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Anastasia Nov 2014 IX

All images by Rudi Blondia. Used with permission.

Photographer Rudi Blondia is a one that loves to experiment with rare mediums. He is a portrait, beauty, fashion, editorial and travel photographers based in San Francisco and is absolutely in love with the process of capturing a person’s essence in a portrait. His beginning started with a little Diana camera–and the Lo-Fi aesthetic is still present in some of his work.

Rudi really clings to film and absolutely adores creating large format Polaroid photography–providing he can get his hands on some of it. “My medium frame 56MP digital back has 25 times less surface area compared to an 8×10 film negative and I can easily scan the latter into a 460MP file and with some effort in a 1,250MP file without having to worry about Bayer filter artifacts and color interpolations.” he tells us.

We talked to Rudi about the challenges of shooting large format Polaroid photos in today’s day and age.

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All images by Irvin Rivera. Used with permission

Some people show the world that they love themselves through selfies. Photographer Irvin Rivera tells us that his photo project Amor Sui runs along that same vein of narcissism. His challenge for the project was to capture angles and ways that people that their own “self-love.”

Apparently, this can be complicated to do. “There is really no specific formula and on every session, for every subject, there is always something fresh, there is always something different to discover not just from my subjects but also from myself.” says Irvin in an email interview.

“It’s like a selfie, but it’s not. It’s like you’re doing a very dark anti-selfie project” are the words of one of Irvin’s friends. Because of the candid nature, Irvin tells us that the visuals just emerge and unfold as the shoot happens, that’s the beauty and the magic of this project. Irvin gave a bit of direction but also gave them freedom to do what they want–referencing that folks should go with the flow.

“My subjects would touch their faces and body parts in ways that can be photographed as if there are two different people making out.” says Irvin. Combined with the high contrast black and white look, the series has a very beautiful and hypnotic appeal. “As for the subjects I observed that for the most part it requires a certain level of courage to actually face and make-out with yourself in front of the mirror.”

“It is a very liberating and intimate project,”

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IMG_3433 as Smart Object-1

All images by Christoffer Rosenfeldt and Kevin Goss-Ross. Used with permission.

Photographers Christoffer Rosenfeldt and Kevin Goss-Ross teamed up recently at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark.They were commissioned to create portraits of the people there–but these aren’t your typical festival portraits. The duo collaborated to create photos that tell a story and also help to illustrate who the people are. While doing this, they created some technical masterpieces.

And according to Kevin, it helps if you’re just a bit drunk.

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All images by Ken Herrmann. Used with permission.

“When I first visited Calcutta and flower market, I was fascinated by the flower sellers and the way they wear the flowers on – as big robes.” says photographer Ken Herrmann.  “Also the way they treat the flowers, cuddling them and caress them, I think was interesting.”

That’s part of the idea of Ken’s Flower Man project. Ken is the man behind Hollywood Characters, and has an eye for creating telling and revealing portraits.

In an email, Ken tells us that he was inspired to convey the contrast between the masculine yet “dirty” flower sellers and the colorful sacred flowers they sell. To do this, he worked with a simple and neutral background. Ken’s aim was to highlight the aesthetics among chaos and poverty in Calcutta. “I love that you can still find an authentic, old-school version of an Indian city here. In a way, time has been made, the old Victorian buildings have been preserved and you can still experience the human-pulled rickshaws. The city lives in many ways up to its characteristics – city of joy.”

The Flower Man portraits are after the jump.

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Mary and Tommy's Engagement (27 of 46)ISO 100

Shooting engagement sessions is one way to start to dip your toe into eventually photographing weddings. The session typically tells some sort of story in a way that combines aspects of photojournalism and portraiture, and it’s designed to make the happy couple not only become more excited about marriage but also to be put on the wedding invitations. After you’ve spoken with and planned the session with your couple, you’ll need to get the right gear.

Here are a couple of lenses that we recommend from our reviews index.

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Kyle Beckerman

All images by Tim Tadder. Used with permission.

Photographer Tim Tadder is best known for creating powerful portraits and high action intense sports imagery–and that’s why his clients are Adidas, Under Armor, Sony and many more. Based in Southern California, he was raised in Baltimore where his father was a team photographers for the Baltimore Orioles and Baltimore Colts.

He recently posted about a project involving creating double exposures of MLS athletes. Like many other photographers, he says that the toughest part of this type of photography is the concepting and ensuring that the images are effective.

We talked to Tim about his start as a photographer and his creative thought process when doing the project.

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