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I shoot people front

Teespring has something that is appealing to the story of the lives for many portrait photographers. They have this really cool T-shirt that lets everyone know that you shoot people. To that end, it states “I Shoot People.”

It’s bound to happen at least once in your career: you tell someone what you do for a living and somehow or another it becomes known that you shoot people. The difference then between you and a serial killer is not only mental sickness, but choice of gear. While they may be touting a rifle of some sort, you’ll be peering down at your subject through a viewfinder.

Well; that and your target won’t be screaming in agony or bleeding. At least we hope that they don’t.

Want one? It’ll set you back around $22.50-24.50. But act fast! You have one day left to get your hands on them!

woman beats photog

“Holy crap, this woman is bonkers!” That was my first thought when I saw this intense video of a Madison, CT woman assaulting a photographer for taking photos on the beach (she even said, “maybe you shouldn’t be taking photos of people on the beach” when the photographer asked her to stop.)

Granted, he was taking photos from a multicopter, which many of us admit have not been perfected yet and can be, at times, a danger to others (as proven during this incident in the Amazon rainforest); and we can definitely understand a reason for concern from bystanders. But to this extent? We think not!

It’s one thing to ask the photographer to please stop using his drone and ask the cops to intervene if he doesn’t, if you really fear for your safety. It’s an entirely different matter to

(a) demand that a photographer stop taking photos in a public space – why do you think it’s called “public”, and

(b) BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF THAT PHOTOGRAPHER when he doesn’t. That’s just borderline insane, you need to start seeking help for anger management or something.

Even worse, this woman, who’s been identified as Andrea Mears, told the cops when they finally arrived that the photographer assaulter her! You know, to try and get him arrested because she probably realized, while in the middle of hitting him, that she had no grounds at all. Luckily, the photographer kept his wits about him and secretly recorded the whole incident with his camera phone. He showed that video to the cops and this abusive woman ended up getting arrested for assault and breach of peace instead. Let’s just hope, for all our sakes, that they’re sending her to counseling.

We’d like to describe the appalling confrontation for you but it would be best if you see it for yourself. Watch the video after the jump.

Via PetaPixel
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Video thumbnail for vimeo video - The Phoblographer

Cory Richards, adventurer and respected photographer for National Geographic, he has gone to great lengths–and heights–to get his iconic shots. He has climbed the highest mountains, explored the deepest oceans, attempted to break world records, even endured and survived a massive avalanche in a Himalayan mountain, and made lifetime friends in the most inaccessible regions of the world.

He has never had a formal education in photography but he has effectively used the craft as his voice, as his way of translating how he sees the world. And his images are not only stunning but also influential and powerful, which, he explains, root from getting out of his comfort zone and according to him, “observing what was happening around me and observing (the) richness that comes with struggle.”

In a new, inspiring video put together by Blue Chalk, Richards talks about why he goes to such extremes and how his efforts have make a huge impact on his work as an adventure and exploration photographer and an even more amazing storyteller. Entitled “A Tribute to Discomfort,” the 4-minute video is a nod to determination and to pushing oneself to be better at the craft that has the capacity to stir millions.

Watch it after the jump.

Via Pop Photo

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Earlier last year, Justin Bieber was sued by a photographer when his body guards forced a photographer to delete the images shot of the stripclub attending starl and even threatened him with a gun. But the guards and the Canadian who found fame here still haven’t learned their lesson. Resource is reporting that photographer Manuel Munoz is suing Bieber after his bodyguards, “locked him in a nearby Subway restaurant and demanded he delete the photos he took of the star…Munoz and Patterson haggled in the restroom of the Subway restaurant for Bieber’s pictures for 10K but the bodyguard was only willing to pay 5K.”

But the story doesn’t stop with forced incarceration. It gets worse–Munoz states that he was punched and kicked by the guard who then took the photographer’s memory card. Additionally, this was two hours before Bieber was arrested for a DUI.

The problems with the lawsuit though state that Munoz only told the cops that he was tripped and suffered a scratch on the knee. But now he’s saying that he was further physically assaulted. To begin with, he should be suing for being locked in a bathroom and being forced to delete the images that were taken in public.

As a former paparazzo who has spoken about issues like this on television, you should know that Munoz was really just doing his job. paparazzo don’t exactly stalk their subjects–the agents for the talent tell photographers where their clients will be. So with that said, they want their clients to be found. Problems like this don’t often happen to this degree but I’ve had my share of threats from guards and most celebs are perfectly fine with being photographed because it means extra press for them and therefore more money.

Bieber has more money than most people though; so he probably doesn’t care.

photoshop battle

Sometimes photographers can get overly zealous about getting the perfect shot to the point where they pull the craziest stunts. They are human, after all. Thankfully, we have the Reddit community whose members are only too keen to downplay and find humor in it if and when it happens.

Case in point, this photo above – a photographer at a cycling race, caught on camera lying on the ground clearly in the way of some of the cyclists (as evidenced by the worried expressions on their faces) to get a good shot. Apparently, the photographer claimed he was never in the way of the cyclists – of course, he would say that – and he probably thought, in the heat of the moment, that it was the best idea. But his stunt could have just as easily gone horribly wrong.

Enter the Redditors, many of which are experts in photoshopping a ludicrous stunt captured on film into something completely absurd and comically brilliant. As soon as that photo was put up on Reddit, a Photoshop Battle ensued, resulting in a stream of hilarious images that give this photographer his rightful place in history, whether it was photographing Hitler inspecting his soldiers or taking a photo of a massive tiger taking a dump.

Check out the best photos from this battle after the jump.

Via The Roosevelts

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Yesterday, we reported about the éclat caused by American alternative band Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, after they had used a photograph taken during one of their gigs without the photographer’s permission. Not only wasn’t the photographer properly credited when the band uploaded the picture to its Facebook page, the image was also cropped so as not to show the photographer’s watermark, and it was heavily edited. All of this combines to one grave case of copyright infringement.

However, instead of acknowledging their wrongdoing, the band instead publicly shamed the photographer for asking them to either pay a licensing fee, or take the image down. In the end, their attempt at bullying a photographer out of his legal rights failed miserably, and the band was forced to publicly apologize to the photographer. But instead of realizing what they had done wrong, they went on to state that they believe “most forms of DIGITAL art should be FREE!”

Photographers’ copyrights not being respected, and their work not being valued, is an old story and sadly a recurring theme, and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus weren’t the first to display such an arrogant and neglectful behaviour. Unfortunately, they also weren’t (and won’t be) the last. In what seems to be a direct reaction to the RJA incident, the tour manager of the rock band Three Days Grace, Shawn Hamm, now also weighed in on the matter, again downplaying the role of the photographer in concert photography.

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