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Screenshot taken from the video

Screenshot taken from the video

Photographer Lloyd Bishop shoots portraits and has also done behind the scenes work for many of the popular late night television shows that folks watch. It started with Jimmy Fallon falling in love with his work because of how he can get the shot and capture celebrities during the quiet moments. He did this for a while until he moved on to Late Night with Seth Meyers and the Tonight Show.

Lloyd says that each studio is a new challenge and a new setting but he always knows that he has very limited space to work with. Sometimes he gets two or three minutes with the celebrities and has  to have ideas in mind beforehand. He also states that he’s trying to capture a beautiful moment and not anything elaborate after talking to them and establishing a rapport. He always has backup ideas just in case his initial idea doesn’t seem to work for a portrait.

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All images by Jillian Powers. Used with permission.

“I chose this time of day because it is the moment we begin to criticize and shame our bodies. It all started by photographing my roommate, Aliya, moments after she woke up. It was the day before her boudoir session and I wanted to test the lighting on her skin at a specific time in the morning.” says Jillian Powers on her series “I Woke Up Like This.”

Photographer Jillian Powers is a 21-year old wedding photographer located in Chicago, Illinois. She’s a hustler that spends all of her time building her business, helping others, and adventuring around the world when she can. So when she pitched us the idea of “I Woke Up Like This” we were quite intrigued due to it being a departure from the rest of her work.

“I Woke Up Like This” began in October of 2014 as a personal project but quickly grew into something larger than she expected. Jill now dedicates half of her time to building the project and traveling all over the world to do so. We talked to her about what the project is about and the portrait sessions.

Editor’s Note: Because we know lots of you read our site at work, we’ve chosen a couple of photos that your workplace may find a bit less offensive. However, we truly feel that “I Woke Up Like This” is a project that needs to be shared. And for that reason, we think that you should check out the full project.

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Years ago when I was still finding my way with shooting portraits, I loved working with ring flashes. They delivered lots of punch, gave off a beautiful catch light in the eyes, and it would later on become part of a look that was highly valued by the fashion world. Fast forward, and ring flashes are still popular–and the Terry Richardson look still hasn’t gone away. That doesn’t mean that ring flashes can only do that type of work, in fact they can do quite a bit more.

Recently, Godox came out with the Witstro AR400 ring flash–a compact solution and alternative to many of the more expensive offerings out there. While it’s very capable, it has a few drawbacks.

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All images by Purple House Photography. Used with permission.

Photographer Dan MacDonald lives the dream of many creatives. He is a stay at home Dad who loves his job of creating portraits of children and families. The Canada-based creative tells the Phoblographer that his focus as a photographer is on natural expressions. “I never tell subjects to say cheese. Instead, a typical family/kids session is a high energy, interactive experience where I’m running and playing along with the kids, always on the lookout beaming faces.” states Dan.

But of course, working with children and families comes with its challenges.And we talked to Dan about how he conquers them.

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© Sarahmica Photography _ John-5852

All images by Sarahmica. Used with permission.

“So, Motley Men is a collection/category of work that I’ve slowly been expanding and adding to over the years. The primary commonality each of the portraits in this collection have is, of course, that the subjects are all men.” says Sarah Micaela Snapes about her project “Motley Men.” Sarah has been featured before on the Phoblographer for her beautiful and simplistic use of lighting. But this project is about a lot more than just the speculars. Instead, it’s about taking characteristic portraits of gents.

“Young, old, large or small humans of the male gender over the age of 18. Motley means exhibiting a great diversity of elements. And that is exactly what this collection is, a series of portraits showing a great diversity of men.”

Sarah tells the Phoblographer that this collection started by accident and that many of these portraits were created as a means of testing a new lighting setup or new gear in either her tiny apartment living room or out on her back deck/porch. “It was later, when I was culling and comparing all of these portraits, that I decided to put them into their own category. They’re all men and very different from each other, but they’re not musicians.”

“I chose each my subjects because I saw something especially raw, heartbreaking, or honest in their eyes and faces, and I felt compelled to try to capture it.”

Sarah also states that she finds photographing men to be much easier than photographing women. She reasons that men are usually less concerned about appearances. “The ‘Average Joe’ kind of guy finds it amusing that I’d want to photograph him. I make it a non-issue, a simple case of having to test some lights and needing someone to do me favor and sit in this here chair while I snap off a few quick shots. And then I make it as quick and painless as possible. If I see that they’re really enjoying the experience, I’ll give some actual direction in posing and take a few more minutes to make something special. Everyone signs a model release, and I make it clear that if I like the images, I will use them on my website, blog, marketing materials, etc.”

The Motley Men series is after the jump.

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Binly_SnapPilots_Phoblographer (5)

All images by the Snap Pilots. Used with permission.

The Snap Pilots are a based out of San Diego, California representing the photography & cinematography based group. Binly, whose stage name is “Lancer” is a photographer and dancer who founded the project with his teammate Jacob with the purpose of exhibiting their vision as dancers and artist to the world. His main work in photography lies in portraits, ranging from dance photography to family portrait sessions. While traveling to compete in dance tournaments, he travels within the city to explore the realms of street photography.

Binly is the quintessential photographer that above all else, puts his creative vision and the subject first despite owning quite a bit of pricey gear.

It’s well worth it for you to check him out on InstagramTwitterGoogle+, and Flickr.

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