Øystein Sture Aspelund Captures the Beauty of Getting Lost

All images by Øystein Sture Aspelund. Used with Creative Commons Permission.

There something enchanting about wandering aimlessly and emerging somewhere strange and unfamiliar but all the same breathtaking. This is often the thrill sought by photographers who are keen on photographing distant lands and unchartered territories. But for Norwegian photographer Øystein Sture Aspelund, it’s more compelling to capture the stories and emotions that arise when we’re faced with the promise of discovery and getting whisked away from the familiarity and occasional boredom of daily life.

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The Faces of Stijn Hoekstra’s Cinematic Cuba Show Connection Between Subject and Photographer

All images by Stijn Hoekstra. Used with Creative Commons Permission.

We’ve all seen the photos and movies that show the picturesque, cinematic Cuba. Creating a picture of a place through its people is one effective way to show the essence of a destination; and this portrait set taken by Amsterdam-based Stijn Hoekstra around Cuba is a great example. If you’re looking for some inspiration in the realm of travel photography, portraiture, and even street photography, his version of a “Cinematic Cuba” will certainly do the trick.

Instead of making candid street snaps of people going about their days during his three-week holiday in the Caribbean island nation, Stijn did what many of us are still hesitant about: getting close to his subjects, interacting with them, and making a connection. This resulted in photos revealing some interesting characters. The attention to detail is also impressive — notice how the repeating combinations of straw and felt hats, the world-famous Cuban cigar, and rural backgrounds paint a picture of Cuba’s more laid-back parts.

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Pedro Kin: The Thrill of Waking Up at 3AM to Catch the Sunrise

All images by Pedro Kin. Used with permission.

“Gear was getting in the way and I decided to sell everything and start simple again, I needed a smaller camera due to the hikes I do so I decided to ditch the full frame camera that was staying at home on every hike,” says photographer Pedro Kin about the work he does in an introductory email. With his Sony a6500, 10-18mm and 24-70mm lens he goes about hiking and shooting landscapes where he can. You see, Pedro loves traveling and travel photography therefore fits right into what he really adores. Drawing influence from photographers like Dennis Oliver, Colby Brown and Elia Locardi, Pedro claims to have been shooting for around 13 years.

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5 Compact Cameras That Can Most Likely Get Through the New TSA Regulations

If you’re not wanting to inconvenience your life with taking your cameras, lenses, flashes and other necessary items out of your bag, then you should consider this list of cameras that will get through the TSA’s new regulations. “…we are not standing on the sidelines while fanatics hatch new plots. The U.S. government is focused on deterring, detecting, and disrupting these threats,” stated DHS Secretary John Kelly. “That is why in March I made the decision to ban electronic devices larger than a cell phone from the passenger cabins of U.S.-bound commercial flights from the ten airports in the Middle East and North Africa.” And more or less, you’ll probably have issues bringing bigger cameras anyway. So we’ve gone through our reviews index and found a number of cameras that you’ll want to pack since it’s all about any electronic being larger than a cell phone.

Editor’s Note: To clarify this post, we’re talking about cameras that most likely won’t need to be taken out of a bag. You can surely bring a camera but you’ll need to take it and the lenses out of the bag if they’re larger than a cell phone.

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Six Film Emulsions to Travel With on Your Next Trip (and a Few Recommended Cameras)

Lots of photographers are wary of bringing film with them on their next airplane trip, but the experienced photographers have learned how to do it. Sure, your phone, a good point and shoot, or a small ILC camera will work great but there is something absolutely unique about what film will do for the experience. Typically, folks love to look at and fall in love with their travel photos as soon as possible. But when you delay that otherwise instant gratification just a bit, you’ll be much more thoroughly surprised later on. Even if you shoot instant film, there’s still a Je Ne Sais Quoi about that moment that enhances the experience.

Here are a few of our favorite film emulsions

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The Basics: Choosing Your First Good Zoom Lens for Your Camera

In the past couple of years, photographers have finally been able to pick up their first good zoom lens. By that we mean lower end zoom lenses have become much better at delivering high quality photos. For years, photographers turned to higher end zooms and prime lenses for good quality optics. When you combine these new zoom lenses with high quality sensors though, you’re able to create photos that really stand out to you and others around you.

So we’re going to take a closer look at how you determine what your first zoom lens should be.

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Tenba Updates Travel Focused Roadie Bags with Industry First Features

If you are a photographer who often has to travel with your gear, be it a small kit or a large one, then you know the struggles and stress related to this. Finding a quality bag to protect your gear while en route to your destination can go a long way towards alleviating some of the struggle and Tenba’s Roadie line of bags are designed exactly for this purpose.

The Roadie line itself has been around for some time now, but it was recently updated with a new look and several features that Tenba claims are industry firsts. One of the highlight features in the updated Roadie line is the new patented layered wall in the Roadie 21, which allows the bag to provide hard-case level protection at a fraction of the weight/bulk. This is great both for the protection of your gear, but also for those who have to worry about weight/ limitations on their bag(s).  Continue reading…

The Tamron 18-400mm f3.5-6.3 Di II VC HLD Is a Pretty Extreme Superzoom Lens

In theory, the Tamron 18-400mm f3.5-6.3 Di II VC HLD could be pretty difficult to wrap your head around, but rest assured–it exists. Tamron just announced the new lens and it is quite the option for APS-C sensor DSLR owners. Even crazier: it’s pretty small and lightweight. It comes in at 4.8 in. and 24.9oz. Now even crazier, it’s only going to cost $649 when it hits the streets next month.

Besides the 22.2 zoom ratio, the Tamron 18-400mm f3.5-6.3 Di II VC HLD has 16 elements in 11 groups. All of that glass is protected by the moisture resistant construction Tamron is saying the lens has. To keep it as compact as possible, it has a zoom lock to ensure it doesn’t accidentally extend out.

The press release is after the jump.

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