The Best Cameras for Vacation and Travel Photography: Mirrorless (2017 Edition)

What’s the best camera for vacation and travel photography in a mirrorless form factor? Similar to the other form factors we have discussed, no one makes a bad camera these days, and it’s really more of a spectrum in regards to what camera(s) best fit your personal needs. That said, in general, some cameras are clearly better at some tasks than others.

In this list, we round up some of our favorites and provide image samples. Let’s get started! Also be sure to check out our point and shoot and DSLR editions.

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8 Compact Weather Sealed Prime Lenses For The Travel Photographer

Travel photography is an interesting segment of the photography world, it is a project that requires versatility from a photographer’s kit while at the same time requiring the footprint of that kit to remain as minimal as possible to reduce added fees and weight. As such, many travel photographers, or photographers who will be traveling often reexamine their kits looking for any way to add versatility while reducing their footprint and weight.

Today we are going to be helping those of you in this situation out by providing an excellent listing of compact, weather sealed lenses that would make great additions or replacements for any travel photographers kit. DSLR? Mirrorless? It matters not: we have some recommendations for both sides of the spectrum.

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Sacrifice: To Create Better Photos You Must Give The Time

As I sat here in front of the computer trying to find words that would express my state of mind as of late, I kept laughing at what was showing up on my screen. The topic is one which at its face sounds, well, kind of harsh or ominous. Sacrifice…I kept envisioning a stone temple with a sullen Mayan tribe person being led up the stairs to their doom. Hahaha…Yeah, the word sacrifice can be scary.

But I of course am not talking about something quite so dramatic here. Heck, in this day and age, for most people in a first world country, sacrifice might mean not getting your latte in the morning or having your Amazon Prime delivery arrive a day late.

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Cheap Photo: Great Deals on Nude Model Photography Webinar

Nude model photography is one of those things that gets knocked a lot in the photography field. ‘Anyone can take a good picture when you have a model who looks like THAT’ is a common retort to photographers posting sexy and nude images on social media. But as any photographer who has actually shot or attempted to shoot it knows, it’s a lot harder than ignorant commenters realize (similarly to the point and click photographer comments).

So if you have been struggling with your nude photography and are looking for a great way to learn the ropes, this deal today is just what you are looking for. PhotoWhoa is offering three live nude photography webinars with photographer Dan Hostettler. You can get all the info via the link below:

Also, don’t forget to check out all the other great deals noted below!

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Why Small Film Cameras Are The Ultimate Every Day Camera

This addiction of mine began a few years ago and continues into today; it helped spur a movement. Remember a few years ago how Fujifilm came onto the scene with cameras that had retro aesthetics, looked gorgeous and actually functioned well while doing it nowhere as expensive as Leica? Then Olympus hopped on board. Then Sony, and the train kept taking off. It got its fundamental start with film cameras and that whole movement. The idea of using a proper dial of some sort and retro-grade ergonomics has continued to enamor photographers everywhere–but no matter what camera manufacturers have done, I think that I can make a very valid argument that they’ve all come very close and done a fantastic job. However nothing fits into your hand or functions just right like some sort of small film camera.

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The Profoto B1X Is Promising the Widest HSS Flash Range, More Power

Profoto isn’t calling the new Profoto B1X monolight an update, but instead it’s a replacement in a pretty big way. Most importantly, the Profoto B1X is offering a lot more LED Modeling light power (which works great double duty for video) and 50% more power overall. Many other Profoto lights hold quite a bit of juice, so these are just extra icing it seems. Of course, these lights are being targeted at real working pros who absolutely need that type of light output power and not the semi-professionals or photographers that do well enough with just a single flash.

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Cheap Photo: Lens and Camera Savings From Olympus

Olympus has some new lens and camera savings that went live this week! If you have been considering any of the Olympus lineup of cameras or lenses, now would be a good time to jump on that bandwagon to get a good deal.

As well, don’t forget to check out our tutorial and education deals of the week and our camera price watch for a quick look at the camera landscape.

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Manfrotto’s New Manhattan Lineup of Bags Target the NYC Photographer

Manfrotto just introduced a brand new lineup of camera bags called the Manfrotto Manhattan Collection. As the lifestyle imagery implies along with the name, the Manhattan collection targets the NYC based photographer who commutes using the subway system, bikes, etc. But that doesn’t mean those are the only photographers who may be attracted to it. In fact, photographers in Washington DC, Chicago, San Francisco, LA, and other cities like Berlin may be widening their eyes.

There are three bags in the lineup: The Manfrotto Manhattan Mover 50 backpack, Manfrotto Manhattan Speedy 10 Messenger Bag and the Manhattan Changer 20 Shoulder bag.

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