Improve Your Photography With These Killer Photography Education Deals

As a photographer you should always be looking for ways to grow and improve your craft, and usually a great way to do that without attending expensive workshops is through online tutorial courses. Not only are these a great way to learn new things, but they also act as wonderful tools for keeping your mind fresh with various techniques that you may need to use. Here are 5 great deals currently available from our friends over at PhotoWhoa:

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Review: Lensbaby Velvet 85mm f1.8 (Sony E Mount, Full Frame)

When the Lensbaby Velvet 85mm f1.8 was put into my hands a few months ago, I was really curious about this lens. The previous one coming in at 56mm was incredibly soft. Now, that’s all part of the charm of the Velvet series–but when it’s so soft that focus peaking sometimes won’t even work, then it can be tough to get anything in focus with the lens. But the Lensbaby Velvet 85mm f1.8 is different in a whole bunch of ways. It’s still soft wide open, but you can make that work for you in a number of ways: one of which is to work with a studio flash system.

With the announcement of the Lensbaby Velvet 85mm f1.8 available in a number of mounts, this only makes the choice of which 85mm lens to choose for the Sony camera system even more difficult.

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Deal Alert: 25% or More Off of Select Sony Cameras; and Much More!

The weather outdoors is starting to heat up around here, and while you may feel the urge to go take advantage of that, why not take a quick second and have look at these excellent lens and camera deals that are currently available from Nikon and Sony.

For starters, you can get 25% or more off on those Sony cameras.

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Review: Canon EOS M6 (Canon EF-M Mount)

If you were to look at the mirrorless camera world, it would appear that Canon, with the Canon M6, is an entry into the world where they’re still trying to find themselves. To some, they could look like an experimental 20 something trying in vain to get their life together. Yet somehow or another, I genuinely never thought that I’d like the Canon M6. The camera isn’t designed to be the highest end mirrorless camera from Canon, yet somehow or another it’s a camera that surely deserves respect in some ways and groans of frustration at the fact that Canon has gotten this camera almost perfectly right yet it feels like they were purposely holding themselves back. The Canon M6 has at its heart a 24MP APS-C sensor which is smaller than all the other options out there from Fujifilm, Sony, Pentax, Sigma–and let’s be honest because they’re all more or less made by Sony. Designed for the enthusiast, the Canon M6 has some very tough competition from the entire camera world. Yet somehow or another, this truly is a camera that you need to personally experience to understand.

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The Best Cameras for Vacation and Travel Photography: Mirrorless (2017 Edition)

What’s the best camera for vacation and travel photography in a mirrorless form factor? Similar to the other form factors we have discussed, no one makes a bad camera these days, and it’s really more of a spectrum in regards to what camera(s) best fit your personal needs. That said, in general, some cameras are clearly better at some tasks than others.

In this list, we round up some of our favorites and provide image samples. Let’s get started! Also be sure to check out our point and shoot and DSLR editions.

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In Camera Double Exposure? Here Are 4 Great Cameras To Consider!

Double Exposures, in the original meaning, was when a photographer exposed a frame of film twice. When done by accident the results were likely bad, but when done artistically, with forethought and intent, the results could be really special. Obviously these days with digital sensors there is no frame to expose twice, so our cameras must be programmed to mimic this. Some rely on photoshop to mimic this effect, but for many, getting it in camera is the preferred method.

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The Last Call Father’s Day Deal Roundup

Father’s Day, the one day each year where we celebrate the men who brought us into this world. Men love their gear and their gadgets, and as you would expect this means there are some killer deals going on right now as companies compete to win some of the many Father’s Day dollars that will be spent.

As we usually try to do with holiday promotions, today’s Cheap Photo is all about those Father’s Day deals and putting as many of them into one place as we can to make your life easier. So have a look at the deals that we know about so far!

Also, don’t forget to check out all the other great deals noted below!

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Deal Alert: Big Savings on Sony Cameras and Lenses

There are a ton of lens and camera deals flying around right now. Nikon, Fujifilm, Rokinon, all have some great deals going on, but featured in our post today we are taking a look at some great savings on Sony lenses that can currently be had:

Of course, don’t forget to also check out the other deals that we have reported by checking out the rest of this post. Some seriously great savings to be had!

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