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While some photographers will tell you to take the flash out of your camera’s hot shoe, others love using it in that position. No matter what you’re doing, the only thing that matters is making sure that the light looks beautiful. This can be done with the flash on the camera or off ot it and the way to do it is usually with a flash modifier of some sort. But there are also a couple of tips and tricks that you can use to make it look even better.

Here are some of the best flash modifiers for your speedlights (speedlites) along with some tips on how to use them.

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Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Roundflash dish review product images (7 of 7)ISO 4001-50 sec at f - 2.0

Roundflash has been creating collapsible and portable light modifiers for years. They started with the original Roundflash Ring flash, then they upgraded the Ring flash to version two. But now, they’re out with their take on the beauty dish. The dish is meant to mimic the look of an actual beauty dish–except that the version from Roundflash provides a permanently attached diffusion sock. That’s totally fine if you prefer your beauty dishes to have extra diffusion besides the bounce and reflection that they already have implemented.

Beauty dishes are best known for their work on fashion shoots and portraiture. But in recent years, they’ve become more popular amongst the wedding crowd for photographers that want their clients to have a swanky, high end look to their images.

And the results? Well, surprising is a really big understatement.

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Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Profoto Speedlite Speedring review product photos (1 of 5)ISO 4001-60 sec at f - 4.5

No, this isn’t the frame of the next starship Enterprise. Rather, it is a speedring. Profoto released its speedring specially designed to be used for Speedlites and hot shoe flashes earlier on this year. And while many companies out there have their own, Profoto is a company that has always thought a bit differently from the others. This mentality has positioned them as a leader in the overall photo industry when it comes to lighting.

And while this Speedring has a lot going for it, its practicality in real life isn’t always so peaches and cream.

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Profoto gear is exceptionally good; and not many of us can afford their products. But when you finally get to that stage, you never want to look back. So when Profoto announced today that they improved their Speedlite Speedring for their RFi softboxes (reviewed here), we were scratching our heads. How do you improve a formula that has been standard for so many years?

First off, it’s designed for use with hot shoe flashes quite obviously. The new speedring lets you mount two flashes if you wish though. That’s better than the Chimera Speedring adapter that I tested a while back.

Plus, the new speedring has color coded areas for easier placement of rods if you’ve ever had trouble assembling a softbox.

More info is on the company’s blog. We’ve called one in for review; and a demo video is after the jump.

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Why? Why? Why? Why would one really want a speedlite flash for their iPhone? Well apparently, folks want it according to what the KickStarter for Nova states. The Nova is a brand new flash for the iPhone; except it isn’t a flash. Instead, it is an LED light that functions and acts like a flash–but it isn’t something with a real quartz bulb or anything else like that. With that said though, it connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth and can be controlled via an app. Said app allows some manual control over the flash but not in the way that Strobists think of. There is a warm, gentle, and full blast setting.

It also allows you to dial in the color temperature accordingly–which is really nice an an advantage that LEDs have over real flashes. To make this even more effective though, it would need some sort of other light modifier. And currently there are none.

Their video is after the jump.

Via SLR Lounge

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Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Westcott Rapid Box product images (11 of 11)ISO 2001-100 sec at f - 5.6

Edit: After talking with Westcott, I learned that you can simply turn the inside ring and it will snap into place. However, it isn’t the simplest little thing to turn.

The Westcott Rapid Box feeds the addiction for portable and quick to set up softboxes for off-camera hot shoe flash users–or at least it tries to. The Rapid Box is a fusion between a collapsible softbox and a beauty dish. Since this whole strobist thing began, photographers have wanted small softboxes that are collapsible and have a great output.

Who better to do that than that Westcott? They’re Apollo Orb softboxes are legendary. And when they sent us their new Rapid Box Octa Mini, we were quite excited to give it a try.

And while Westcott nailed it on image quality, they didn’t quite hit the mark on functionality and practicality.

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