Metabones Says Their Speed Booster for MFT is Coming in April



Get ready to be happier than a red neck being fed bacon, Micro Four Thirds users (how’s that for a visual). The Metabones Speed Booster adapter that is supposed to make your lenses wider and deliver more light gathering abilities is coming to the Micro Four Thirds system soon. Price may be around $399 (still not final decision yet). So what does this mean?

– It will be easier for the users to get wide angles with a faster aperture

– The opening of a whole new line of focal lengths. If you already adapt something like Leica R glass to your camera, you’ll have more light gather abilities and wider focal lengths. So your 35mm lens will become a 24mm and then when put onto Micro Four Thirds will become a 48mm lens with lots of light gathering abilities and shallower depth of field. Huzzah!

Via 43 Rumors