Review: Hawkesmill Sloane Street Camera Bag

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If there’s any place that photographers typically go to on the web to find out more about the latest and greatest camera bags, the two biggest sources are the Phoblographer and Steve Huff. But in true entrepreneurial spirit, I’m always thrilled when a new brand approaches the site with a new product–such is the case with the new Hawkesmill Sloane Street camera bag. The company is based in England, and is determined to grab your attention with their new wares.

Take the Hawkesmill Sloane Street for example: this high end bag is designed for the photographer that is also a serious business person and that at times needs to embrace a different aesthetic. While the likes of Tenba, Think Tank and others make some great practical bags that you may want to bring around for the very general and typical shoot, there are those moments where it would make sense for you to spruce up your look a bit more. That’s not to sit here and defend what some may call a hipster or elitist attitude; instead it’s an embrace of a major reality in the world of a professional photographer who needs to look the part of a business oriented creative at times. And most professional photographers will tell you that they shoot less and do more business.

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Four Canvas Camera Bags For the Serious Photographer


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Camera bags are even more numerous than cameras and lenses–and each one has its own specific target. Everyone has the camera bag that is just right for them. They can be tough to find, and some of them can be expensive because of heavy use of leather. The more affordable but stylish alternative is canvas. Canvas is also incredibly reliable and will last for many, many years.

If you’re looking for a low profile camera bag made in canvas, here are four that you’ll really enjoy.

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Review: Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Peak Design Messenger bag review product images lifestyle (1 of 8)ISO 4001-100 sec at f - 4.0

When Peak Design announced their new Messenger Bag on Kickstarter, I had very mixed feelings about it. Designed in collaboration with Trey Ratcliff, the Peak Design Messenger Bag is one that’s even more beautiful in person than I believe anyone can do justice to in photos. As good as I am as a product photographer, its unique design doesn’t really provide great angles to make it look anywhere as good as it does in person. Like a good printed image, it needs to be experienced right in front of you.

The even better news is that it’s not just a fox on the outside, Peak Design has done quite a bit to push the innovation game with so many incredibly new and different features that make it stand out from the pack of other monotonous messenger bags out there. Yes, many of them really are monotonous and the idea of what a messenger bag is hasn’t changed for a while. This, and this major reason alone, was why I had such mixed feelings.

After a solid amount of playtime though, those feelings have mostly changed with the exception of my one big problem with the bag.

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Review: Peak Design CAPTURELens

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Peak Design creates products that are typically a major hit with everyone; they’re built well and have to be for the adventure photographers that they’re designed for. But none of their products are useful all the time with the exception of the Slide Camera strap. So when the company announced their CAPTURELens and Lens Kit, I was pretty intrigued at their promise to make lens swapping much easier. At the same time though, many thoughts went through my head as a former photojournalist and a wedding photographer and immediately had my doubts.

And after giving it a try, I’ve still got my doubts.

Editor’s Note: We’ve made addendums to this review. Please see the bottom.

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The Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag is Beautiful


Peak Design is a company that pretty much got started off of Kickstarter, and so they’ve already taken to the platform to get funding for their newest bag. Called the Everyday Messenger bag, it’s a beautiful new bag that they’re touting as innovative but we’re not quite sure about that just yet.

It’s a bag that features waxed canvas on the outside for protection from the elements and is expandable to accommodate more gear. It features lots of pockets, has room for a 15 or 13 inch computer, and has dividers for your cameras and lenses.

Most of all, it’s designed to just be an everyday bag too for the person that commutes. So when you’re not at work you can stuff your camera gear inside.

The Kickstarter is already more than 4x funded, and you can check out their video after the jump.

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Review: Peak Design Clutch Wrist Strap

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Peak Design Clutch strap (6 of 6)ISO 4001-15 sec at f - 4.0

Wrist straps can arguably be categorized as the most comfortable and ergonomically sound straps based on how cameras are supposed to be held. They’ve traditionally had very common designs: with some being thin pieces of leather while others are a bit more grippy for your hand/wrist. Then there is Peak Design’s latest entry: the Clutch. The Clutch is inspired by climbing gear for those great outdoors types–and while it isn’t necessarily reinventing the wheel, it is surely making a big improvement on it.

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Review: Peak Design Slide Camera Strap

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Peak Design Slide Camera Strap review product photos (1 of 6)ISO 4001-60 sec at f - 4.0

Though we typically tend to review more fashionable straps, we in no way discriminate against those that try to appeal more towards the functional side of things–like the new Peak Design Slide camera strap. The strap feels essentially like a seat belt that can buckle you up to your camera as you cruise together down the road of life.

That was a pretty cheesy line, right?

Seriously though, the Peak Design Slide strap is a bit deceiving. At first, it looks like a typical sling strap like those from BlackRapid. But in actuality, it’s much cooler than that. In fact, it’s the single most versatile camera strap that we’ve ever seen and tested.

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Peak Design Announces a Beefier, More Comfortable Slide Camera Strap

Peak Design Slide Camera Strap

Peak Design makes some uniquely interesting camera strap accessories that can be easily clipped together and taken off. Now the company is out with a more substantial camera strap called the Slide that can quickly transform from a full sling, to a shoulder strap, and even a neck strap.

Unlike Peak Design’s previous Leash Strap, the Slide comes with a seatbelt-style strap that’s roughly twice the width. What’s more, the Slide features custom hardware inspired by climbing gear with a lever that users can grab to adjust the length of the strap similar to a Chrome bag or Joby’s Ultrafit Slingstrap. Everything is still connected together by Peak Design’s Anchor Link system, which uses nickel-sized coins that snap into place with the Slide’s anchor points. The Anchor links themselves are also strung together using braided Kevlar thread.

Put all together, the Slide strap should be just as strong as Peak Design’s products to hold up a full-frame DSLR with a heavy L lens attached. The wider base on the Slide, meanwhile, looks promising to be a more comfortable experience on our necks and shoulders, which was our chief complaint with the skinny Leash Strap.

In one other addition Peak Design also introduced the Clutch, a quick-adjusting camera hand strap featuring a similar buckle adjustment lever to the Slide.

Currently the camera accessory company is trying to launch both its new products on Kickstarter, which has already blown past its $50,000 goal with more than double the amount of money. Interested buyers can pick up a Clutch for $30, $50 for the Slide strap, or $80 for the dual package containing both items.

Check past the break for more images and a video featuring the Slide camera strap.

Via Kickstarter

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