This Matchbox Pinhole Camera Is So Fun

Screenshot taken from video. 

Pinhole photography is perhaps the most basic yet creative genre to explore on the cheap, while being super enjoyable at the same time. We found this tutorial video by Brightside on how to construct a working pinhole camera using a matchbox as the camera body.

For this simple project, you will need a standard matchbox which has just the right size to house a 35mm standard film, a fresh roll of 35mm film, an empty roll of 35mm film, thin cardboard (the box of the new film can be used), black PVC electrical tape, a silver tape, scissors, a sharp craft knife, a needle or a pin, and a black marker pen.

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First Impressions: Lumu Power Light Meter

Last year, Lumu launched a Kickstarter for a brand new Light meter for the iPhone that would be able to meter color, ambient light, and flash output. For anyone that uses a light meter of any sort, this sounds wonderful (sans being able to trigger a monolight via the meter). At Photokina 2016, I finally got the chance to see their unicorn product: the Lumu Power. The company claims that it will be delivered this November, and that they’ve had a number of holdups along the way. Sure, they’re late on delivering their Kickstarter promises, but they’re now ready to get it out to the public.

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The Pinhole Photography of a Filmmaker

All images by Steven Dempsey. Used with permission.

“What matters most to me as a photographer is not just capturing the beauty of a thing or person, but also conveying a particular feeling.” says photographer Steven Dempsey. Indeed, his mind is in the advanced stages of the creative process. “A pretty picture by itself is just that but when I can find a way to give it soul, then that is truly a beautiful thing.”

Born in Dublin, Ireland, Steven moved to New York with a rock band. When that crashed and burned, he took up oil painting before getting into web and graphic design. “Static imagery led to an interest in video and I created Americonic Films with director/composer Glenn Scott Lacey. My interest in moving images eventually steered me to my strongest passion to date, photography.”

For Steven, the creative process became really interesting when experimenting with Pinholes.

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Creative Photographers: We Want to Feature Your Work

Continuing with the Phoblographer’s aim to share the psychology behind why we create, we’re specifically calling on those that do Creative Photography. What does that mean? Consider the idea behind Creating vs Capturing. When you capture a scene, you generally don’t have direct involvement in how it looks, to someone. But if you’re actively working to mess around and change the scene to suit a specific creative vision that you have, then you’re creative.

PS: This doesn’t mean that you need to Photoshop!

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This Pinhole Photo Looks like an Angel Pulling a Shopping Cart

All images by Marcio Faustino. Used with permission.

From what he told us in our last interview, photographer Marcio Faustino really loves pinhole photography. Very recently, he decided to try something much different from the various images of landscapes that seem to dominate the pinhole community. What he did was put the 6×6 camera in a shopping cart as he went through the grocery and captured the scene as it unfolded. The result is an awesome long exposure.

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Pinhole Photography With a Camera Made from a Shoebox

All images by Daniel Singer. Used with permission.

“I originally used the shoe box because it was a good size to start with, I had one laying around and it was easy to use.” says photographer Daniel Singer about a pinhole camera he made with a shoe box. “Also it allows for a good size piece of ‘film’ easily fitting an 8×10 piece of photo paper.” Daniel’s idea isn’t necessarily as revolutionary as it is cool; but doing pinhole photography with a large format camera isn’t exactly simple either.

Daniel is an amateur artist who has lived in California and Nigeria but is currently residing around northern DC. He wants to attend formal art school in the future, and first got into photography by taking a bunch of digital art and design classes in school. “I realized any photography I did for projects in those class were just me borrowing a DSLR and putting it in auto mode and pointing at stuff and taking a picture.” says Daniel. “I decided I wanted to learn how to use a camera and signed up for the introductory photography class at my school.” Lucky for him, his teacher believes in learning analog photography.

“…so we spent the first three quarters of the class in the darkroom and with film cameras. I quickly came to love it and began to shoot in my spare time.”

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Kenneth Leishman: Compelling Color Pinhole Photography

1500px 72 dpi blur - Copy

All images by Kenneth Leishman. Used with permission.

Pinhole images I’ve always thought were absolutely stunning, beautiful and the absolute best works of art when it came to landscape photography. But in my years as an editor, I’ve never seen a good one done in color–until last week.

Photographer Kenneth Leishman is who “along the way of experimenting with jobs I did not care for, and things I did not need, a camera fell into my lap.” he tells us. It took a while for Ken to find his groove, but when he did he realized that he loved the analogue process and that the slow ways of working with pinholes is what really jived with him.

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