This Massive 1000mm f10 Russian Lens Has Slots for Color Filters and a Big Case

With this 1000mm f10 Russian lens, YOU TOO can see Russia from your house!

Every now and again, really cool stuff tends to pop up on eBay; and in the case of this massive 1000mm f10 Russian lens, you’ve got something really big and unusual. You see when you look at it, it’s easy to think of it as a massive cannon of some sort. It’s clearly made of metal, heavy, and even has some very cool features to it.

The lens features an f10 aperture, and it doesn’t have a particular way to control the aperture because it is an MTO lens. That means there are mirrors inside of it. Mirror lenses can have really cool and fun effects. For example, they’ve got some doughnut bokeh effects that can be really experimental and creative in the right situations. They’re designed mostly for astrophotographers; but not in the modernized way of shooting with a wide open aperture and a slow shutter speed. The lens also boasts slots for color filters. In addition to that there is a tripod socket; but if you’re going to use something like this then I’d recommend a very sturdy tripod of some sort. Just imagine mounting this to a Sony a7s II and photographing the night sky. Or imagine using it to shoot wildlife photography with a Micro Four Thirds camera. Of course, you’ll be manually focusing and you’ll need to be careful. But so cool otherwise!

Of course, a lens like this is pretty big despite the fact that there are mirrors inside. To that end, it needs a very big case. Said big, wooden case comes with the lens. Exact measurements aren’t given unfortunately.

You can view the listing all for yourself on eBay.

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