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Fujifilm XF1 Compact Camera

There are lot of mistakes that we make as new photographers. Some are to be expected, but others are easily avoided. Here are a list of the most frequent mistakes made by every new photographer and hopefully it will inspire you to let some of these bad habits go and replace them with something better.

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As soon as your begin to pick up a camera seriously, we are hoping that our images will be as good as the people as we admire. However, it’s something that doesn’t come easy. It requires a good amount of practice and dedication. With our busy schedules, it can be hard to find the time, but here are some suggestions of things that you co this week that will steadily improve your photography this week.

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LowePro’s roller bags have always been amongst the most popular with many folks. And today, they’re getting an updated. Now coined the Pro Roller X-Series AW, they’re targeting these bags at the professional photographer and videographer that needs to bring a ton of gear with them. LowePro is stating that what’s making these bags so amazing is their MaxFit divider system. The exterior is comprised of ballistic nylon that can be further protected by an All-Weather cover hidden away in a pocket.

There are three versions according to the press release:

Pro Roller x300 AW fits: 1-2 Pro DSLRs with grip, 8-10 lenses (up to 600mm), accessories and small personal items, and up to a 17″ laptop. $479.99

Pro Roller x200 AW fits: 1-2 Pro DSLRs with grip, 6-8 lenses (to up 600mm), accessories and small personal items, and up to a 17″ laptop. $399.99

Pro Roller x100 AW fits: 1-2 Pro DSLRs, 4-6 lenses (up to 400mm), accessories and small personal items, and up to a 15″ laptop. $369.99

No word on release date yet.

Phase One IQ250

Photographer Tim Kemple is no stranger to the Phoblographer. We’ve interviewed him before about his work in the great outdoors and his photography in general. But when we heard that he got to play with the new back, we were extremely curious to talk to him about it.

Not only was he able to tell us a bit more about the experience, but he was kind enough to provide crop examples of the new back against the Nikon D800.

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Sit down with a group of photographers and the conversation immediately revolves around gear. It’s about the piece of kit we just bought and the gear we’d like to buy. It’s about rumors about what the next best thing will be. It might not lead to anything that helps to improve our photography, but admittedly the conversations are so much fun.

However, it’s often been those conversations that have to do with process, which delve into the why of what we do which has left me inspired to pick up a camera and make photographs. It’s a conversation not often found in books, which are largely dedicated to deciphering the gear we lust over. But when such a book comes out, it can be a refreshing and enlightening alternative to what’s out there.

Effortless Beauty by photographer Julie DeBose explores a way of seeing, rather than dedicating time to a camera’s bells and whistles. Instead, she delves deeply into our unique way of seeing the world and how that can translate into effective and beautiful photographs.

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Every photographer goes through it, but sometimes we are reluctant to admit it. The lack of creative productivity seems to come with equal doses of frustration and shame. Such feelings hardly leave us inspired to pick up the camera.

Some will feel further frustrated waiting for that elusive spark of inspiration to strike. But the truth of it is that she rarely pays a visit when you or I find ourselves in this muck of non-creativity.

The great artist, Chuck Close been quoted as saying, “Amateurs look for inspiration; the rest of us just get up and go to work.” His comments speaks to the truth of any creative effort which is that it’s often the work itself that draws us out inactivity and puts us into the heart of our expression and creativity.

Here are some tips for getting out and doing just that.

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