10 Horrible Excuses For Not Paying a Professional Photographer

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We’ve all heard them…photographers always are just so close to getting ripped off all the time. Here are some of the best quotes that we’ve heard.

– Our friend has a DSLR, and that’ll work fine

– That much for just one quick portrait of me? No, thank you (When someone doesn’t understand the need to step into a studio or anything else in terms of the science behind posing a subject correctly)

– We can pay you in free drinks and food (when the food and drinks equivalent to your pay scale is larger than you can consume)

– This is a charity event and you can use it as a tax write off (when in fact, you can’t most of the time)

– We’re a brand new band and we can’t pay anyone, but you can use them for your portfolio (when the manager doesn’t realize that the band is an investment and that any image that one shoots is always for their portfolio)

– We’re looking for a photographer for a trial. It may perhaps lead to future work. (it never does.)

– We’ll be able to pay you in lots of free samples of our product.

– We’re looking for an intern that will carry lights, retouch the photos, and work the camera.

– But we’re feeding you at the wedding!

– Our website has over 30,000 hits and you’ll be able to get a lot of exposure. (unfortunately, I worked at a company that was very guilty of doing this.)

– Bonus: My uncle has this Canon camera, and he always takes the pictures at our family venues. Everybody loves his pictures, he’s really a great photographer. Also, with a professional camera, anyone can take great pictures

– Bonus Bonus: But everyone has an iPhone.

Chris Gampat

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