Ultra Budget Bokeh: 10 Creamy Lenses That Won’t Break Your Bank

We all love bokeh, after all, what’s not to like?! Actually, there is quite a bit not to like in the form of digits on the price tag. The best bokeh is not a cheap thing to attain, but with that said, bokeh is hardly extremely expensive either. Many lenses that are extremely affordable can offer you bokeh that fights above it’s pay grade.

You want to save money, we want to save you money, but you also want the best bokeh for your money. If that is the case, than this is the list for you, 10 ultra affordable lenses that will give you more bokeh than they should for the price.

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Telephoto Zooms Lenses for Capturing Party Shenanigans From Across the Room

Telephoto zooms are more popular in the party and event scene than you might think initially from the outside. These fast lenses with long-range help photographers capture interactions from a distance without disturbing anyone. You certainly shouldn’t be using a telephoto zoom for an entire party or event in most cases, but as part of a well-rounded party and event photography kit, these make for valuable tools.

Now just as in our previous posts on this subject, we will be going over some high-end and budget options for each camera system, so none of you need to feel left out because of how much you can spend on the lens.

So here are our top picks for telephoto zoom lenses from the event and party photography perspective…

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Beach Lovers: Candid Photos of Lovers on the Beaches of New York

All images by Erica Reade. Used with permission.

Many photographers have done projects about people and characters on the beach, but not many people have done specific projects about beach lovers. That's what photographer Erica Reade has been working on for the past few years. Erica, who hails from Montreal but now resides in NYC, has been in love with documentary photography work in the same way many people these days are enamoured with the idea of capturing the moment. By surrounding herself with a number of well meaning photographers, networking, and good work she has come to do great things with her photography. She got into photography really early on in life and even decided to drop her Physics class in favor of a Photography and Darkroom class in school. Combine this with lots of travel, and you've not only got someone with a case of the shutterbug, but someone who is bound to love the documentary process.

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The Best Budget Lenses for Micro Fours Thirds Photographers

Micro Four Thirds still gets a bad rap in a lot of photographic circles due to its sensor size, but many are now coming to terms with that on the Fujifilm side of the equation. We have hit this sort of wonderful place to where sensor size really doesn’t matter as much as it did in the last. Surely, there are things APS-C or FF will do better, but in terms of general photography, Micro Four Thirds cameras are just as capable as their larger format brothers.

So if you have a new Micro Four Thirds camera or you are in the process of deciding on a new kit, you may be wondering about good budget options to fill out your fit. This is exactly the post for you if that is the case.

We have a giant master list of what we feel the best budget lenses are for every system, and you can find that here, but in this post we wanted to highlight our picks for the best budget lenses for the Micro Four Thirds system.

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Party Time! 10 Cameras With AF That Can Handle The Dance Floor

If you are an event photographer of any sort, be it a wedding or other gathering, chances are good that you may find yourself in a low-light situation pretty regularly. In a fast paced low-light environment your camera’s AF is critical to achieving quality images in that sort of setting, and as we all know, not all cameras are created equal when it comes to low-light AF.

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The Basics: How to Choose Your First Mirrorless Camera

Mirrorless cameras are not the newfangled technology they used to be. Mirrorless systems from Sony, Fujifilm, Panasonic, and Olympus have had years to build solid systems with various camera and lens options that allow them to be capable of creating stunning images just as well as any DSLR. So you may be considering your first interchangeable lens camera, or maybe you have a DSLR and you are interested in taking advantage of some of the features that mirrorless brings to the table, whatever your reason is you may be asking yourself how to choose between the various options.

In this post, we hope to be able to help you figure out what questions to ask yourself when considering these various cameras and systems. Ideally, this will allow you to pick up a mirrorless camera in a system that will fit your wants and needs as a photographer so that you can take full advantage of it.

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5 Incredible Cameras With Deceivingly Quiet Shutters for Candid Photography

Lots of photographers want a camera with a shutter that is completely silent or at least incredibly quiet. The reason has a lot to do with hearing their own shutters. It makes a lot of sense if you’re in a wedding hall or an area where the sound will reverberate and bring attention to yourself. If you’re a professional, you’re probably not going to care. But those who typically want silent shutters are those who also don’t want to disturb anyone or even interact with a scene while capturing the moments. Lucky for those photographers, a lot of great cameras have popped up over the years with silent shutters.

Here are some favorites.

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Could the Citograph 35mm Lens Be the Grab and Go Lens for Street Photographers?


The Citograph 35mm is a new campaign over on Kickstarter by the team at C.P. Goerz. The idea behind the project is to address an issue: needing to carry your standalone camera with enormous lenses or carry big and awkward accessory lenses which complicate the smartphone photography process. As C.P. Goerz explains, the lens will give you the best of both worlds; access to the speed and convenience of a smartphone camera with the image quality of your stand-alone DSLR or Mirrorless camera.

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