Patrick Temme’s Inspiring Environmental Portraits Of People In Tigray, Ethiopia

Images by Patrick Temme. Used with permission. 

Great environmental portrait photography usually shows people in a situation they live in (or sometimes at work and play), that says something about who they are. Patrick Temme’s environmental portrait approach in his documentation work beautifully captured the grace and charisma of the people he encountered in Tigray, Ethiopia in Africa.

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Ben Blennerhassett Fused His Passion For Cinematography And Travel Into A Short Film “One Heart”

Screenshot taken from video. 

Last year we featured Ben Blennerhassett’s amazing travel photography work taken at locations from all around the world here. Recently, in his trip to Spain, he has created a short film titled “One Heart” showcasing breathtaking landscapes mixed with slices of real life scenes of the streets and people there.

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Enlightened Captures: A Photographic Reflection of Self

All images by H.S. Bentley. Used with permission. Words by H.S. Bentley for the Phoblographer. 

I consider myself a generalist. My interest tends to change with my surroundings, though lately I’ve been leaning more towards street and portrait photography. I sustain a few paid gigs a month: I wouldn’t consider myself a professional just yet. My lack of a specialty comes from my desire to explore the art of photography in its entirety. I was introduced to the art form through street photography, then quickly developed a passion for landscape photography and most recently portraiture. Regardless of the subject matter, my approach to crafting a photograph remains fairly consistent. I take a slow and measured approach. I take the time to define and contextualize what my subject is and what type of feelings I want to elicit in my photo. Once I have that idea, I allow myself the freedom to experiment and allow my imagination take over.

My approach is really a reflection of my personality. I’m naturally introverted and tend to dissect and plan details of my life goals, only to let my instincts take over when its time to act.

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Under $1,000: Three Fujifilm Zoom Lenses for the Travel Photographer

Fujifilm’s X-Series of mirrorless cameras are a popular choice for photographers looking to downsize and lose the weight of their full DSLR kit. This also happens to make them popular cameras for travel photography – as well as street photography, and other situations where you still want great image quality but may not want to be lugging around a ton of camera weight. Today we are going to take a look at the top Fujifilm compatible lenses for travel photography that can be had for under $1000, so let’s jump into it.

Also be sure to check out our full guide to Fujifilm lenses.

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13 Lenses for the Traveling Photographer

When it comes to traveling, photographers demand high quality and versatility from their lenses. Sometimes, choosing the right ones can be tough. A lot of it varies on the type of shooter you are and what kind of places you’re going to.

We’ve pooled our Reviews Index to round up some of the best travel lenses for you.

PS: Don’t forget about our Kickstarter!

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Review: Think Tank Retrospective 30 Leather

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Think Tank Retrospective Leather Camera Bag review prodcut images (1 of 11)ISO 1001-500 sec at f - 2.8

Think Tank’s Retrospective series of camera bags are very popular with photographers. They can carry lots of gear and are designed to take loads of abuse. For a very long time, they were my personal favorite camera bags not only because of these reasons, but also because no matter how much gear was packed into the bag, the shoulder strap provided loads and loads of excellent comfort.

As a refresh, Think Tank recently added leather versions of the camera bags. These versions are essentially the same bag but with lots more leather. For the more discerning of us, the Think Tank Retrospective 30 may be a great bag–but it comes with two concerns.

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How to Prepare for Street Photography in Another City


Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Canon G1X review images (21 of 28)ISO 3201-320 sec at f - 2.0

There are a number of things to consider before setting out on a trip – lodging, money, luggage, etc. – and for photographers, taking pictures is very close to the top of the list. If you’re visiting a city you haven’t been to before, it’s wise to do a little research before you go in order to get a sense of the place and know what to bring. If you’re starting out, here are some things to keep in mind ahead of your trip to a new metropolis. Continue reading…

Review: Langly Alpha Pro Backpack Camera Bag

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Langly Alpha Pro Camera Bag review photos (2 of 9)ISO 4001-1700 sec at f - 1.4

“Hold up guys, I need to change my lenses.”

Rewind to 2007 when I was still in college and my photojournalism teacher and mentor taught me to never be this guy. Fast forward to 2008 during my first internship at PC Mag (then PC Magazine) and the journalists that I interned under would say the same thing. Why? Well, that guy slows everyone else down in the group.

This is one of the primary reasons why I don’t use backpacks for my photo gear, but when it comes to packing loads and loads of stuff on you in a comfortable yet low profile and fashionable way, it’s very tough to beat the Langly Alpha Pro backpack. Sure, backpacks don’t give you the quick, on the go access that a messenger or tote bag do, but it makes up for it in being able to carry lots of stuff on a daily excursion.

Made of canvas and leather, Langly camera bags join ONA, zKin, Artisan and Artist  and others amongst the lineup of beautiful camera bags designed to also be very functional as a camera bag.

So how does it do? To be honest, Langly may have everyone else beat when it comes to the adventure photographer.

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