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4808_SB-700-AF-Speedlight-front Many think of flash as a tool you use only when there isn’t enough available light to shoot with. If it’s dark, simply pop up the built-in flash and make the photograph. Never mind that the photographs don’t look especially good. The direct, hard lighting a speedlight delivers may not produce fine-art, but at least it ensures that we got something usable. However, flash can be an incredible creative tool especially when you have the flexibility of an external flash to work with. It’s an investment that provides more than just power, but choices that can improve the look of a photograph. [click to continue…]

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While speedlight/monolight combinations aren’t a new concept and have been around via CheetahStand and Quantum for a while now, Adorama has decided to enter the game. Today, the company is announcing their new StreakLight designed for on or off camera use. In addition to the bare bulb and umbrella reflector design, the light is available in two power options: 180 watt seconds or 360 watt seconds.

Amongst the features are an LED panel for control, 1/3 adjustable stops from full power to 1/128th, optical slave capabilities, AF assist bulb, and come come with a remote/receiver. Even more interesting is the fact the company claims that high speed sync is possible as well. There aren’t many details on that though. To power it, you can use battery power and even extend it with a battery pack.

The Flashpoint StreakLight 360Ws is available now for $549 USD or bundled with the Blast Pack battery for $749.95 USD. The Flashpoint StreakLight 180Ws is available now for $405.95 USD or bundled with the Blast Pack battery for $599.95 USD.

Check out the product overview video after the jump.

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A new flash has recently become available. It’s the Godox Ving V850 Speedlight, powered by a lithium battery. This hot shoe flash offers remote control and HSS as well. The battery for this flash is not as easy to get as raditional AA’s however this power pack has 3x the lifespan and quicker recycle times, according to Godox. You can keep an eye on the battery with the available indicator on the LCD.The Flash is manual. The Godox Ving V850 has stroboscopic functions and optical slave sensor built-in. It has output adjustment down to 1/128.  With Godox’s 433MHz FT-16S or Cells II radio triggers (sold separately)wireless power control is available. The Godox Ving high-speed sync up to 1/8000 second (with certain cameras).

More Information available on the Godox product page. This can be found on EBay as well.

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Yongnuo 565EX DSC_0425

Lets admit it, China has an expanding photography industry. At its roots is a lack of originality. Chinese companies, however, have been producing increasingly better equipment. We have reviewed Yongnuo speed lights before, and they work well. So when I felt I needed a better speed light, I took a chance. I got a Yongnuo 565ex for my Nikon cameras. I have used it for some time now, and here is what I think.

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All images used with the permission of Shea Evans.

Shea Evans is a food culture photographer who captures not only the beauty of food and its ingredients, but also how people’s lives revolve around the delicious things they find on their plate. His eye for shape, color and light helps him to produce arresting photographs that are a treat for the eye as well for the palette. We recently had the opportunity to ask him some questions about how he is able to combine his passion for photography and food.

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RayFlash has discontinued their original Ray Flash Ring adapter (An editors choice award winner here ) and have announced their Universal Ringflash Adapter.  It’s been designed to be light, portable and fit a wider variety of flashes. There are two Universal Ringflash Adapter models the RFU L and the RFU S  and you can identify which one is for you by visiting the compatibility page. The Ringflash Adapter mounts to the front of a Flash and because the Universal Ringflash Adapter is  light, it does not need any other support. The Rayflash site says the Universal Ringflash Adapter creates a distinctive lighting effect. It produces a shadowless look, leaving a soft, even shadow around the edges which are only visible when the subject is close to a light colored background. The site also says the Universal Ringflash Adapter is suited for Fashion, Wedding, Portrait, Press, PR, Events and macro photography as a main or fill-in light.

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