Useful Photography Tip #93: The Importance of Tagging in Metadata

julius motal the phoblographer street photo tips 07

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The number of images available online is growing by the day, and if you’re looking for certain images, it can be a bit of a tall order to separate the wheat from the chaff. If you want your images to be seen, you need to do more than just upload them and share them on Facebook, Twitter, and the like. What they really need is to be properly tagged in the metadata along with the naming structure.

Tagging your images may seem like a bit of a chore, but it helps with broadening your reach. It certainly felt like a chore for me when I started putting my images online about five years ago, but I soon learned that tags are a great boon when you want your images to be found.

Consider the image above taken outside the Strand in New York City. Some of the obvious tags would include: books, literature, nyc, and strand. Perhaps less obvious is to put all the gear you used to make the image. In this case, the gear tags are: fujifilm, xe2, fujinon, and 35mm f1.4. Then consider environmental elements and aspects of image quality: winter, snow, street, portrait and bokeh.

If your images are properly tagged, someone looking for a very specific image could contact you about purchasing or publishing it.