What I Learned Photographing My Own Wedding


The following post has been syndicated from Eric Kim. Syndication by Anthony Thurston. All Images by Eric Kim, Used With Permission. 

Dear friends, family, and loved ones: on June 11, 2016 I just married the love of my life, Cindy. It was (one of) my favorite days with her, and also one of the most stressful days to prepare for. It was a celebration of love, friendship, and shared experiences.

Needless to say, being one of my most personally meaningful days, I wanted to document the process (up to the wedding), the wedding day itself, and the aftermath of the wedding.

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Can a Professional Photographer Use 360 Photography Commercially?

Pro Tip: When shooting landscapes, keep in mind that not everything needs to be an HDR despite what so many people in the community do.

360 Photography and Virtual Reality are some of the areas where photography seems to be evolving, becoming cool, fun, and fulfilling the human need to constantly be entertained. Like a dog that sees a squirrel run across a field, there are some of us in the industry that simply just go for it because it’s the cool thing to do. But in all honesty, it doesn’t have a lot of major uses for the professional photographer. Instead, it’s just a way for people on social media and other platforms to be engaged. To that end, it could become the ultimate Behind the Scenes Tool for a photographer’s life.

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Hilarious Craigslist Ad Asks For Lots from a Professional Student Photographer


Lead image by Jason Chen.

When we’re all starting out and trying to go from hobbyist to pro photographer, it isn’t uncommon of us to use Craigslist and get trapped in the whole world of trying to justify someone actually paying you for your services. Quite often, photographers will put up a faux craigslist ad to express their disgust–such as with the case of one ad from Richmond, VA.

The faux ad calls for a student photographer that owns loads of professional DSLR gear including a full frame camera.

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This Magical and Gorgeous Bridal Session Involves a White Horse

View More: http://lacandellaweddings.pass.us/galia-lahav

All images by La Candella Weddings. Used with permission.

“Haha, working with a horse always makes things a little bit more complicated.” says photographer Angela Candella about a wedding fashion shoot involving a fairy tale inspired look and a splendid white horse. “Sometimes, the owner of the horse would wave carrots behind me to try to get the horse’s attention, but truthfully, he was more interested in eating the wreath around his neck, and also trying to eat the bouquet.”

Angela Candella is a very famous wedding and fashion photographer known for her specific creative vision, interesting use of colors, and the overall unique vision that she puts forward into her images. She’s won many awards, and even works in the wedding fashion photography space (yes, it’s a thing!)

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Review: Tamron 90mm f2.8 Di VC USD (Canon EF)

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Tamron 90mm f2.8 Di VC USD review product photos (7 of 7)ISO 8001-50 sec at f - 4.0

Tamron knocked the ball out of the park with their 85mm f1.4 Di VC USD lens–and so updating the 90mm f2.8 Di VC USD, one of their more popular options just made sense. This lens is very much a jack of many trades. It’s designed to shoot macro images, have image stabilization, great image quality, and also has weather sealing. For many years it was in the hands of enthusiasts and hobbyists, but the 90mm is worthy of being in the hands of many professionals.

This one, like many of the company’s new lenses, offer a metal exterior, weather sealing, 9 aperture blades, 14 elements in 11 groups and 4.5 stops of vibration compensation. For the $649 price point you’re getting quite a bargain..

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Travis Tank: Heavy Metal Rocker to Full Time Photographer


All images by Travis Tank. Used with permission.

Austin, Tx based Photographer Travis Tank is one of the most candid and real wedding photographers that I’ve had the pleasure of talking to in a while. Travis’s story is a fascinating one that begins with him as a heavy metal kid in high school. Like all lovey dovey romantic stories, he met a girl; and she didn’t want to date a loser. Despite his not wanting to, Travis went to college, hated it, and started to work in photography. He liked it, and he kept at it.

He married that woman, and now they’ve got a wedding business, kids, clients, and almost no time to try to have a family life. It’s tough, but somehow they make it happen.

Travis’s story is quite an inspiring one.


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These Tricks Made Me a Better Photo Editor

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 12.14.32 AM

For more from Michael, Check out MPZ Photography.

As a photographer who cut his teeth on large format film, I have always tried to “Get it right in camera” and carried this mantra over to my digital photographs. With the popularity of HDR, VSCO presets, and plenty of other trends, I generally lean towards the safe side of editing. In many ways, I am a traditionalist, and until recently I haven’t been interested in altering my workflow or style. Over the past few years I have been added to a variety of Facebook Groups both locally focused (NJ/NY) and larger (like VSCO Users.) The images that started showing up on my timeline inspired me to rethink my philosophy and approach to editing. All of the awesome photographs showing up in my feed made me feel a little bummed about my “boring” work. I decided to take a crack at revisiting some of my older wedding photographs, to see if I could improve them.

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Bryan Minear: On Mobile Photography and Landscapes

Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset

All images by Bryan Minear. Used with permission.

Photographer Bryan Minear loves using his iPhone just as much as he loves his Fujifilm cameras. He is an Ohio-born photographer and designer currently based in Detroit. A professional since 2007, he’s had his hands in nearly every form of photography. “…it wasn’t until recently limiting myself to only shooting stuff that I care about (weddings, landscape, and architecture) that it has really blossomed for me both as a business and as an art form.” says Bryan in his initial pitch email.

Since earlier this year, he’s been using Instagram to create at least one photo a day. This includes not only shooting but editing and sharing older photos. He’s currently working on a portrait series that he is calling #HoldStillTheSkyIsCrazy where he uses the Average Camera Pro App on the iPhone to take dynamic portraits with crazy sky movement. “Something that was inspired by my love of ND filters and long exposure daytime shots.”


Bryan has had a love of photography since his youngest days, and today he uses his Instagram to show off lots of his work. Much of that work that you may be captivated by are his landscapes.

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