This Books Of Chocolate Polaroid Nudes Won’t Melt In Your Pocket (NSFW)

Instant film has been growing in popularity with systems like Fujifilm’s Instax being some of the most popular photography purchases on Amazon and other sites. But those still utilizing the older Polaroid style technology are finding less and less options, even with the likes of Impossible Project doing their damnedest to keep that system alive.

Polaroid Chocolate was one of the last Instant films that Polaroid actually produced in limited quantities. It is incredibly rare, and that is what makes this photobook on IndieGoGo so special. Photographer Brian Bruno is putting together a book of artistic nudes that were shot on this rare Polaroid Chocolate film, and he is seeking your support and taking pre-orders via his IndieGoGo campaign. Continue reading…

A Short Conversation with Florian “Doc” Kaps about Instant Film

Analog photography has made a comeback in big ways–with digital photography making things less personal and more fleeting there’s obviously a need and want for something that’s truly an original. Companies like The Impossible Project, Lomography, and others are doing well. And a new book by Florian “Doc” Kaps called Polaroid looks to give us the history and story of the medium.

Mr. Kaps and his team were adamant about preventing Polaroid’s extinction in 2008 with The Impossible Project, and in this book he collects over 250 Polaroids to tell the story of the medium. From Edwin Land’s development of instant film in the 1940s to its resurgence today, Doc explores Polaroid’s influence on visual culture through found portraits, anthropology, erotica, fashion, and fine art.

And more importantly: the inventor of the Polaroid was actually a woman.

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Gifts Ideas for the Polaroid Photo Fanatic

Instant film has had a sort of reemergence with the ever growing popularity of Fujifilm’s Instax cameras, and Impossible Project’s various cameras and instant films. There are a lot of new converts to the instant film phenomenon, but there are also plenty of old timers who came up with polaroids and that classic instant film.

Today we are taking a look at six great gifts for the instant film fanatic,l: everything from film to cameras. So let’s get started!

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MINT’s SLR670s Noir Is The Polaroid You’ve Dreamed Of

Today MINT has announced their latest modernized Polaroid offering in the form of the SLR-670s Noir, an upgraded and improved Polaroid SX-70 with two new auto modes and a manual mode. If you are an old Polaroid aficionado, than this could be a camera that you want to get your hands on.

MINT in case you are not up to date, is a company that has been refurbishing old Polaroid cameras, upgrading them, and reselling them to the modern market. In the case of the SLR-670s Noir, the base Polaroid model that makes up the majority of the camera is none other than the trusty old Polaroid SX-70. They’re also the makers of the TL70. Continue reading…

Cheap Photo: Some Great Savings On Refurbished Cameras, Lenses, and More

As we like to do from time to time, given what great deals they are to be had, today we wanted to feature some of the many killer deals on refurbished cameras, lenses, and accessories that we are aware of.

Cheap Photo Refurb Deal Highlights

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The Polaroid Brightsaber Turns Photographers into Untrained Jedi

Today, Polaroid announced the release of their all-new Brighsaber travel light wand for photographers and videographers. Featuring 98 high-powered LEDs with an output of 1500 lumens and color range from 3200k to 5500k, the Brightsaber is a constant light for photographers.

Much cooler than the whimpy sabers commonly used by Jedi, the Brightsaber has 10 power settings and four color filters to give artists maximum control and creativity when either lighting their handheld shoot or fighting stormtroopers. It also breaks down to an ultra-compact size for convenient travel and is affordable, costing less than other comparable wands on the market.

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Nick Collingwood: Instant Film Wedding Photography

All images by Nick Collingwood. Used with permission.

“People loved the nostalgic quality and texture that the instant film had plus the couples loved that it was a photo memento they could hold almost immediately.” says Photographer Nick Collingwood, who describes himself as a motion designer by day and film addict roughly 24/7. “…With the slower process for the Polaroids, it puts the importance on creating interesting situations to photograph on film vs capturing candid shots made easy with modern autofocus cameras.”

Based in Brooklyn, he has an affinity for Super 8 and Instant film. This love of the analogue world and culture was recently turned into a business of his: he second shoots as a wedding photographer and focuses on weddings.

Oh yeah, and he loves talking about gear.

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Polaroid Hotel is Your New Cool Photography App

It’s not often that a new photography app really elicits a cool new interface and features, but the Polaroid Hotel App is totally looking to do that. It’s a free app that was released earlier this month by photographer Patrick Hoelck.

Essentially it boasts a couple of features: a camera, short films, an out of print Polaroid book, and your own curated Polaroid Hotel. The Hotel includes images that you’ve shot, edited and specifically curated from your batches. You’ve got the option of shooting images and applying filters or selecting from your camera roll. As with all Polaroids, your images are going to be Square with the special frame. In a way, it’s kind of like Instagram before Facebook realized that it was cool.

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