Review: Pentax K-30

We’ve shown initial sample photos from the Pentax K-30 (K30) and we’ve also run the darned thing under a faucet. After about a month of use, constant communication with the company, and even calling in other products, the K30 is perhaps the most impressive entry level DSLR camera that we’ve seen. I’m not just saying that from my point of view, but this also applies to at least half the staff (who reside here in NYC) who have tried it out and also tried out other competing DSLR cameras.

In a nutshell: the Pentax K30 wins our Editor’s Choice, but it comes with its quirks.

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Review: Olympus OMD EM5

When the Olympus OMD EM5 was originally announced, I wasn’t very impressed. In fact, I still firmly believe that what I saw in that room wasn’t near the level of amazingness that I spent a good two weeks testing. Yes, the Olympus E-M5 was really quite wonderful and was able to stand up to quite a bit.

But did it stand out in a world where APS-C mirrorless cameras are seemingly trying to take the edge?

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Kickstarter: Cam Crate

If you’re like most photographers (amateur, enthusiast or pro), protecting your gear is probably a major concern for you. There are thousands of different bags and cases on the market but very few of them will protect your gear from the harshest of elements. I often leave my gear behind when I know that I’ll be in less than ideal conditions (kayaking, skiing, hiking in harsh conditions, etc.) because I don’t want to run the risk of ruining my gear. Yes, I have insurance but I like to avoid unnecessary risk to my gear when possible. Most traditional bags do not provide enough protection from shock and the elements while most hard cases are good for transportation but they are way too bulky to carry. I recently stumbled across a Kickstarter project that  seemed to solve the problem of a truly transportable rugged case and it is called the Cam Crate.

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Field Review: Olympus E-5 (Day 3)

What happens when you take a DSLR marketed to be weatherproof and bury it under snow for a couple of minutes? While doing this, you are recording video on said DSLR. I tested that with the Olympus E-5 as part of the Field Review along with how well it performed during a snowfall.

To catch up you can read my impressions during Day 1 and my thoughts on the raw file versatility during Day 2.

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