Felix Hernandez Creates Sci-Fi Through Miniature Photography


Images by Felix Hernandez. Used under a Creative Commons license. 

Miniature photography can be a fun way to create the illusion of real life objects but in a much easier to control environment. With a little imagination, creative miniature photography execution, and Photoshop skills, Felix Hernandez has produced a sci-fi like image as if from a movie of an alien beaming up a mini bus.

We have previously featured Felix Hernandez’s forced perspective work on an Audi R8 toy car here. Instead of making a realistic looking object in a real life environment, Felix has indulged in fantasy this time, turning his wild imagination into images. In the making of “Inner Journey”, he used a scaled model of a mini bus which he custom painted and modified to achieve a rusty, old, and weathered look. He then added flour on the finished scaled model for the snow effect and the photograph was taken in a studio over a white background for easy digital background replacement later. The choice of using the Milky Way as the backdrop was appropriate to accentuate the “alien” feeling, especially when he finished the image off by a bright beam from the sky as if it came from an imaginary UFO.  Continue reading…

Marcin Sacha’s Surreal Photographs Use Paper, Clay, Bricks and Molds


All images by Marcin Sacha. Used under a Creative Commons license. 

Surrealism photography is a unique genre in photography that explores the resolve to contradictory relationship between dream and reality. Marcin Sacha has proven that visual art has no boundaries when it comes to creative imaginations as he brings them to life in his surrealism photo series called, “The Phantom Of Liberty.”

Hailing from Tarnow, Poland, Marcin Sacha believes photography is not merely a way to capture the world as he sees it, but is a form of escape from reality and a way to experience true freedom. To Marcin, the world he sees is a strange place full of mystery which is not fully understood, and that is the central theme underlying all the images in the series shown here. While he celebrates the beauty of the world inhabited by people surrounded in dangerous and inhumane forms, he feels that they have become strangers, hence there is the sense of something being out of place running through all his images.  Continue reading…

Adobe’s Latest Photoshop CC Updates Include Ability To Modify Eyes Separately In Face-Aware Liquefy


Adobe has some new updates and feature improvements coming down the pipe for Photoshop that was announced officially this morning. Among them, one of the biggest is no doubt the improvement to face-aware liquefy that now allows post-producers to modify the eyes of their subject independently of one another, a nice improvement over the previous build which limited users to modifying both eyes at the same time. Continue reading…

Lee Høwell Promotes Anti Passive Smoking Awareness Through Photography


All images by Lee Høwell. Used under a Creative Commons License. 

Photography can be a powerful medium to spread awareness of a good cause and Lee Høwell produced a photo-series specifically to promote anti-passive smoking awareness. For the featured photograph above titled “Choking His Future”, Lee won the British Institute of Professional Photography Award  in 2013.

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Adobe Adds Touch Compatibility in Latest Elements Update


Today Adobe announced Photoshop and Premiere Elements 15, and one of the headline features for the latest Elements update was the addition of touch capabilities for better use on touch-enabled devices. This will be a huge usability improvement for those utilizing Elements 15 on devices like Microsoft’s Surface devices, or other touch-enabled laptops.  Continue reading…

Visual Strangeness Presents Scenes Only Found in Dreams


All images by Bjørg-Elise Tuppen. Used with a Creative Commons License via Behance. 

Photography generally represents a reality that the photographer intends to illustrate. In the world of photo-manipulation where the possibilities are endless, it is up to the creativity and wild imagination of the artist to produce thought-provoking and often incredible reality in their work of art. Bjørg-Elise Tuppen blends the elements of mostly wild animals in their most unnatural habitat, resulting in strange and thought provoking environmental portraits of the wild animals in his series of Visual Strangeness.

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RNI All Films 4 Includes Custom Camera Profiles

01 - RNI All Films for Lightroom

With RNI All Films 4, photographers who don’t necessarily want to take the risks involved with film photography can enjoy something close to the emulsions–though no the experience. Really Nice Images has created one of the best film mimicking presets for a while now. With the company’s recently announced the availability of RNI All Films 4.0, you get the ability to take 50 film stock presets and make them available for Photoshop and Lightroom users. Then you can combine this with 300 presets from various Negative, Slide, Instant, BW and Vintage film emulsions.

The update also includes customized camera profiles.

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