What Photographers Should Prepare For With Instagram

Instagram is evolving as a platform; it’s surely come a far way from just being a place where you slap on a vintage looking filter. Instead, Instagram has become more of a marketing platform involved with advertising and keeping someone going through feeds. Facebook, which owns Instagram, has seen where the social media world is going and is working to ensure they’re always ahead of everyone else. With that in mind, all one has to do is look at the way that modern marketing and advertising is evolving to see how Instagram will evolve.

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Video: How Amateur Photographers Can Take Better Pictures (Without Buying a New Camera)

Lots of folks consider themselves hobbyists and amateur photographers–and they always wonder how they can take better pictures. Lucky for those folks, The Project Photography came up with a number of great tips the advanced photographers use and consider (because of course they have experience) but that others may not. Even those more experienced in photography may find something they have forgotten about.

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New55 Takes to Kickstarter to Fund New55 PN Large Format Instant Film Improvements

“These changes will include 1, a mask to give a better spread, 2 a better developer reagent and a pod that isn’t quite so fussy, and three a smoother, better print.” says says Sam Heiser from New55 in the company’s latest Kickstarter video. New55 is looking to develop improvements to their current lineup of New55 PN instant film; and to do that they’re taking to Kickstarter. New55 is an instant film company that isn’t talked about as much as Fujifilm and Impossible project, but the images that they’re capable of producing are really beautiful.

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The Platypod Ultra Wants to Replace Tripods For Photographers

The Platypod Ultra is an evolution of the original Platypod–which is designed to let photographers and videographers travel lighter without tripods and to also let their cameras get into spots where tripods don’t necessarily excel. But at the same times, photographers who don’t use tripods but instead use their environment may see value in the flat surface and stability that something like the Platypod can deliver. The Platypod Ultra is the latest offering from the company and is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.

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The Complete Video Creators Bundle 2017 Is Here!

Video Creators Bundle 2017

We have posted about several of the 5DayDeal bundles over the last year, and today we are here to let you know about their latest venture – The Complete Video Creators Bundle 2017. In this kit you will get over $2,000 worth of video creation education from some of the world’s leading video educators for just $97.

If you have been looking to learn more about video, or if you have already started getting into video and are just looking to improve on what you already know, this is really a deal that you can’t pass up. As per usual, this deal is available for 5 days only and then it is gone for good. 10% of the proceeds will also still be going to the 5DayDeals Charity Partners, so you can not only feel great about getting a killer deal on some excellent education, but also about supporting some causes that need your help. It’s about as close to a win-win as they come.

This promotion is available starting today, June 1st at 12pm (PST) and will run through 12pm Pacific (PST) on June 6th. Want to learn more? You can go to the 5DayDeal Website to get all of the details.

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The VENQUE Transformer A-Modular Appeals to the Traveling Photographer

The VENQUE Transformer A-Modular isn’t totally a camera bag, but it surely has some ways of appealing to photographers. The bag, which is currently being funded via Kickstarter, has a number of fantastic features for both backpack lovers and messenger bag users. For example, one of the nicest features is the built in USB charging port that lets you charge your phone while you’re on the go. Another one is protection against card skimmers in one of the pockets.

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White vs Gold Reflectors: How They Work for Portrait Photography

If you’re a natural light portrait photographer, then I simply cannot express to you how much a reflector can help you create better portraits. They’re so incredibly versatile–being able to reflect light of certain colors into a scene or even diffuse light as you see it coming into the scene. So YouTube channel Weekly Imogen decided to put together a video to show you just how reflectors work; but not just any reflectors.

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Question: Does Film Taste Affect the Quality of the Film?

I know…this is a very odd question. To be honest too, I don’t think I’d ever sit there and lick a roll of film no matter how smitten I am with well exposed Portra 400. But the folks over at Not Another Gear Review decided, “Screw it, why not?” Yes, they decided to see if the taste of a piece of a film affects the image quality in any way, shape, or form. Why? Science? Funsies? YouTube hits? Being featured on a site like this one?

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