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A recent episode of All Things Considered ran a piece titled, “Meet Uncle Bob, the Wedding Photographer’s Friendly Terror”. It featured an interview with wedding photographer Amy Wurdock about her experience contending with the well-intentioned family member with expensive camera equipment who inevitably gets in the way of her doing her job.

If you have photographed many weddings, you no doubt have your own Uncle Bob story or you may even be guilty of being Uncle Bob yourself. It was something that was on my mind while attending a recent wedding. Here are some suggestions to avoid having to be a wedding photographer’s painful anecdote.

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When shooting a wedding, there are loads of essential photos that are important to the bride and groom. But chances are (and we can say this with experience) that a lot more than just them will care about the photos. Lots of bridesmaids (and no, we’re not kidding about this) go crazy over photos of them at weddings for the purpose of having better Facebook profile photos. And recently, PhotoDoto shared an infographic put together by photographer Barry Page.

The infographic pretty much hits the nail on the head by saying that these photos are important to every bride out there. But there is a lot more than this is that is important to every wedding photographer. For that, we’ve got a significantly more massive shot list for you.

We’ll also be updating our recommended Gear Guide very soon.

julius motal the phoblographer life in focus charles glatzer image 01Before he took his lens into the wild, Charles Glatzer got his start in wedding and portrait photography out in Long Island. His true passion was outdoors, and it is there that he carved out his place in the photographic world. Glatzer has traveled the world with his kit, and has produced a beautiful body of work that many won’t have the opportunity to create. With a steady hand and a keen eye, Glatzer has captured moments of the natural world, much like a street photographer captures moments of the urban world. Here, he shares his experiences and insight.

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Created with Nokia Smart Cam

All images by Joy Marie Smallwood. Used with permission. 

A while back, there was a pair of photographers that shot an entire wedding with an iPhone. This spurred many others to try to do this. But since being released earlier on this year, the Nokia Lumia 1020 (which has the best camera on the market) is a cameraphone that we haven’t heard much about in terms of professional work being done with it. But Joy Marie Smallwood decided that she’d be up to the task.

While the smallest concern for many professional photographers is gear, it’s still something that is essential to the picture capturing process. But Joy’s photos prove more than anything that it’s about having a vision first and executing it perfectly is what’s paramount.

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All photos by Ashley Eubanks. Used with permission. Also check out her facebook page.

Photographer Ashley Eubanks recently shot a very special engagement session. Her best friend came to her with the idea to shoot it with a Breaking Bad theme. Obviously, it was based on the hit TV series that recently showed its final episode. “We chose the scenes by looking at promo photos from the show and got inspiration from those!” says Eubanks. “We imitated some of the poses and whatnot. We just kind of went with it and did what felt right!”

More is on Ashley’s blog, but there are other photos after the jump.

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julius motal the phoblographer tony corbell image 03

All images shot by Tony Corbell. Used with permission.

Tony Corbell has photographed hundreds of faces and hundreds of weddings. From heads of state and astronauts to newlyweds, Corbell’s career has spanned decades and earned him accolades. He also gives seminars and hosts workshops to help new photographers cultivate their vision. Aside from being a Kelby teacher, he is doing a workshop on creativeLive soon. Tony has also been shooting since 1979–which is longer than many of us have even been around.

Here, he shares his insights with us about the industry and the deep things that go into the creation of a photograph.

This December 9-11, Tony will teach a course on creativeLIVE dedicated entirely to studio lighting. During the course, which is free to stream live, Tony will explain lighting basics as well as the subtle lighting adjustments that turn average images into extraordinary. 

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