Jason Lanier Shoots in an Abandoned Warehouse Under a Waterfall

Screenshot taken from the original video

Screenshot taken from the original video

Not long ago, photographer Jason Lanier left Nikon DSLRs for Sony cameras, and he’s been at work creating loads of new photos ever since. Notice how we said the word creating–because he isn’t just snapping away, he’s finding awesome locations and coming up with cool ideas to capture on pixels.

Recently, Jason released a video where he was shooting a model in an abandoned warehouse in Detroit. What’s so cool about this one vs other warehouses is that there is a small waterfall coming in through it most likely due to destruction and weathering.

Jason had the idea to both front light and backlight a model, so he used the Sony A6000 (reviewed very positively) along with monolights then blended in the ambient lighting by using the right shutter speed. Jason captured a beautiful an contrasty image that plays on what the location offers.

Jason’s video is after the jump.