Jan Erik Waider Captures the Moody Beauty of Faroe Islands

Images by Jan Erik Waider. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Only a handful of photographers get to know the Nordic landscape the way German landscape photographer Jan Erik Waider does – so much so that he has built a career out of  it. On top of doing landscape and commercial photography featuring and inspired by the northern region, he also spends time on personal projects that showcase its unique allure. A most recent example is a series called Cloudscapes, taken around Faroe Islands in December 2017 and January 2018.

A small archipelago sitting in between Norway and Iceland in the North Atlantic Ocean, Faroe Islands is frequented by travelers, hikers, and adventurers drawn to its rugged, charming landscape. Mountains, valleys, grasslands, and steep coastal cliffs define the island’s landscape, with scenery that is comparable to its Nordic neighbors. Jan’s Cloudscapes put the spotlight on all these natural wonders in their breath-taking splendor.

If Arctic Silence was all about showing the misty beauty of the Greenland’s seascapes in summer, Cloudscapes was about revealing the scenery visitors can expect during mostly windy and cloudy days in Faroe Islands. Jan’s photos also show that snow-capped slopes are aplenty throughout the archipelago. When the clouds drift down and cover the peaks, it results in a dramatic display that contributes to the unique character the North has become known for.

As with the rest of his photos of the region, Cloudscapes is consistent with the atmospheric color palette Jan must have memorized and mastered through years of working in the region. To know a place to the extent he does, and capture it in such great detail, is nothing short of impressive.

Want to see more of Jan Erik Waider’s captivating photos of Nordic landscapes? His website and Behance porfolio is brimming with personal and professional series that will make you want to see the North’s moody beauty for yourself.