Jan Erik Waider Photographs the Stillness Up North in Arctic Silence

Images by Jan Erik Waider. Used with Creative Commons Permission.

Hamburg-based Jan Erik Waider is a photographer captivated by the northernmost parts of the globe. These areas have been capturing travelers’ attention since time immemorial, and the photographers of today continue to show the rest of us why. Arctic Silence, one of his projects born out of expeditions throughout the Nordic landscapes, is one such compelling example. Through the stillness of the waters and the ghostly fog enveloping the jagged icebergs, one can almost imagine — and feel, even — the eerie mood that surrounded Jan as he took these photographs. And yes, it’s oh so quiet.

“In my eyes, the special allure of the North has always been its rugged charm and pristine beauty. However, apart from those exceptional landscapes it is the unique quality of light that draws me again and again in this direction,” Jan says on what keeps him going back to put together the bodies of work that are now his bread and butter as a landscape and advertising photographer.

Arctic Silence is just one of the moody photographs Jan took around Disko Bay in Greenland during the summer months of 2012. It’s fascinating how the Nordic light and weather conditions lend different looks and moods to his Greenland sets. In another set called Icebergs in Fog, we see a tinge of pink in his snaps, which make it easy to imagine being in some alien world. Ice on Black, meanwhile, is a showcase of ethereal seascapes in monochrome, the stark contrast between the white icebergs and the dark sky and waters creating equally dramatic images.

Clearly, working in such locations is so challenging that getting beautiful professional photos such as these makes for a notable achievement. Also, being able to thrive in the extremes and unpredictability of the North the way Jan does is something many of us often dream of.

We’re sure you liked Jan’s Arctic Silence, so make sure to check out his Greenland Collection on Behance to see more of the North’s splendor.