How to Get Featured in National Geographic


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Sarah Leen, the magazine’s director of photography, gave us the inside scoop.

If you’re a photographer who’s serious about documenting unique people and places, getting published in National Geographic is pretty much the Holy Grail of career goals. To find out what it takes to get featured, we called up the magazine’s director of photography Sarah Leen.

Leen has a long history with the magazine—her first published story was a result of a college internship there in 1979. As a photojournalist, she’s travelled extensively, documenting lifestyles and landscapes in diverse locations ranging from Russia to Uganda to northern Canada.

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These Photos of Space Are Created Using Food and a Photo Scanner


All images by Navid Baraty. Used with permission.

Photographer Navid Baratay was previously on this site for his Intersection piece, but he’s also the creator of a really amazing series involving food and a photo scanner. Navid arranges all the pieces very carefully to make them look like a scene from outer space. In fact, it would probably be otherwise very tough to tell the difference.

To do this, Navid tells us that it involves lots and lots of trial and error.

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Survey: Concert Attendees Basically Take Too Many Photos

infographic music festival 1

Western Digital recently finished a really interesting study about the way that people take pictures at concerts and festivals. Most people opt for smartphones (which isn’t surprising), and they often end up running out of storage. On top of that, they hate deleting images on their phone because it’s like deleting a memory. They want everything recorded.

Sad in some ways because it means that you can be spending so much time trying to document the moment vs experiencing it…yes, I know. But it gets even more interesting when you consider how much they actually really value these photos.

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The Digital Photographer’s Introduction to Lo-Fi Cameras

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Instant film cameras 2015 (1 of 8)ISO 1001-125 sec at f - 4.0

LoFi cameras remove all the crazy, super technical things about pixel peeping and dynamic range to instead have the user focus on just creating an image that they’re really happy with. It often isn’t about much more than documenting a moment of fun. In some ways, these cameras give you limitations that will really appeal to only two major schools of photographers: complete beginners and complete masters. Those in between may become frustrated; but once you master what these cameras are capable of, you’ll be seriously surprised.

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MacPhun’s Aurora HDR Pro Updates to Include New Cameras

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Aurora HDR review photos images williamsburg waterfront Aurora (1 of 1)ISO 2002.5 sec at f - 16

MacPhun’s Aurora HDR, one of the best HDR programs out there, just got a new update. It now includes support for the RAW files of various new cameras. Additionally, there are various performance improvements to the Photos extension, Alignment, Luminosity histogram, and previews with the tone mapping result set to the default. Plus your presets that you’ve created will be synced in both the standalone program and the extension.

More info is after the jump; but if you’re an HDR lover then you really should check out this program.

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Soviet Swing: An Essay by Daniel Zvereff


Photo Essays is a series on the Phoblographer where photographers get to candidly speak their mind about a specific subject or project of theirs. Want to submit? Send them [email protected]

All images and text by Daniel Zvereff. Be sure to also follow him on Facebook and Instagrm. This post was originally published here.

Suspended over the impossibly steep slopes and down into the valley of Chiatura, countless steel cables twist across the sky like a web of indiscernible dimension. A gruff man, red faced and smoking a cigarette, ushers me into a steel box hanging from the cables, then closes the door and locks it from outside. Within the cable car there are no chairs, just rudimentary holes cut into the steel plate, their edges rusting beneath a thin veneer of blue spray paint. I poke my head out in time to see the man approaching a box on the wall nearby, he presses something within and rings a bell notifying an operator above that a passenger is ready to ascend. Immediately, the cable car lurches into motion and I am lifted, swinging slowly up into the sky.

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MacPhun Releases Free Filters for Apple Photos


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Bored with your current photo filters? MacPhun just released 30 free ones if you’re a user of the Photos application for Mac. It’s called Filters for Photos; and it allows you to not only apply different filters but also lets you do it in selective amounts, fine tune them, selectively apply them in certain areas, etc.

Granted it’s not necessarily for the Lightroom crowd–though it would be amazing as either a Lightroom Plugin or on the iPhone. Either way, it’s fun just to experiment in your JPEGs if you’re bored this weekend.

MacPhun also created Aurora HDR and Noiseless Pro–the latter is one of my favorites. More sample screenshots are after the jump.

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Picture Perfect Hanger Promises to Make You Suck Less at Hanging Your Photos


For those of us who love to print their photos and then hang them on the wall, the Picture Perfect Hanger is looking to make that whole job a lot less arduous.

The process often involves measuring the print, figuring out where you want the photo, the lighting, etc. It’s a major pain and what the Picture Perfect Hanger pledges to do is to make the whole process simpler. For example, if you find that your image is off by just a bit, you can slide it into various different positions. This is great for those of us who are a bit more refined and appreciate decorations around the apartment, home, etc.

Check out their Kickstarter and the video after the jump.

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