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There are currently a bunch of rebates going on at B&H Photo; but here are some of the best.

– First off, there is a deal on the Canon 600 EX-RT when you purchase it with Adobe Lightroom 4. We recently reviewed that piece of software and overall found it to be favorable.

– There are also bundled rebates on the Canon T3i and T2i. We gave the T3i our editor’s choice award. If you don’t think that is the Canon DSLR for you, you should check out our buyer’s guide.

– Not to leave you Nikon users in the dark, there are also rebates on the D5100 and D3100. I own a D5100 and highly recommend it.

– T3i or D5100? We’ve got you covered.

– Panasonic’s most current mirrorless cameras are all available with rebates.

– There is a one day special today on SanDisk SD cards.

With multiple days of testing finished, the Canon T3i has been shipped back and returned. We’ve tested it at events, for portraits, at night, etc. So is it right for you? If you’re reading this, you may want to take a look at our list of best budget lenses, our recommended Canon lenses and also the three way duel between the Canon 60D, 7D, and T2i (which will be updated soon).

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We’ve had a number of requests for a Canon T3i review, and so it is here! We’ve compared the Canon T2i, 7D and 60D before, and now this little Rebel is looking to shake things up a bit. Before we start, we’re going to ask that you make sure that you purchase the right lens for you, no matter what your budget is. We will further try to discern whether or not this camera is right for you as well.

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Just when we thought we made it easier for you, Canon went and announced the Canon T3i and T3 DSLRs, effectively replacing the Canon T2i in almost every way: or did they? Look a little bit closer at these two new cameras and you’ll see that there is a clear difference of who they are targeting. Additionally, it makes the choices between the two Rebels and 60D much easier.

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The Canon 60D on the seat of the motorcycle we shot with it.

Canon has supplied us with an EOS 60D for test, and first impressions are great. The first thing I noticed about the 60D is how intuitive and easy to set up the camera is. If you’re coming to the 60D from another Canon DSLR I’m sure you’ll find it easy to configure the way you like it it – the controls, dials, buttons and menus aren’t the same as on other Canon’s but are familiar enough to make it easy to understand for those with a little background.

Before reading this you should consider Chris’s comparison of this vs the T2i and 7D.

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When I was growing up, my favorite place to be was Toys R Us. Now that I’m grown up, it’s B&H and Amazon. Speaking of which, there are massive rebates on toys photography item going on right now. Here’s a comprehensive listing (with reviews), but be sure to check out our holiday gift guide too.

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