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The GoPro video we featured two days ago of snowboarder Xavier de la Rue rappelling a rocky cliff and then snowboarding down the mountain is nothing compared to this one we’re featuring today. Watch in the first person POV as this extreme mountain biker barrels down what could possibly be the most insane mountain bike path in the world!

The track is a rocky path on a narrow ridge near Zion National Park in Utah; the biker, Geoff Gulevich. This breathtaking, toe-tingling, and adrenaline-pumping video was taken during the 2013 Red Bull Rampage, an annual freeride mountain biking competition that’s become one of the biggest in the world. And it had just gone viral, near miss slips and all.

Most of us have been on bikes since we were kids but I doubt any of us will be braving this track anytime soon. So it’s nice to get a little taste of the excitement in the comfort of our own living rooms. While we’re at it, let’s up the ante a little and watch an even crazier one of Kelly McGarry on the same track, at the same event, backflip over a 72-feet canyon included.

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Whether or not you’ve snowboarded from a summit or even snowboarded before really, this latest GoPro video is something you’d have to experience.

Featuring professional and award-winning snowboarder Xavier de la Rue, who recently talked to CNN about cheating death and how being on the slopes is an addiction, this awesome video entitled Sketchy Cornice Rappel, one of the latest videos featured on GoPro’s YouTube channel, takes spectators on an exhilarating ride off a snow-capped uncomfortably-rocky mountain top that’s nothing short of amazing.

In it, you will see de la Rue being dropped off by a helicopter on top of a cornice, maneuvering himself down to a better spot to avoid the visible sharp rocks, and then snowboarding down what looks to be a high-angled path of gorgeous white powder on a sunny, blue sky day.

The video itself, which was – as is usual with many GoPro videos – taken from a first-person POV, is only 3 minutes long but the feeling it evokes in those few minutes is pretty freaking great. It may take a long time before many of us can get to de la Rue’s snowboarding level but it definitely makes it easier for us to imagine how it’ll feel if and when we do get there.

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Sony A7s sensor Everyone wants a piece of the 4K cake at this year’s NAB show in Las Vegas, it seems. Yesterday, we saw the amazing new Sony A7S, which is not only 4K-capable but also sports an interesting sensor that might just become the new king of low light. Then we heard of a new 4K Micro Four Thirds camera from JVC, and now even more news started trickling in. So we though it was time for a little NAB 4K roundup.

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We wonder if the new 4K Micro Four Thirds camcorder from JVC will look anyting like this.

We wonder if the new 4K Micro Four Thirds camcorder from JVC will look anyting like this.

Good news for the video world! JVC Kenwood has recently joined the Micro Four Thirds standard, and is currently developing a new 4K camcorder with a Micro Four Thirds mount at NAB 2014. However, what will set the this camcorder off from all other Micro Four Thirds cameras is its sensor, which will sport the lager Super 35mm form factor. As a reminder, Super 35mm is similar in size to APS-C, which means it is considerably larger than the Four Thirds format.

This is a very interesting development. For one, it brings some extra competition for the Panasonic GH4, which is currently the only Micro Four Thirds camera capable of 4K video recording. Also, this seems to be the first attempt to put a larger sensor into a camera with a Micro Four Thirds mount. It will be interesting to see how this works out, and whether native Micro Four Thirds lenses that were designed for the smaller sensor will work on the camera.

At this time, there are no technical specifications or pictures of the prototype camera available, except that the device will sport a a “large” LCD monitor. It also appears as though the camcorder itself will be separate from the recording device, which reminds us of the Sony A7S. It is uncertain from the machine translated press release whether the prototype device will be shown at NAB in Las Vegas. For those attending the show, shoot us an email if you run across it!

Via Four Thirds User and DC Watch

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It’s a small world, after all.

For a long time, German photographer Jonas Ginter has been haunted by the idea of making 360° panoramic videos. Inspired by those 360° panoramic photographs that have been digitally stitched and turned into what we call “spherical panoramas” or “panorama planets,” he’s spent two years trying to perfect his little contraption to make his dream a reality.

He dedicated a lot of his time experimenting and trying out different things, including using mirrors and screwing cameras on a turntable, until he came to a realization that the only way he could make his 360° videos is if he could capture all the angles at once using several cameras. Finally, with the help of one of those 3D printers and several GoPro Hero 3s, Ginter was able to design a 3D-printed mount that would hold and support 6 cameras that would work together side-by-side to create the 360°-effect (see it here).

How does the resulting video look? Pretty surreal! Ginter filmed himself on a bike and in his car with his rad invention and it made him look as if he was happily travelling in his own little planet. And if the vid wasn’t enough trippy, he gave his little planet adventures a psychedelic soundtrack as well.

See Ginter’s awesome first 360° panoramic planet video after the jump!

Via Gizmodo

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When we first heard about cinemagraphs, we were quite excited about how they would change the industry despite how trippy the looks were. They can be attributed to Jamie Beck, who in collaboration with her husband created a sensation that made them the most in-demand creative team for a while. Their method took lots of work both technically and creatively. And now, Flixel lets you create cinemagraphs simply.

And to be quite honest, this is the program that we believe that more photographers should pick up and have in their standard kits along with Adobe Lightroom.

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