Babette de Jong: A Talent for Fantastic Analog Film Landscape Photography

All images by Babette de Jong. Used with permission.

When Babette de Jong sent us an email to submit to the analog zine, I carefully went through her submission as I have with everyone who entered to be featured. Babette’s strength is in landscape photography. She loves film photography and strives to get it all as perfectly right in camera as she possibly can.

But more importantly, she’s just a good photographer. And her submission is after the jump.

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Using a Single Speedlight to Make a Stick of Old Spice Look Interesting

Screenshot taken from the video.

For every photographer who has ever been afraid of flash photography, we’ve got a special treat for you. Photographer Dustin Dolby created a fantastic video on how he used a single speedlight to create a magazine quality photo of Old Spice. In the video, he takes viewers through his mistakes just to see what the light does to each scene. Dustin moves the light from one place to another, uses a softbox, adds reflectors, etc. He successfully shows off what lighting in the right place can do for a photo.

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Simulating the Look of Ilford FP4 Black and White Film with Your Sony Camera

When you consider the history of Ilford film, Delta probably gets the most love despite another film like Ilford FP4 being highly capable and perhaps even better at delivering a look that so many modern digital photographers try to emulate. Through lots of experimentation though, I’ve been able to find a way to mimic the look of the film with a Sony a7 or Sony a7r II. It’s a fact, if there is one thing beyond battery life that photographers complain about with Sony cameras then it’s sometimes the colors. The camera company has been known to deliver incredibly saturated (sometimes a bit too much) colors in their images. This partially comes from the lenses that they work with. To get the best absolute best colors that you really want, I suggest leaving Lightroom for Capture One 10. But if you’d just like some great images which you’ll be fine with when it comes to the JPEGs then consider this short tutorial.

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Colorgrams: Combining Psychology and Analog Photography Accidents

All images by Kay Adams. Used with permission. Editor’s Note, in a previous version of this article we referred to Kay as a woman. Kay is actually a man! We apologize for this error.

“I am currently working as a Psychologist, creating photos both as a part of my job and as compensation.” says photographer Kay Adams in his email to us. “Ever since I was 16, I tried to get my hands on everything related to photography. I started digital, but switched almost completely to analog photography.” Born in Germany in 1989, Kay cites a sense of deeper connection to her analog romance. He calls this series his “Colorgrams” and in some ways, they remind me of Rorschach drawings.

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After 10 Years, Adox Scala 160 ISO BW Reversal Film is In Stock at Freestyle Photographic

Last year, Adox (who own Agfa) announced they were coming back out with Adox Scala 160 ISO BW Reversal film–and now it’s available and in stock at Freestyle Photographic according to an email they sent out recently. You can snag a roll for $7.99. This marks the arrival and successful relaunch of yet another film. Adox Scala 160 is a panchromatic film that has been gone for nearly 10 years from the market and is touted as an emulsion that delivers really high sharpness.

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Mariska Karto’s Portrait Photos Traces Influence From Classical Paintings

All images by Mariska Karto. Used with permission.

When we featured Mariska Karto in our 30 inspirational women photographers post, she was elated and wanted to update us on the type of work she’s currently doing. Mariska’s work (NSFW) is unlike anything I’ve really seen. It combines elements of paintings, drawings, and classical art and puts it all into a photograph in a way that I believe to be truly unique. As with all artists though, Mariska felt she needed to evolve. “I was just searching for another medium to make art, not in a traditional way but with more technical and digital equipment.”

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I’ve Left Lightroom for Capture One and I’m Not Sure I Can Ever Go Back

For many, many years, I was a hardcore Lightroom user. When it comes to the way that most people work, I don’t blame them for using the product; it’s simple, is more than good enough, and it allows you to manage your system, edit, print, and export all from one spot. It’s a one stop shop in many ways. But the old adage goes something along the lines of believing in and knowing exactly what you have until you suddenly see something else that’s more shiney, better, robust, etc. For me, that’s Capture One Pro 10.

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