Tonight! Jeff Rojas Talks Portraiture With Us on Inside the Photographer’s Mind!

Jeff Rojas joins us tonight! He’s a teacher, photographer, writer, and overall wealth of knowledge and he’s imparting it on folks at Inside the Photographer’s Mind.

On October 10th, Photographer Jeff Rojas will join Phoblographer Editor in Chief Chris Gampat to sit down and speak candidly about portraiture, photography, the industry, what he’d say to the younger version of himself, and other things. Jeff has been published in Esquire and Elle; he is a commercial and editorial photographer based in NYC and has been working in the world of photography for a number of years. Jeff, like many other photographers, came up with the rise of social media and the internet. He’s a popular instructor on CreativeLive and known for helping to change the minds of many photographers to help them learn how to pose men better.

You can tune in via Adorama TV or the Phoblographer on Facebook or join us Live Via Eventbrite

For more, we’ve featured Jeff Rojas a number of times on our website.

Inside the Photographer’s Mind

Photography has two sides to it: capturing and creating. Some photographers lean in one direction over the other while other photographers balance the two. The Phoblographer, Madavor Media, and Adorama TV invite you to join Chris Gampat as he speaks with established professional photographers and up-and-comers alike from various backgrounds on the thought processes behind their images while connecting the technical and artistic sides of their brain in the creative process.