Irving Penn: The Creation of an Iconic Photographer

Irving Penn paved the way for modern photography by seamlessly crossing borders between high fashion and fine art. During the course of his career, Penn produced images that would grace the covers of Vogue while simultaneously appearing on the walls of galleries. As one of the most influential photographers of his time, he earned respect among the elite and established members of both the fashion and art worlds.

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Manfrotto’s New Manhattan Lineup of Bags Target the NYC Photographer

Manfrotto just introduced a brand new lineup of camera bags called the Manfrotto Manhattan Collection. As the lifestyle imagery implies along with the name, the Manhattan collection targets the NYC based photographer who commutes using the subway system, bikes, etc. But that doesn’t mean those are the only photographers who may be attracted to it. In fact, photographers in Washington DC, Chicago, San Francisco, LA, and other cities like Berlin may be widening their eyes.

There are three bags in the lineup: The Manfrotto Manhattan Mover 50 backpack, Manfrotto Manhattan Speedy 10 Messenger Bag and the Manhattan Changer 20 Shoulder bag.

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Why You’d Hire Me Over a “Guy With a Camera” On Instagram

All images by Xavier De Buendia. Used with permission.

I’m a professional food photographer…let me stop right there. What do you think a professional photographer actually means? Well when it comes to taxes and marking your occupation down for legal reasons, it means that most of my taxable income is made by being a food photographer and getting hired, etc. So in translation, that means I earn my living and pay my bills taking pictures of food, chefs, sommeliers, restaurants, and other things occasionally. Competition is wild but healthy and thankfully not as fierce as that of wedding, portrait, or street photography but it can’t compare to the impact that social media has on our industry, especially Instagram (here’s mine).

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You Can Now Get Paid to Follow Rich People Around on Vacation And Create Better Instagram Photos For Them

You guys: people are starting to finally realize that they suck at Instagram enough to warrant needing to bring a photographer with them and ALSO HIRE THOSE PHOTOGRAPHERS!!! This is one of the latest new trends in photography that’s come after birthing photography, family documentary, etc. So if you feel you’ve got the chops and the documentary experience, then you’re probably talented enough to rub shoulders with some talentless rich kids–at least when it comes to Instagram.

Warning: a fair amount of good natured snark is ahead.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Shooting Photos With a Flash and Gels

If you’ve been a strobist for a while, you’ve probably considered working with gels in some way or another. Gels are little pieces of plastic that go onto the front of your camera flash or strobe and add some sort of extra color to the output. They’re used very creatively to give a bit more pizzaz to a photo. Lots of photographers use them once they learn to understand how they work–and many of them tend to use them with multiple flashes to get unique looks that can’t really be made any other way.

So if you want to work with gels, here’s how.

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The New Canon EF-S 35mm f2.8 Macro IS STM Has a Built in Ring Light

Today, Canon is announcing the new Canon EF-S 35mm f2.8 Macro IS STM lens for their DSLR lineup of cameras. The new lens draws influence, beleive it or not, from the EF-M 28mm f3.5 macro lens in that its design incorporates a macro LED ring light that is balanced to daylight. However, this lens is quite a bit larger as it is designed for DSLR cameras.

The full press release and tech specs are after the jump.

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Elinchrom’s New Deep Umbrellas Are Offering Versatility For an Affordable Price

Image from Elinchrom’s website, shot by Quentin DeCaillet.

Today, Elinchrom is introducing a new lineup of umbrellas. These umbrellas are replacing the Varistar umbrellas and are promising to do quite a bit for photographers at a pretty inexpensive cost overall. The Elinchrom Deep Umbrellas come in silver, translucent and white offerings. Translucent umbrellas are a favorite choice for diffusing natural light, while silver is bound to deliver very specular light–therefore bringing out a ton of details in your subjects on top of the sharp lenses you’re probably using. White umbrellas tend to deliver the most color neutral offering (as it pertains to your flash or strobe) and is also fantastic for portraits.

But there’s an extra layer to all of this.

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5 Essential Tech Items For The Modern Working Photographer

In this day and age being a photographer is more than just carting around some cameras and lenses. Technology has become an integral part of the photography equation. This means that beyond your standard photography gear, such as lenses, cameras, tripods, and such, you also have this array of technology tools that can and do help make a photographer’s life that much easier and hassle free. Today we wanted to highlight some of that tech.

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