either way, we’re going to do some shouting for him. His honest work leads from all the tried and tested techniques that make for great street photography. He is consistent in his creation, and he has also been smashing out some beautiful street portraits of late.

5. Dawn Mander – @dmanderphoto

Creating in the streets of northern England, Dawn is a “proper Northern Bird” in her words. Mainly working in the seaside town of Blackpool, Dawn creates humorous, almost documentary style images that show the true spirit and heart of the people living in the Lancashire county. If you want “proper England,” then look no further than Dawn’s body of work.

6. Stan De Zoysa – @lone_rider_stan

Stan only just made this list. Not because of his technical skill and ability, but because he’s currently sitting on nine and a half thousand followers. Many of his images can be classed as optical illusions. He plays on camera angles and perspectives to ensure he is a magician within the street photography field. He has also been recognized for his talent, placing first at this year’s San Fran Foto Festival street photography competition.

7. Jonathan Walker – @kingofkodak


The King of Kodak, Jonathan Walker, is back again on another one of the Phoblographer’s lists. Why? Well, he’s just that good. Using 35mm, he has a body of work that is shot in the present day but has an aesthetic more associated with decades gone by. If you don’t believe us, go check his work out for yourself.

8. Tim Fox – @timfoxphoto

When we look at Tim’s work, it makes us think “the world is a great place to live in.” He has many images that get stronger as time goes by. We get a warm feeling that only retrospective street photography can give you. Shooting in France, Tim is doing excellent work in the present day too. It’s a crime that his follower count is nowhere near what it should be!

9. Eleonore Simon – @eleonoresimon

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Cárcel #valparaiso #streetphotography

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Eleonore’s street photography is visual poetry; soft, gentle, yet full of meaningful context. Creating her images in black and white, she gives us a consistency that allows us to deeply connect with her work, making fresh posts instantly recognizable.

10. Gerry Orkin – @gerryorkin

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A couple of recent Rhyming Couplets

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Often happy to take a back seat while his partner in love and street photography, Julia, is a special guest at festivals around the globe, it must be said that Gerry is a very competent street photographer himself. He has a good range of images, meaning his work never becomes the “same old same old”. He has crafted a pleasing little series too, in the form of Rhyming Couplets.

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Dan Ginn is an internationally published street photographer. Be sure to visit his website and Instagram.

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