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Nikon P7000

Everyone’s joining the 1-inch sensor camera club. First early reports suggested Panasonic was planning to update the LX7 with a bigger sensor, and now Mirrorless Rumors reports that Nikon will do the same. Leaked specs suggest the camera will have a comfortable grip, narrowing the possibility of bodies down to one of Nikon’s bigger, premium compact cameras such as the P7000.

Supposedly, the new camera will be announced within a week or two and the camera will feature a 1-inch Aptina sensor backed by Nikon’s Expeed 3 imaging processor. In front of the new sensor there will be a f1.8-3.0 zoom lens and the body itself will purportedly be made of magnesium.

It seems like the premium compact camera market is getting hot since Sony’s successful run with its RX100 cameras and Pentax’s notable MX-1. Nikon’s direct competitor, Canon, meanwhile introduced the G1 X Mark II with an even bigger 1.5-inch sensor. Now with a rumored LX8 and Nikon camera joining the fray there could be an interesting crop of cameras beyond the high-end APS-C sensor backed Fujifilm X100s.

Via Mirrorless Rumors

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Fujifilm x100 28mm review photos hands on (2 of 22)ISO 200

Owners of the original Fujifilm X100 are getting a big treat today. The camera, though replaced by the X100s, is being subjected to a firmware update that is said to improve the focus and a couple of operability issues. For starters, the company claims that it will have approximately 20% faster AF speed and enhanced focus distance compared to the previous firmware version. Plus, Close-up focus distance shortened by 30% before needing to switch to macro mode. On top of this, the camera is also receiving manual focus peaking–which helps to negate the original claims that the manual focusing with the camera was useless.

The new firmware update will also apparently shorten the camera startup time by 0.2 seconds. Another change is that pressing the AF button now toggles the focus area selection screen, and the area of your choice can then be selected–just like the X Pro 1.

The X100 firmware v2.0 update is available now at this link.

Chris Gampat fujifilm CES 2013 announcements x20 and x100s (16 of 22)ISO 32001-140 sec at f - 1.4

The fixed-lens compact camera with a larger-than-average sensor is the prothusiast’s most valued companion. Why? Because it promises excellent image quality in a small and light package. Often equipped with lenses between 28 and 35mm, these cameras lend themselves to street photography and journalistic styles. Due to the success and popularity of this camera type, there is now a significant number of models on the market, which can make it difficult to decide which one to get. In order to make things easier for you, here are five fixed-lens compacts that The Phoblographer recommends.

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We’ve just received some really exciting news. First off, the Fujifilm X100 was said to be discontinued according to Photo Rumors via Crutchfield camera. At the moment of writing this post, it still is marked as such. However, upon seeing our WCL conversion lens review, our Fujifilm USA rep just told us that this report is false and that the X100 is still current.

So does this mean that there could be a delay on the announcement of the highly rumored X200?

In the meantime, it is still pretty much the point and shoot camera to beat despite the Sony RX100 being very hot. So get it while it’s still available as B&H and Amazon have it in stock.

Previously, we gave our first impressions on the Fujfilm WLC Wide angle adapter for the X100. And as we found, the company didn’t skimp on their optics; which translated well into the image quality. The Fujifilm wide angle adapter for the X100 camera is one that we spent lots of time with; and though the X100 is discontinued now; we would recommend that current owners try to get their hands on this little piece of glass.

Here’s why.

Editor’s Note: Despite earlier reports that the Fujifilm X100 has been discontinued, Fujifilm USA has told me that it is not.

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Wide angle adapters are often pieces of glass that no one with any knowledge of photos would recommend, but Fujifilm has been known to not skimp at all on the quality. The Fujifilm wide angle adapter for the X100 camera is one that we’ve been spending a little bit of quality time with and so far, we’ve been quite impressed with what it can do.

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