How to Not Let Shyness Get in the Way of Your Street Photography

Don’t let shyness keep you from doing street photography and shooting the photos you want.

Street photography is certainly one of the more challenging genres to get into, primarily because you need to adapt a certain mindset for it. Apart from that, you also need to get over your shyness (not introversion, as is the common misconception). You don’t want to miss those precious shots showing a vibrant slice of life in your city. If you think you’re too shy for street photography, Danish photographer Frederik Trovatten believes you’re not — and no one is. He explains this thoughtfully in a quick video.

In his recent video, Trovatten gave some advice for those who want to get into street photography but believe they’re too shy or find that it’s too uncomfortable to do. If you’re one of these people, you might find his perspectives helpful.

Trovatten makes a fair point that street photography need not be confrontational. The common misconception of some is that one needs to shoot really close like Bruce Gilden. Another is that you need to be bold and throw yourself into the crowd or a subject all the time to get some good photos. There will definitely be a time you’ll need to get close or ask for permission, but the fear of doing that is often worse than the act itself. Also, street photography masters like Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Doisneau, as Trovatten pointed out, were able to get their most iconic shots from a distance. The key to this is to shoot as an observer.

Now, if you feel antsy and nervous with the thought of heading out to shoot, Trovatten also has a suggestion for that: make yourself as relaxed and comfortable as possible before your planned shoot. The key, he said, is to feel good first and get into a good headspace. You may even want to follow his routine and watch some videos by other street photographers to get you inspired and in the mood to shoot.

Check out his YouTube channel if you want more videos like this from Frederik Trovatten.