The Beginner’s Guide to Shooting Photos With a Flash and Gels

If you’ve been a strobist for a while, you’ve probably considered working with gels in some way or another. Gels are little pieces of plastic that go onto the front of your camera flash or strobe and add some sort of extra color to the output. They’re used very creatively to give a bit more pizzaz to a photo. Lots of photographers use them once they learn to understand how they work–and many of them tend to use them with multiple flashes to get unique looks that can’t really be made any other way.

So if you want to work with gels, here’s how.

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The New Canon EF-S 35mm f2.8 Macro IS STM Has a Built in Ring Light

Today, Canon is announcing the new Canon EF-S 35mm f2.8 Macro IS STM lens for their DSLR lineup of cameras. The new lens draws influence, beleive it or not, from the EF-M 28mm f3.5 macro lens in that its design incorporates a macro LED ring light that is balanced to daylight. However, this lens is quite a bit larger as it is designed for DSLR cameras.

The full press release and tech specs are after the jump.

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Elinchrom’s New Deep Umbrellas Are Offering Versatility For an Affordable Price

Image from Elinchrom’s website, shot by Quentin DeCaillet.

Today, Elinchrom is introducing a new lineup of umbrellas. These umbrellas are replacing the Varistar umbrellas and are promising to do quite a bit for photographers at a pretty inexpensive cost overall. The Elinchrom Deep Umbrellas come in silver, translucent and white offerings. Translucent umbrellas are a favorite choice for diffusing natural light, while silver is bound to deliver very specular light–therefore bringing out a ton of details in your subjects on top of the sharp lenses you’re probably using. White umbrellas tend to deliver the most color neutral offering (as it pertains to your flash or strobe) and is also fantastic for portraits.

But there’s an extra layer to all of this.

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5 Essential Tech Items For The Modern Working Photographer

In this day and age being a photographer is more than just carting around some cameras and lenses. Technology has become an integral part of the photography equation. This means that beyond your standard photography gear, such as lenses, cameras, tripods, and such, you also have this array of technology tools that can and do help make a photographer’s life that much easier and hassle free. Today we wanted to highlight some of that tech.

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How I Transitioned from a Musician to a Photographer

I’d love to give you some philosophical answers on how my photography connects to my music, but I can’t. Truthfully, I invested my time in photography almost in spite of music. Any musician who performs live has those dreams of “making it”, but the music industry is cold; everyone from the record executives to the club promoters. It’s all a business. I feel many of the creative industries are just that: industries.

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The Editor’s Perspective: How to Become a World Famous Street Photographer

Every street photographer out there surely tries to find a way to become more and more famous or well known for their work. Photographers have their own ways to trying to become famous, but I sit on the other side of the editorial desk every day. From an Editor’s perspective, there is much that a photographer can do to ensure that they get our attention.

So on February 22nd-24th, The Phoblogrpaher’s Frameworks Workshops are co-hosting a special online photography workshop with Modern Thrive. How to Become a Legitimate Street Photographer will run you $97.00 and includes one hour sessions each night for three nights.

More details are below!

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How Professional Photographer Mark Weinberg Gets On Top of the Game

All images by Mark Weinberg. Used with permission. Intro written by Cassie Boorne.

Mark Weinberg is an award-winning freelance photographer based in New York City. He specializes in commercial and advertising photography and has worked with an impressive roster of clients including Target, West Elm, One Kings Lane, Food52, Kenneth Cole, Aveda,  and Whole Foods Market. We interviewed Mark about how he built his freelance photography business in celebration of his upcoming online workshop, Building a Photography Business.

We have a special discount for Phoblographer readers at the end of this post.

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Model/Photographer Hattie Watson Explains How She Grew Via Social Media

It’s a sad fact that companies look to work with photographers who have large numbers of followers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. Heck, it’s how we grew Phoblographer.

If you’ve been in the portrait photography industry for a while, you most likely know who Hattie Watson is. But for the uninitiated, Hattie was (and is still) a beautiful model with lots of tattoos and a personality that works really well on camera. She’s taken the transition to being a photographer, but she explains that when she started out, no one really wanted to work with her.

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