Cheap Photo: Sandisk and LaCie Savings To Whet Your Whistle

So the biggest shopping days of the year are now behind us, hopefully you got some great deals on items that you needed or wanted to gift. But just because the major deals are over doesn’t mean the deals are done, today we have a great selection of good deals for those of you still looking to save some money.

Cheap Photo Deal Highlights

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Cheap Photo: Nikon Savings, Over $100 Off on DSLRs

Today we have a few notable Nikon savings to share with you as well as some good storage sales that you should take note of. Remember to keep an eye on this space as we will be trying to keep up with all the holiday deals as they start to really ramp up heading into the prim gift shopping season.

Cheap Photo Deal Highlights

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Cheap Photo: LG 27-Inch 4K IPS Monitor 25% Off

As sensors get higher and higher resolution, it is more important than ever that the modern photographer have enough pixels on their monitor to accurately display and work on their images. While 1080p monitors are still most popular, photographers should really be looking into QHD (2k) or UHD (4k) monitors for the best editing experience from a resolution perspective.

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Cheap Photo: Up To $45 Off Sandisk Extreme Pro SD Cards

We have been busy with the mountain of announcements and news that came out of Photokina, but today we get back on the Cheap Photo saddle and have some savings lined up that you may be interested in.

Cheap Photo Deal Highlights

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Cheap Photo: Save up to 68% Off SanDisk 80MB/s + 95MB/s SD Cards

Yesterday’s incredibly enticing Fujifilm deals really got the week off to a good start, and today we have some more killer savings for you to enjoy. Starting with the fact that you can save up to 68% off on SanDisk 80MB/s & 43% off Sandisk 95MB/s SD cards. If you have not taken advantage of some of the other SD card deals we have posted over the last couple months, then this may be one you want to jump on!

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SanDisk Introduces 256 GB Extreme Pro CF Card Aimed at 4K Video Recording

SanDisk Extreme Pro CF 256 GB

SanDisk’s latest 256 GB CompactFlash card is one of the highest-capacity memory cards around–and one of the most expensive. At a suggested retail price of US-$ 1,809.99 (though listed for $989.95 at B&H), the card isn’t so much aimed at the advanced hobbyist photographer with his Nikon D4, but rather at the professional videographer recording 4K high-definition video. With a minimum writing speed of 65 MB/s, the card delivers both the speed and the capacity needed for professional-grade video productions. In addition, it is also coated with silicone on the inside for extra shock protection, and remains in full working order in temperatures as low as -13° F (-25° C) and as high as +185° F (85° C).

Coincidentally, SanDisk also introduced their first CFast 2.0 memory card offering 120 GB of storage and up to 350 MB/s write speeds. Currently, this new standard isn’t widely supported, with one model that makes use of it being the ARRI AMIRA camera.

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Sandisk’s Connect Wireless Flash Drives Lets You Share Files Across Mobile Devices

sandisk flasg

SanDisk has released a new line of wireless flash devices that are seemingly the first of their type. Their brand new connect line includes the SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive  which will let you wirelessly connect to a smartphone tablet or computer, without an internet connection. The Wireless flash drive will be available in 16GB ($49.99) or 32GB ($59.99) capacities.

But that’s not all. They’ve also got a brand new drive to come with it. Coined, the SanDisk Wireless Media Drive will be able to stream movies, photos and music on tablets and smartphones and computers and will also include a SDHC/SDXC card slot for sharing images. The Wireless Media Drive will come in 32GB ($79.99)and 64GB ($99.99) capacities.

It will be interesting to see how photographers will put this to use–but we figure that it will be easier to show off portfolio to clients this way.

Via DPreview Connect