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Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Essentials the Creative Timelapser (1 of 6)ISO 4001-50 sec at f - 4.5

Essentials is a series where we round up specially curated kits for different photographers in different situations. Other items could surely be substituted, but these are what we personally recommend. 

When it comes to creating timelapse videos, you only really need a few things. For starters, a big hard drive will help greatly–but what will also help are some of the right tools. As we’ve always said in our Essentials series, you can use whatever you want. But to give you some sort of guidance, we’ve created a kit for that type of stuff. Sure, time lapse videos are getting overdone, but if you find that you get a bit too tired of them, this kit will help you to transition into other things like studio work, landscapes and much more.

Overall, we’re emphasizing versatility for the creative timelapser.

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Triggertrap Redsnap

Normal people use lasers to annoy their cats. Not the guys from Triggertrap. They put a laser in their latest gadget so you can photograph the precise moment your cat jumps off the shelf. Or a balloon gets hit by a dart. Or a glass bottle shatters. What has so far only been possible with special equipment is now on its way to your camera bag, thanks to Triggertrap’s latest Kickstarter funding campaign.

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TriggerTrap Review

Triggertrap just announced version 2.0 of its mobile app that allows to remote-control any camera equipped with the Triggertrap dongle from your phone. Apart from a re-design that aims at making the app easier to use, version 2.0 also comes with a number of bugfixes and new features. One of these is the possibility to run the app in the background on Android devices, significantly reducing power usage. Among the features included in Triggertrap Mobile 2.0 is a timelapse mode with HDR function, smart shutter release functions that react to sound, a GPS signal, vibration and more, a long-exposure HDR mode, a dedicated star trail mode, WiFi triggering and more. The app is available for free on iTunes and will be available on Google’s Play Store soon.

More info on Triggertrap’s website.

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 12.39.01 PM

The folks over at TriggerTrap have created a website to be your one stop hub on everything having to do with Time Lapse videography/photography. It’s called PrimeLapse, and it showcases some carefully curated and kick ass time lapses that can be sorted via location, technique, and themes. But are also tutorials on the sidebar to teach you how to do time lapse shooting–it can be addicting, so don’t say that we didn’t warn you.


TriggerTrap Review

I would call timelapses a fad, but these tend to go away after some time. People have been pushing the envelope for quite some time now with some amazing short films. Some of which has created big stars like Tom Lowe and his forum. Getting started with a timelapse is a daunting task that can include just a still camera or many moving parts.

I’m here to talk about my experience with TriggerTrap which gives most cameras the ability to do a timelapse. TriggerTrap is essentially a team up between a great mobile app and a cable which connects your camera to your phone. Lets see what Triggertrap can do for you.

Update 11/11/2014: We’ve updated the review ot include some of the new features. All updates were done by Chris Gampat

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If you have not heard of Triggertrap before it is a way to control your camera from your phone (Android or iOS). Yes there have been plenty of these types of devices before and even some that you could make yourself for cheap. The Triggertrap has quite a few features that these other companies can only dream of. Its unique list of abilities include HDR timelapse, ability to shoot when magnetism is sensed, bramping, movement detection, ability to take a photo when a set amount of faces are detected, distance lapse, capture when a set db of noise is heard and Wi-Fi Slave.

If any of these features spark your interest I suggest that you check out their website and read into the features. Each of the features have the ability to be fine tuned within for example with “Bang” you can set what decibel is required for it to capture an image. For Star Trail it will let you set how many exposures, length of each exposure, gap of time between each shot and at the end it will give you a total for how long this task will take to complete.

What actually sold me on Triggertrap without even using the equipment, a couple of weeks ago I downloaded the app when it went free and explored the full functionality of the device without taking any pictures. The app is free till the end of the year and I suggest that you check it out before considering purchasing the Triggertrap mobile hardware. You can find the Android version here and the iOS one here. The dongle which supports up to 300 cameras can be found here, choose the drop down on the website to see if your precious is supported. The cable and dongle are priced up to $30, I hope to be reviewing it soon so look forward to that.