Colorgrams: Combining Psychology and Analog Photography Accidents

All images by Kay Adams. Used with permission. Editor’s Note, in a previous version of this article we referred to Kay as a woman. Kay is actually a man! We apologize for this error.

“I am currently working as a Psychologist, creating photos both as a part of my job and as compensation.” says photographer Kay Adams in his email to us. “Ever since I was 16, I tried to get my hands on everything related to photography. I started digital, but switched almost completely to analog photography.” Born in Germany in 1989, Kay cites a sense of deeper connection to her analog romance. He calls this series his “Colorgrams” and in some ways, they remind me of Rorschach drawings.

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After 10 Years, Adox Scala 160 ISO BW Reversal Film is In Stock at Freestyle Photographic

Last year, Adox (who own Agfa) announced they were coming back out with Adox Scala 160 ISO BW Reversal film–and now it’s available and in stock at Freestyle Photographic according to an email they sent out recently. You can snag a roll for $7.99. This marks the arrival and successful relaunch of yet another film. Adox Scala 160 is a panchromatic film that has been gone for nearly 10 years from the market and is touted as an emulsion that delivers really high sharpness.

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Mariska Karto’s Portrait Photos Traces Influence From Classical Paintings

All images by Mariska Karto. Used with permission.

When we featured Mariska Karto in our 30 inspirational women photographers post, she was elated and wanted to update us on the type of work she’s currently doing. Mariska’s work (NSFW) is unlike anything I’ve really seen. It combines elements of paintings, drawings, and classical art and puts it all into a photograph in a way that I believe to be truly unique. As with all artists though, Mariska felt she needed to evolve. “I was just searching for another medium to make art, not in a traditional way but with more technical and digital equipment.”

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I’ve Left Lightroom for Capture One and I’m Not Sure I Can Ever Go Back

For many, many years, I was a hardcore Lightroom user. When it comes to the way that most people work, I don’t blame them for using the product; it’s simple, is more than good enough, and it allows you to manage your system, edit, print, and export all from one spot. It’s a one stop shop in many ways. But the old adage goes something along the lines of believing in and knowing exactly what you have until you suddenly see something else that’s more shiney, better, robust, etc. For me, that’s Capture One Pro 10.

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Hot on Adobe’s Heels, Phase One Launches Capture One Pro 9.2 Update

Capture One Pro 9.2 Update

Hot on the heels of Adobe’s big Creative Cloud updates earlier this week, Phase One is getting in on the action as well, officially unveiling Capture One Pro 9.2. According to the release distributed by Phase One, in addition to the features we will cover below, this latest update adds support for six recently released cameras including the Pentax K-1, Nikon D500, as well as Canon’s EOS M10, G5x, G7x Mk II, and G9x.

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Ilford Offers a How-To for Black & White Film Processing

julius motal the phoblographer ilford film

There’s a certain magic in seeing your photograph appear on paper after exposing it to light for maybe 10 seconds and dipping it in its first chemical bath. It’s everything digital photography isn’t, and it comes through in the darkroom, where you’ll need a working knowledge of basic chemistry and time management to take your film through the development process.

Anyone interested in developing black & white film at home should download this PDF file from Ilford. From the chemicals necessary to the merits of each of its films, Ilford’s guide has everything you need in order to set up your own darkroom at home. Granted, this guide is Ilford-specific, so be sure you aren’t using this for another brand of film, as there are differences across companies’ film stock.

Review: Unified Color HDR Expose 2

Felix Esser The Phoblographer HDR Expose 2 Screenshot 1

It’s been a while since HDR Expose 2 was first released, and we took a first look at the software a while back. HDR Expose 2 is a relatively affordable and easy to use HDR software which still leaves you a lot of options for fine tuning the HDR effect. Anything from a slight dynamic range improvement to over-the-top HDRs with insane colors and local contrast can be achieved with the software. In this review, we take a closer look at its functionality and assess what and who it is suited for.

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